Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Video]


  1. Gabriel Guzmán

    Gabriel Guzmán6 jam yang lalu

    Cardi as cardi

  2. jhosep 1

    jhosep 17 jam yang lalu

    1:43 - 1:47 Camila in spanish

  3. Apple Bryner

    Apple Bryner7 jam yang lalu

    Im wondering why he didn't premier this video

  4. Charles Deline

    Charles Deline7 jam yang lalu

    Because Camilla sings about real shit

  5. vilma ali

    vilma ali7 jam yang lalu

    When cardi swears at the end look at Ed's face my gosh greeting from England yup I'm British but I can fluently speak other languages aswell such as Lithuanian Russian Kurdish Arabic Polish and German

  6. normal pear

    normal pear8 jam yang lalu

    I just hate people who just comment "who was here before 1 mil :)" So.... anyways Who was here before 2 mil😝

  7. MR. LeRoy

    MR. LeRoy9 jam yang lalu


  8. lιѕнα -l-

    lιѕнα -l-9 jam yang lalu


  9. 006 mafia

    006 mafia9 jam yang lalu

    Change that hairstyle moron

  10. OzzyOscy

    OzzyOscy10 jam yang lalu

    *_Video should've been in 8-bit._*

  11. Charlie J M Smith

    Charlie J M Smith10 jam yang lalu

    Which cardi is it B OR E

  12. KliGin

    KliGin10 jam yang lalu

    No one: Necklace girl: “Swims in heels”

  13. Vanheden

    Vanheden10 jam yang lalu

    *opens fridge* my dog: 0:00 - 0:12

  14. Original Ed

    Original Ed10 jam yang lalu

    3:43 tu vas me dire qu’elle arrive À battre Ce mec?

  15. Google User User

    Google User User11 jam yang lalu

    Every song seems great until cardi b or nicki minaj appear.

  16. MichelleJoos14 / Motocross

    MichelleJoos14 / Motocross11 jam yang lalu

    First time listening this song: don't like it second time: okay... third time: JUMP IN THAT WATER BE FREE COME SOUTH OF THE BORDER WITH ME

  17. Junior M

    Junior M12 jam yang lalu

    Great work Ian hubert

  18. Boss Ju

    Boss Ju12 jam yang lalu

    Cardi B is so crazy 😂

  19. sun rise

    sun rise12 jam yang lalu

    cardi b lol

  20. lidiya wolde

    lidiya wolde13 jam yang lalu

    Yes, this is where I know Alexis from( u know before Noah...)

  21. alex derpy racc

    alex derpy racc13 jam yang lalu

    What's that breathing sound throughout the song? 🤔🤔🤔

  22. Kooks O'clock

    Kooks O'clock13 jam yang lalu

    I was hopeful that this song wouldn’t suck, for Cardi sake but SUS.........

  23. Anthony Meyer

    Anthony Meyer13 jam yang lalu

    What a good song just to be ruined by Cardi b.. not even hating but she was not needed in this

  24. Rovic Casanas

    Rovic Casanas13 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE THE ENDING!!! Cardi is the best

  25. Peacherry

    Peacherry14 jam yang lalu

    1:35 - 2:25... yeah that's where I fall for Paul XD

  26. Valentino

    Valentino14 jam yang lalu

    Laughed so hard at this 😂😂😂

  27. Candy Girl

    Candy Girl16 jam yang lalu

    Cardi B:I think that Ed got a lil' jungle fever Ed after the song :🤣🤣🤣

  28. Candy Girl

    Candy Girl16 jam yang lalu

    2:16 hope she didn't hit something else

  29. Candy Girl

    Candy Girl16 jam yang lalu

    Some days ago me:"WHY THIS SONG HAS 568k LIKES IT NEEDS ONE MILLION LIKES ITS JUST AMAZING WHY! " Now me:"mmm what about 5 million likes"

  30. 200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs

    200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs17 jam yang lalu


  31. Henry Cin

    Henry Cin17 jam yang lalu

    Same old style... nothing new here .. not really impressive ... sorry not interested! :(

  32. marshmallow strudel

    marshmallow strudel17 jam yang lalu

    Eds face at the end when cardi swore 🤣

  33. chessy mcaroneee

    chessy mcaroneee17 jam yang lalu

    Man, that’s noah centineo’s girlfriend!

  34. Patricia Black Haven

    Patricia Black Haven17 jam yang lalu

    Atleast Cardi B shows her true personality😂, no offense


    ХХХ AMАTEUR SЕХ VIDEО - СLIСК HERE17 jam yang lalu


  36. neil johnson

    neil johnson17 jam yang lalu

    Camila i can understand but dont put that overrated slut cardi b on it she is terrible

  37. OoMon Khin

    OoMon Khin18 jam yang lalu

    That girl and that guy ..dayum

  38. Keros

    Keros18 jam yang lalu

    What's with that ending tho???

  39. Micheal Arwood

    Micheal Arwood21 jam yang lalu

    Cardi B is absolute garbage

  40. Solid Greyfox

    Solid Greyfox21 jam yang lalu

    Literally noone is gunna crack a joke that agent x is green eyed sans?!

  41. Pari S

    Pari S22 jam yang lalu

    that guy in the prison be like, "I wont hit that mean girl starting at me, I wont hit that retard singing a rap for no reason, but let me hit that poor guy whose his face is all wrapped up and keeps quiet all the time.."

  42. Monèt D.

    Monèt D.22 jam yang lalu

    Cardi at the end though 😂😂😂😭

  43. レモンジーナ

    レモンジーナ22 jam yang lalu


  44. Kelwin Green

    Kelwin Green23 jam yang lalu

    My kid said this song is so weird and she is 8 years old and I say it is good

  45. Aishwarya Ramesh

    Aishwarya Ramesh23 jam yang lalu

    The green eyed guy is so beautiful I mean what the heck!


    GRISSEL LPZ. SANTANA23 jam yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-gD0qXg-UI3s.html suscribe

  47. DUA LIPA

    DUA LIPA23 jam yang lalu

    @CamilaCabello. She is super sexy love you friend😘

  48. Purab sissor Phakhrary

    Purab sissor PhakhraryHari Yang lalu


  49. Ava Risner

    Ava RisnerHari Yang lalu

    I love Cardi b so much XD

  50. Brianna Nelson

    Brianna NelsonHari Yang lalu

    Cardi got me dead tho "yOu ThOuGhT iT wAs A gOoD iDeA tO KiDnAp mE. uGly AsS. *M* *U* *T* *H* *A* *F* *U* *C* *K* *A* *S* " lmao😂😂

  51. Carol Estrada

    Carol EstradaHari Yang lalu

    No one: Cardi B: 4:14

  52. Jade uwu

    Jade uwuHari Yang lalu

    Wait so who were the bad guys and who were the good guys?? I’m confused 😂

  53. Kawtar Blaada

    Kawtar BlaadaHari Yang lalu

    I love the end like this if you do to ❤️ 💗

  54. Vladimir Engayas

    Vladimir EngayasHari Yang lalu

    i remember james bond movies in this song ed shheeran is freaking cool in his suit

  55. Ayana. 0109

    Ayana. 0109Hari Yang lalu

    The last part🤣🤣🤣♥️

  56. Cheesus

    CheesusHari Yang lalu


  57. Oreneile Selei

    Oreneile SeleiHari Yang lalu

    The part where Ed Sheeran goes like "mhmmm" and then he continues singing drives me crazy😍😍😍😍😍 from 0:25 - 0:40

  58. Michaela Martin

    Michaela MartinHari Yang lalu

    *It sounds better when you listen to it a second time!

  59. Amaya Thenuwara

    Amaya ThenuwaraHari Yang lalu

    this dude's eye: m i s s i n g no one: me: no sht sherlock


    SIMONNE KLEINHari Yang lalu

    Ed Sheeran: Teddy Fingers Camilla: Mariposa Cardi: Cardi Hotel: Trivago

  61. Mekfoule Bechire

    Mekfoule Bechire8 jam yang lalu