Eat It Or Yeet It #7 - The Thanksgiving Special


  1. Petrxs

    Petrxs4 jam yang lalu


  2. PencilsInMotion

    PencilsInMotion4 jam yang lalu

    We need a dish that is a soup donut i honour to an old smosh video.

  3. Justin Andrews

    Justin Andrews7 jam yang lalu

    she never puting the the fate of 100k likes and i,ll sit in one of these seats

  4. Vann Kleis

    Vann Kleis10 jam yang lalu

    Aw Sarah's married, even tho I had absolutely no chance, I'm still sad

  5. kevin Michel

    kevin Michel13 jam yang lalu

    I love Damien's shirt

  6. Nikoko Exokoko

    Nikoko Exokoko13 jam yang lalu

    Is Matthew in the smosh cast now? Because he's been in most of their videos after the podcast?

  7. x xalexandrusx x

    x xalexandrusx x14 jam yang lalu

    Garrett should do one episode as revenge for all the shit our guys ate 😂😂😂

  8. Riley McKnight

    Riley McKnight19 jam yang lalu

    is that the deathly hallows on monica's arm??!!!

  9. Lilian Izzo

    Lilian IzzoHari Yang lalu

    You should do the dish live octopus for the big bite

  10. Vera S

    Vera SHari Yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice the "hey what's up you guys.. yes." snuck into the opening? I see you courtney

  11. Sham

    ShamHari Yang lalu

    that sadistic look garret has at 5:06 wth man xD

  12. Albert Escobedo

    Albert EscobedoHari Yang lalu

    Okay one, Monica gives me life every time I see her and two, I really wanted someone tp say they were "thankful" for Defy Media lol

  13. Caroline’s unused YouTube channel

    Caroline’s unused YouTube channelHari Yang lalu

    Get Garrett watts on the show dude! That would be an episode I’d play on loop!!

  14. xXNugget_QueenXx

    xXNugget_QueenXxHari Yang lalu

    I love how they were more concerned in “tea gravy” instead of the fact that she just ate CLAY! But edible clay. BUT WHERE DO YOU BUY THAT GARRET?!

  15. Axel Travix

    Axel TravixHari Yang lalu

    why is miller not participating in this horror

  16. TheJege12

    TheJege12Hari Yang lalu

    If it's spicy, drink M I L K

  17. Ashley Lovato

    Ashley Lovato2 hari yang lalu

    Can we do 100,000 likes to make Courtney sit at this table. Then Shane can be the server.

  18. Kolbee Cupples

    Kolbee Cupples2 hari yang lalu

    Put Garrett on it

  19. Jade Weste

    Jade Weste2 hari yang lalu

    Im english so we dont celebrate this. Like if your also english | | | |

  20. dance_with _demons

    dance_with _demons2 hari yang lalu

    Garrett should make a jello cup filled with like cough medicine or something

  21. AshesToDust

    AshesToDust2 hari yang lalu

    Honestly, Monica is killing me in the best way

  22. 2024  Vasiliki Kostakis

    2024 Vasiliki Kostakis3 hari yang lalu

    Where do we send in ideas on dishes

  23. Arty Ocelot

    Arty Ocelot3 hari yang lalu

    You know, one day I really wanna go on this show because I want to destroy my digestive system. Plus I wanna try new bad foods.

  24. Selena Gonzales

    Selena Gonzales3 hari yang lalu

    did she really use shane dawson’s opening tho


    CHRIS NICOL3 hari yang lalu

    Shane got his revenge on Garet

  26. Lea Garcia

    Lea Garcia3 hari yang lalu

    Make garret be part of the show(trial)also courtney

  27. Kaitlyn Marie

    Kaitlyn Marie4 hari yang lalu

    ME AND COURTNEY HAVE THE SAME SHIRT!! This made my day ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Bella Homorody

    Bella Homorody4 hari yang lalu

    I love Mari’s deathly hallows symbol on her wrist

  29. ItsssssKiersten

    ItsssssKiersten4 hari yang lalu

    get Garrett watts on this he would make a good episode

  30. Simdah05

    Simdah054 hari yang lalu

    you should do one were Shayne makes the food and garret needs to be in the challenge with everyone else

  31. Myth busters Kids

    Myth busters Kids5 hari yang lalu

    Some day this will be their grave

  32. Mizo Book Club

    Mizo Book Club5 hari yang lalu

    In my country we call that 'ankasa', Shoutout to the Mizos

  33. Animelover7

    Animelover76 hari yang lalu

    i just noticed that you guys did this after my birthday -w-

  34. Kyler Nantz

    Kyler Nantz6 hari yang lalu


  35. M. Narrator

    M. Narrator7 hari yang lalu

    I played the game at home I ended up *yeeting the fetus*

  36. abby tollett

    abby tollett7 hari yang lalu

    monica is so precious omg

  37. Jacob White

    Jacob White7 hari yang lalu

    Ethan was the perfect joke

  38. KingToortlThe7th _

    KingToortlThe7th _7 hari yang lalu

    I kinda wished that the pumpkin pie secretly had like laxatives of something 😕

  39. Fox Art

    Fox Art7 hari yang lalu

    No one: Matthew: ThERes CHuNks

  40. lkfjdlkfjsdlkjflskdj

    lkfjdlkfjsdlkjflskdj7 hari yang lalu