Eagles - Hotel California (Lyrics)


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    Hit 1.000.000 views!

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    what about 400 mil?

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    You hit like 6000000000 views by the way

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    and now its at 346 million. Lol

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    Doctor : you have 6 minutes and 30 seconds to live Me : alrighty then

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    Muy bien. Esto.

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    Coisa linda demais demais

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    Jesus is coming

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    Buena musica mama de rodrgo😊😊😊

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    Satan song

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    Gençliyim untulmaz anılar oyıllara geriföndüm anılar⚘⚘

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    Esa música conduce a un suicidio está maldita es pero es fuertemente adictiva 😔

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    "נקמה", "מלון קליפורניה". "לב כ"ה ליר שנה ליל מקרר בן", "תדי נר א'לף". בליל העיבור כביכול של נתנאל הדלקתי קודם נר בחדר. תדיראן.

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    Hotel? Trivago

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    Esta genial la musica likes aqui en le gusto la musica 👍👍😆😆😆

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    This song is simply perfect from the beginning until the end and i gotta mention that every time i listen to it. I feel an indescribable feeling until it ends that feeling goes, like if the song had something strange, but i really love it

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    how can someone even dislike this song?? Don't they know what music is?

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    Old is the best thn now pure


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    Alguém curtindo em, 2019 pertinho de 2020? Esse clássico maravilhoso Joinha 👍😘😍 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    *7 de dezembro 2019 esse hino*

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    holy shit i still remember when this was stuck at 200k views and i was like "did people forget this song exists?" but one thing is still weird: this video can still be downloaded on mobile through the youtube app for some reason

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    I like this song

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    Ne güzel uzaktan uzaktan seviyodum ben seni, yakınlaştık birden. Kokunu tanıdım, sıcaklığını hissettim, öptüm seni, öptün beni..

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    No se piensalo🤣👌🥺

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    Just bought new bose headphones and passes it to my father and he literally nutted and cried

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    la mejor cancion en ingle amo esta cancion

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    2019 whos still listening i know im

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    2019 😉

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    Looking forward to the next reupload, after they take this one down again. Uploading this song on youtube is like playing whack a mole

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    Vamos da um link porque a tradução ficou show 👏👏👏

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    не ожидал, что такой перевод будет)) но, всёравно круто))

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    Headphones a must

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    I was eighteen when this came out and I still think its one of the greatest pieces of music ever.

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    Who listened this song reversed here ? x)

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    Obra maestra

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    I am hear to say that the guitarist is good. Aaawwwwwssssommmmmm.