Eating Only ONE Colored Food for 24 HOURS! **Rainbow Food Challenge**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug28 hari yang lalu

    subscribe or your favorite color will just disappear

  2. Laben Kirby

    Laben Kirby7 jam yang lalu

    You should have found cereal

  3. NATE 1278

    NATE 12788 jam yang lalu

    Sohamsta dude ya u are the best like i was having a bad day until i read this thank u

  4. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez13 jam yang lalu

    FaZe Rug oreos

  5. God sniper

    God sniper3 hari yang lalu

    I know where you were you were at Albertsons

  6. Demo Takimoana

    Demo Takimoana5 hari yang lalu

    FaZe Rug charcole chips

  7. gregosaurus

    gregosaurus6 jam yang lalu

    he forgot to get coke or pepsi thats like the best drink ever

  8. Fatcow Sub

    Fatcow Sub7 jam yang lalu

    Black corn chips

  9. Luis Orosco

    Luis Orosco7 jam yang lalu

    I love asparagus

  10. Sddd Dxcvvv

    Sddd Dxcvvv8 jam yang lalu

    Oreos you missed for black

  11. Parker Tingle

    Parker Tingle9 jam yang lalu

    No free ads Them showing Pepsi glacier water Mountain Dew and them showing every other name in the store

  12. Lexi Gautreau

    Lexi Gautreau9 jam yang lalu

    You forgot soy sauce GG


    CRINGEMASTERJ10 jam yang lalu

    black bean

  14. HeadshotKIA YT

    HeadshotKIA YT12 jam yang lalu

    Coca Cola dude u should have done drinks too

  15. Makaylaa Unicornn

    Makaylaa Unicornn12 jam yang lalu

    Why did moylll do little time with her

  16. Makaylaa Unicornn

    Makaylaa Unicornn12 jam yang lalu


  17. Elsie Rodriquez

    Elsie Rodriquez12 jam yang lalu

    "Trust me when i cook it its gonna me black on both sides "lol 😂

  18. XV Daffy

    XV Daffy13 jam yang lalu


  19. Mercy Camaren

    Mercy Camaren13 jam yang lalu

    I love you rug ❤

  20. Anthony Kasper

    Anthony Kasper13 jam yang lalu

    He could eat black paper or a rat.

  21. devinson dejesus

    devinson dejesus14 jam yang lalu

    faze rug you could of got coca cola for tanner for he can drink something

  22. kia stevenson

    kia stevenson14 jam yang lalu

    Black beans

  23. crazy fights

    crazy fights15 jam yang lalu

    Rig said u did not have too go that hard on her man to tanner

  24. crazy fights

    crazy fights15 jam yang lalu

    Oreos are black

  25. BBq Çhip 4

    BBq Çhip 416 jam yang lalu

    I I like black licorice

  26. Aaron Mejia

    Aaron Mejia16 jam yang lalu


  27. shahin farabi

    shahin farabi16 jam yang lalu

    I love olives

  28. Shugz- Xr

    Shugz- Xr16 jam yang lalu

    Black chips

  29. cc gang

    cc gang17 jam yang lalu


  30. Falls Gamer

    Falls Gamer17 jam yang lalu

    Regular oreos

  31. lacey crazay

    lacey crazay17 jam yang lalu


  32. Alex Playz

    Alex Playz17 jam yang lalu

    17:15 Gordon Ramsay: Well would you let me try it?

  33. Laura McClain

    Laura McClain18 jam yang lalu

    Chocolate ice cream :/

  34. Ernie Perez

    Ernie Perez18 jam yang lalu


  35. king brawl

    king brawl18 jam yang lalu

    Oreos or brownies

  36. Juan Cepeda

    Juan Cepeda19 jam yang lalu


  37. Domained

    Domained20 jam yang lalu


  38. C-bass Vallejo

    C-bass Vallejo20 jam yang lalu


  39. Pink Sugar Bling

    Pink Sugar Bling21 jam yang lalu

    black cherry icecream

  40. baconng528 On Instagram

    baconng528 On Instagram22 jam yang lalu

    This is click bait they literally only ate for 10 min

  41. baconng528 On Instagram

    baconng528 On Instagram22 jam yang lalu

    Dude why the hell did you not wash the vegetable

  42. Adnan Katib

    Adnan Katib22 jam yang lalu

    Thousand year old egg 🥚

  43. killernatedog 123

    killernatedog 12322 jam yang lalu

    Coke is good for black

  44. Just Ryn

    Just Ryn23 jam yang lalu

    And I thought Tanner was lucky bro I thought Faze Rug was a cook but you know


    BËLIËBËR GRLHari Yang lalu

    8:40 Tanner enjoying the view

  46. Cylie Franklin

    Cylie FranklinHari Yang lalu

    When Tanner said Blue berries for molie I was thinking the same thing

  47. Logan Re

    Logan ReHari Yang lalu


  48. Ryder 49

    Ryder 49Hari Yang lalu

    I swear to god all I do is Cash out AND IF U AINT A HOE GET UP OUT MY TRAP HOUSE!!

  49. CBC 4017

    CBC 4017Hari Yang lalu


  50. Scythicc

    ScythiccHari Yang lalu

    uh huh 24 hours

  51. Andrew Acevedo

    Andrew AcevedoHari Yang lalu

    Rug forgot the Oreo

  52. Andy Ackman

    Andy AckmanHari Yang lalu

    im a fane

  53. Areanna Zapata

    Areanna ZapataHari Yang lalu

    You forgot black eggs

  54. SvF_Snipergames1800

    SvF_Snipergames1800Hari Yang lalu

    My man don’t like black licorice Cough cough racist😂

  55. SvF_Snipergames1800

    SvF_Snipergames1800Hari Yang lalu

    I mean you could of just asked me if you could eat me I’m BLACK

  56. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet SinghHari Yang lalu

    I love Noah

  57. Samantha White

    Samantha WhiteHari Yang lalu

    It was supposed to be 24 hours

  58. Lilly Ingersoll

    Lilly IngersollHari Yang lalu

    Red vines are delicious the red kind

  59. TRY free YT

    TRY free YTHari Yang lalu

    Van you do a vid with omi in a hellcat

  60. ieatzpizzacam

    ieatzpizzacamHari Yang lalu


  61. Mrfreshasian ?

    Mrfreshasian ?Hari Yang lalu

    Everyone probably came to look at the girl especially looking at the thumbnail

  62. FirstClass SignsLimited

    FirstClass SignsLimitedHari Yang lalu


  63. cacapoop poopy

    cacapoop poopyHari Yang lalu

    Faze rug could have got moutian dew because its green

  64. Fadheelah Idowu

    Fadheelah IdowuHari Yang lalu

    She forgot a kiwi for rug

  65. Pokers 99

    Pokers 99Hari Yang lalu

    At 3:57 tanner is right there lol I think it’s him