Dyrroth Starlight Skin Gameplay | Ruins Scavenger | Dyrroth Gameplay by ACCELERATOR ~ Mobile Legends


  1. ElektroTorio

    ElektroTorioBulan Yang lalu

    Finally Dyrroth Starlight Arrive, after 8 hours sitting here waiting for this gameplay😅hope you'll enjoy amigo! do u like more play???

  2. Kean Estefan

    Kean EstefanBulan Yang lalu

    Son of Hilda’s skin of Dyrroth

  3. rajat chadha

    rajat chadhaBulan Yang lalu

    Gus carried tbh.

  4. Zombie Official GAMING

    Zombie Official GAMINGBulan Yang lalu

    Yes very like

  5. ElektroTorio

    ElektroTorioBulan Yang lalu

    @Ömkar Bhalekar 😂👊

  6. Luis Antonio Duenas

    Luis Antonio Duenas21 hari yang lalu


  7. ThunderWolves Lol

    ThunderWolves Lol22 hari yang lalu

    What wrong on Dyroth voices?? Is get deeper?

  8. The Nobody

    The Nobody22 hari yang lalu

    I have a question guys. Was Dyrroths defenses secretly buffed? I've been noticing Dyrroth is very hard to kill now because he's tanky and the players I've been fighting who uses him don't have any items for his defense only the shoes. Hope you guys can gladly answer. Because I swear before he was super squishy before even with lifesteal. (One time a Dyrroth finished my entire team and didn't even have an ultimate ready)

  9. Jayze Cruz

    Jayze Cruz25 hari yang lalu

    Noob gameplay

  10. Norman Abdulkadir

    Norman Abdulkadir27 hari yang lalu

    Pa shout out nmn po idol

  11. Laila Nicdao

    Laila NicdaoBulan Yang lalu

    I want your skin because im dyrroth gamer

  12. Athenaa Anderson

    Athenaa AndersonBulan Yang lalu


  13. şώάķķέž77{ρŕό ģάмέŕ,вίρόĻάŕ}

    şώάķķέž77{ρŕό ģάмέŕ,вίρόĻάŕ}Bulan Yang lalu

    ;-;, I'm a Dyrroth main and I can't buy it...

  14. THE FEAR

    THE FEARBulan Yang lalu

    This skin is shit dont waste money on it I just bought it for starlight pass

  15. Yanzy Gaming

    Yanzy GamingBulan Yang lalu


  16. Kurt Bagatan

    Kurt BagatanBulan Yang lalu

    Im top 1 in dyrroth two😅

  17. Kurt Bagatan

    Kurt BagatanBulan Yang lalu

    To(Sorry wrong eng😢)

  18. Mesut Gnd 177

    Mesut Gnd 177Bulan Yang lalu

    dyroth noob cary team

  19. Thirdy Tadena

    Thirdy TadenaBulan Yang lalu

    Mas marami pa ako kills kills ko ay 33 or 32

  20. OREO PH

    OREO PHBulan Yang lalu

    Check out my fanny montage on my channel😊





    ITADAKI TONTAROBulan Yang lalu

    New subscriber🙋💘🇵🇭

  23. Ranier Sican

    Ranier SicanBulan Yang lalu

    Gusion steals the show😁

  24. Darkmoor TheUndead

    Darkmoor TheUndeadBulan Yang lalu

    Dyrroth is 2 person his human body and the demon Inside him

  25. nya pol

    nya polBulan Yang lalu

    Did you change his voice or just me?mmmm

  26. Heab Gaming HG

    Heab Gaming HGBulan Yang lalu


  27. Elijah Mojares

    Elijah MojaresBulan Yang lalu

    Sir sana mapansin nyo ito, bakit iba effect ng first skill ko? Mas maganda yung inyo. Same naman tayo ng skin

  28. Anak Hunting

    Anak HuntingBulan Yang lalu

    I want to have that skin but unfortunately I don't have money if only good people want to send diamonds to me to send it to my mobile legends Nick:monster_killer Id:509480549(8037)

  29. youaremediocre

    youaremediocreBulan Yang lalu


  30. Marilyn de castro

    Marilyn de castroBulan Yang lalu


  31. Adrian Ioan

    Adrian IoanBulan Yang lalu

    This is bad gameplay if u ask me !

  32. Mimin Muhaimin

    Mimin MuhaiminBulan Yang lalu

    Goblok baru main udah mati/death

  33. Android Technology

    Android TechnologyBulan Yang lalu

    That's my FAVORITE HeRO


    BORDO GAMING LOLBulan Yang lalu

    Voice dyroth selow


    AZMI ARIFFBulan Yang lalu

    Noob pake dyroth

  36. UrbanDOPAT

    UrbanDOPATBulan Yang lalu

    Si dogiie yung mino

  37. Artam Chanel

    Artam ChanelBulan Yang lalu

    Cek channelku bos ada vidio terbaru koment minta pendapat, subscribe 🙏

  38. Vuthy Leang

    Vuthy LeangBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine if karina was there

  39. Ananditha Ditha

    Ananditha DithaBulan Yang lalu

    kok suara nya kaya ada serak2 nya ya

  40. Venice Gutierrez

    Venice GutierrezBulan Yang lalu

    bobo nung lolita hay 5:50

  41. тυnтelz ThE pLeB

    тυnтelz ThE pLeB29 hari yang lalu

    Sayang yung insta stun

  42. Norendro Moirangthem

    Norendro MoirangthemBulan Yang lalu

    Lol...this is gusion's gameplay

  43. Maxemo Olorvida

    Maxemo OlorvidaBulan Yang lalu

    Ang lupit ng triple kill ang lutong

  44. COW BOY

    COW BOYBulan Yang lalu

    8:06 He miss the killed


    ILYSM AMNIEBulan Yang lalu

    I think this video is about gusion lol

  46. Kirby Rich Bautista

    Kirby Rich BautistaBulan Yang lalu


  47. Buraq 3f3

    Buraq 3f3Bulan Yang lalu

    4:55 hello darknes my old friend

  48. Leigh Rich

    Leigh RichBulan Yang lalu

    2:02 wtf

  49. 14 88

    14 88Bulan Yang lalu

    Тоже ищешь русский коммент?

  50. Sabire Kadri Sejdini

    Sabire Kadri SejdiniBulan Yang lalu

    Marvel Super War will be released on 19 Dec 2019. Fck Mobile Fckn Biatch Legends. Very EXCITED.

  51. nor hakim

    nor hakimBulan Yang lalu

    sorry but this skin is ugly😂

  52. Honey pink cream

    Honey pink creamBulan Yang lalu

    dyrroth's voice kinda scary.. am i the only one who this he's voice here is slowed?

  53. THE FEAR

    THE FEARBulan Yang lalu

    U r not the only one I just came back to hear it again.

  54. Bmc Dungjet

    Bmc DungjetBulan Yang lalu

    Red moon_ -Ga hdjhdbhgd

  55. Isaac lalchawisang

    Isaac lalchawisangBulan Yang lalu

    What happened to dyrroth voice is he sick

  56. Soul 魂

    Soul 魂Bulan Yang lalu

    Is his voice pitch changed or probably just me

  57. nose dihger

    nose dihgerBulan Yang lalu

    Is u man bruhhhh 😂

  58. Ralph Carl Malumog

    Ralph Carl MalumogBulan Yang lalu

    Bobo mgdyroth haha

  59. Gods Eye

    Gods EyeBulan Yang lalu

    The ID number of Karrie is (68936061) hes my friend add him hes very good player top global chou also

  60. Zendiep

    ZendiepBulan Yang lalu

    Music:rise up (ncs)

  61. Anthony Ferolino

    Anthony FerolinoBulan Yang lalu


  62. Kuvaplatinum99 WM

    Kuvaplatinum99 WMBulan Yang lalu

    Lol noob

  63. Skyler Ahn

    Skyler AhnBulan Yang lalu

    Dyrroth's voice is like a spoiled hot sexy brat

  64. Jewel :3

    Jewel :3Bulan Yang lalu

    Still can’t get over the fact that he looks like Hilda’s son lmfao

  65. Amadeo Malaj

    Amadeo MalajBulan Yang lalu

    Lmao 😂😂😂😂

  66. мя- ιвαиє

    мя- ιвαиєBulan Yang lalu

    Shout out me please idol

  67. galang daniansyah

    galang daniansyahBulan Yang lalu

    Bahasanya gak mudeng

  68. ItsPaen

    ItsPaenBulan Yang lalu

    5:00 thumbnail

  69. Patrick Kabuto

    Patrick KabutoBulan Yang lalu

    gusion :))

  70. Giannis Fanclub

    Giannis FanclubBulan Yang lalu

    Hello any smurfs can add me please put down ur ign if in elite too lazy to rank up

  71. Enzoyapjuangco Yapjuangco

    Enzoyapjuangco YapjuangcoBulan Yang lalu

    The skin looks like Hanzo