Dwight Hits 3-Pointer And Jazz Announcers Call LeBron's On Court Celebration "Disrespectful"


  1. Margarita Marichal

    Margarita Marichal3 hari yang lalu

    Look closley

  2. Margarita Marichal

    Margarita Marichal3 hari yang lalu

    Lebron got hit

  3. Brandon Atkinson

    Brandon Atkinson25 hari yang lalu

    Dwight is balling

  4. Kalexer

    Kalexer29 hari yang lalu

    Utah "The Salty Lake" Jazz

  5. Kalexer

    Kalexer29 hari yang lalu

    Announcers was Salty AF

  6. Ayoorend PvP

    Ayoorend PvPBulan Yang lalu

    if Dwight becomes a solid 36-37% 3ot shooter... its over...

  7. miguel de jesus

    miguel de jesusBulan Yang lalu

    It is SALT lake city what yall expected?

  8. Michael Brewer

    Michael BrewerBulan Yang lalu

    Salty Lake City

  9. Adam Dodd

    Adam DoddBulan Yang lalu

    More like Salty Lake City

  10. Ernz Bautista

    Ernz BautistaBulan Yang lalu

    Thats what they all said when they are against lakers;)

  11. lord grimm

    lord grimmBulan Yang lalu

    salty lake city HAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Arnel Mayuela

    Arnel MayuelaBulan Yang lalu

    Dennis rodman is back at lakers

  13. Genesis8 Sucalit III

    Genesis8 Sucalit IIIBulan Yang lalu

    Disrespectful daw ulol

  14. Shalamar Man

    Shalamar ManBulan Yang lalu

    These commentators want so badly for their opinions to matter . LMAOOOOOOO !!!!!

  15. LA Star Blu

    LA Star BluBulan Yang lalu

    The announcers are the ones that are disrespectful. They’re like “omg that’s so disrespectful” they’re being disrespectful by not letting LeBron celebrate

  16. LA Star Blu

    LA Star BluBulan Yang lalu

    The freaking jazz announcers are so dumb bro.

  17. Rodwell Dela Cruz

    Rodwell Dela CruzBulan Yang lalu

    Tf? U call dat disrespectful? Announcers hatin' lebron 😂

  18. massacrene1

    massacrene1Bulan Yang lalu

    I personally think he was a bit over the top as a neutral fan but it is what it is. Utah has to play better than this, they’re a good team and capable of beating la at home..

  19. Alijah Josue

    Alijah JosueBulan Yang lalu

    When Dwight is making threes you know the game is over

  20. Compton Kitties

    Compton KittiesBulan Yang lalu


  21. P. Ness

    P. NessBulan Yang lalu

    Gives his shoes to a fan.. But disrespectful... Stfu

  22. Guy8t4

    Guy8t4Bulan Yang lalu

    That ninja Lebron @42 secs tho.....lmao🤣😂🤣

  23. Reggie McCoy

    Reggie McCoyBulan Yang lalu

    Laker Fan Says: Doesn't Matter Utah Jazz Is Racist

  24. Jay 207

    Jay 207Bulan Yang lalu

    Ben simmons wants to cry. Dwight has hit just as many as him lol thats sad

  25. Bo Park

    Bo ParkBulan Yang lalu

    Dudes are trying to take the fun out of a game. Smh. Glad they ass is getting roasted.

  26. virusyete

    virusyeteBulan Yang lalu

    LOL Almost everyone on the bench goes to the court to celebrate as long as they don't disrupt the play and just a few inches away from the bench But when LeBron does it, it's disrespectful lol

  27. Mickey Smith

    Mickey SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Salty Lake City

  28. David Anthony

    David AnthonyBulan Yang lalu

    Thats some disrespect right there LMAFAO

  29. Vhicthoriano Baldovino Fruto

    Vhicthoriano Baldovino FrutoBulan Yang lalu

    worst announcer

  30. elitesoldier198

    elitesoldier198Bulan Yang lalu

    Someone is but hurt hahaha

  31. Jomar Nieva

    Jomar NievaBulan Yang lalu

    SALTY lake City 😁

  32. Beautiful Love

    Beautiful LoveBulan Yang lalu

    Ball out KiNg 👑 LBJ

  33. Joel Arias

    Joel AriasBulan Yang lalu

    HAHAHA salty announcers in salt lake city

  34. Spyder TV

    Spyder TVBulan Yang lalu

    those anouncers have a job coz of lebron. lol lebron gave his shoes to a fam behind thats why he not wearing one there. too salty

  35. Smith Smith

    Smith SmithBulan Yang lalu

    announcers or commentators ?

  36. YoMaMa Eric

    YoMaMa EricBulan Yang lalu

    salt lake city more like salty about the lakers city

  37. Kevin Dam

    Kevin DamBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck the announcers. That celebration dance is fucking hilarious

  38. Cesar Fadul

    Cesar FadulBulan Yang lalu

    Salty or not that was a bit petty 🤣🤣 The name is Petty, King Petty

  39. LGS Dwade3

    LGS Dwade3Bulan Yang lalu

    Y'all lost. Shut up.

  40. Perfect I said Perfect.

    Perfect I said Perfect.Bulan Yang lalu

    Players do this all the time, Christ they are reaching. These announcers are really making the Jazz seem salty asf with a side of bitch.

  41. Notch P

    Notch PBulan Yang lalu

    Announcers drinking from that one lake in Utah I see 🤔


    MATTBARNZBulan Yang lalu

    Faker fans are so happy for Howard. But the other Dwight makes 3 pointers all the time instead on 1 😂😂.

  43. Alan Sawyer

    Alan SawyerBulan Yang lalu


  44. Absalom Music

    Absalom MusicBulan Yang lalu

    LeBron is a douche.... nothing new here.

  45. BR Rider

    BR RiderBulan Yang lalu

    It was disrespectful..you gave your shoes away..cool..so now you sliding in your socks, dancing? Who made you do that? Like an immature child on the sideline lol..

  46. Zach Arnold

    Zach ArnoldBulan Yang lalu

    Jazz announcers are chumps fr Utah is one of the worst places to play at too because of their history with how disrespectful the fans are so fuck Utah

  47. andrew chan

    andrew chanBulan Yang lalu

    Crazy how all the unknown shooters like big centers and Ben Simmons can now hit threes but haven’t mastered in 22 ft jump shot inside the arc

  48. that ninja420

    that ninja420Bulan Yang lalu

    Howard is like this is what it feels like to win !!! Poor guy you know its magical when dwight hits a 3 man

  49. freakdenz freak

    freakdenz freakBulan Yang lalu

    It' all fun until things gets tight then lebron gonna trade the whole team again.

  50. Ray Brozzo

    Ray BrozzoBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine if BOOGIE was healthy

  51. That Nicka

    That NickaBulan Yang lalu

    Yo 😂😂 “He looks like Dennis Rodman running down the court” Me-Which Dennis Rodman we talking bout 🤔

  52. locomojoboy2

    locomojoboy2Bulan Yang lalu

    What else would you expect from the same who doesn’t want to anger his Chinese masters?

  53. 帅又紧

    帅又紧Bulan Yang lalu

    If dewight had this skill and atitude in his early career, i dont think lebron can surpass him.

  54. MariNate

    MariNateBulan Yang lalu

    I’m so glad he’s enjoying his time in LA

  55. Progress NotPerfection

    Progress NotPerfectionBulan Yang lalu

    the game was over before it started.

  56. Mitchell m

    Mitchell mBulan Yang lalu

    Where's his fine and ban

  57. gabfriel felipe frange

    gabfriel felipe frangeBulan Yang lalu

    Cry announcer cry like a baby

  58. Richard L

    Richard LBulan Yang lalu

    Salty Lake City!

  59. Mike Lowry

    Mike LowryBulan Yang lalu

    Love the spirit but he was breaking the rules...

  60. Paula Veilofia

    Paula VeilofiaBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron can do what he feels they were up by alot basically took the win and you crying over a celebration, getcha bumb ass outa here🤣💯