Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work !


  1. Breanna Higginbotham

    Breanna Higginbotham12 jam yang lalu


  2. Macca Packer Power

    Macca Packer Power12 jam yang lalu

    I tried it and it didn’t work

  3. Lucy Neel

    Lucy Neel13 jam yang lalu

    The swim cap thing works I tried it

  4. Yoselin Galdamez

    Yoselin Galdamez13 jam yang lalu

    i like your hair today azzy 👩🏽👩🏽

  5. Molly Halvorson

    Molly Halvorson13 jam yang lalu

    Its true because the black observers the heat and the heat goes into the water and makes it warm

  6. Jessica Terrell

    Jessica Terrell14 jam yang lalu

    The pool thing it's true it worked I tried it it's amazing my pool is so hot it was literally the perfect temperature as if you ever get a pool try this hack!!!!!!!

  7. Kayden Cofer

    Kayden Cofer14 jam yang lalu

    Ok I will try it because I have a pool

  8. Christina S.

    Christina S.14 jam yang lalu

    I’ve seen that same dog from a picture on google with it saying really

  9. Matthew Moore

    Matthew Moore14 jam yang lalu

    It does azzy

  10. Delycia Mendoza

    Delycia Mendoza15 jam yang lalu

    Another phone hack take pictures underwater just in case it's not waterproof you could get a paper bag but you know that's not a paper bag but those Ziploc bags and then put your phone inside and then you can take pictures

  11. Mia Anderson

    Mia Anderson15 jam yang lalu

    It works because the black will take the sunlight into the water

  12. Kim kikta

    Kim kikta15 jam yang lalu

    My mom said my tablet isnt water proof but when. I was listen to music in the tub it slipped out of my hands fell into the water and still survived

  13. Donna Crabtree

    Donna Crabtree15 jam yang lalu

    Lol your so right on the first one :P

  14. Diana Orellana

    Diana Orellana16 jam yang lalu

    She got stuck on the chair XD AND my profile picture is from fairy tail

  15. Crista Lovely

    Crista Lovely16 jam yang lalu

    Girl : swipes food under fridge Azzy: that’s how you get ants Azzys mind : I do that 24 / 7

  16. love forever

    love forever16 jam yang lalu

    It worked for meeee

  17. Pennywise 123

    Pennywise 12316 jam yang lalu


  18. LPS Toxicfox

    LPS Toxicfox16 jam yang lalu


  19. Moon Star

    Moon Star17 jam yang lalu

    8:00 It does work my school showed us!

  20. Little Girl

    Little Girl17 jam yang lalu

    That was underwaer

  21. Nicky Jimenez

    Nicky Jimenez17 jam yang lalu

    0:56 what if she had a bikini bottom but not a bikini top, and what if her boyfriend had a needle, thread, and scissors? Idk just what I think but NOT HATING PLEASE DONT COME AT ME! 😭

  22. Evan Vang

    Evan Vang17 jam yang lalu

    Azzy the water drop truck works I think jelly has done it before

  23. Caroline Couch

    Caroline Couch17 jam yang lalu

    I tried the pool is to cold hack and it WORKED!!

  24. Alyciagig

    Alyciagig17 jam yang lalu

    The garbige act work i tried it

  25. Bobbi Clattenburg

    Bobbi Clattenburg18 jam yang lalu

    The cold pool thing works

  26. Monet Money

    Monet Money18 jam yang lalu

    Azzy i love you but its her house and she has a fence and next door is one person and she has clothing on or a swimsuit.

  27. sharon dockstader

    sharon dockstader19 jam yang lalu

    That dog I yur spirit animal

  28. stephanie ortiz

    stephanie ortiz19 jam yang lalu

    Yes you can do it

  29. Janiyah Laguerre

    Janiyah Laguerre19 jam yang lalu

    azzy te pool won with the pool is to cold and it works

  30. Shan D

    Shan D19 jam yang lalu

    The one with the boyfriend's t-shirt that might be her underwear

  31. Lego HK

    Lego HK19 jam yang lalu

    Floating on the water Azzy : THERES A HOLE

  32. gacha girl

    gacha girl19 jam yang lalu

    It only works if its thise pants if its not u won't float

  33. Emilia Casimiro

    Emilia Casimiro20 jam yang lalu

    Bruh apple phones are waterproof I tried it I on my phone -it’s a apple- and it worked BRUH

  34. Robyn The Random Youtuber

    Robyn The Random Youtuber20 jam yang lalu

    Seriously like what 2:20 to 3:15

  35. gacha kirra

    gacha kirra20 jam yang lalu


  36. Robyn The Random Youtuber

    Robyn The Random Youtuber20 jam yang lalu

    I agree with azzy who dips the tea bag in and out I leave it for 10 minutes then drink it

  37. Marwa Ali

    Marwa Ali20 jam yang lalu


  38. Gacha mysterious

    Gacha mysterious21 jam yang lalu

    The splinter one does not work

  39. _layla playz gacha _xD

    _layla playz gacha _xD21 jam yang lalu

    Who else thinks azzy is the best youtuber on earth

  40. Shakeel Bhyat

    Shakeel Bhyat21 jam yang lalu

    It doesn't work. The p00l thing

  41. Lukas Murphy

    Lukas Murphy22 jam yang lalu

    It works

  42. Kobe the qro

    Kobe the qro22 jam yang lalu

    It works

  43. Kyra Walton

    Kyra Walton22 jam yang lalu

    It's not true the pool warm hack is not true I did it and it didn't work!

  44. Gicks Kelly

    Gicks Kelly22 jam yang lalu

    That has happen to my girl. Got stuck to the chair

  45. Mckayla Pasley

    Mckayla Pasley22 jam yang lalu

    Sorry for sounding snippy I still love your videos 🦄

  46. Kaylee Maher

    Kaylee Maher23 jam yang lalu

    Long hair?Don't worry WE GOT A HACK....SHAVE YOUR HEAD

  47. Woolies Thu Le

    Woolies Thu LeHari Yang lalu

    Tbh, these hacks take longer than just doing the actual solution ;-;

  48. Willow The gamer

    Willow The gamerHari Yang lalu

    Fine, I’ll watch it, IDreporter are you happy now

  49. Moostic

    MoosticHari Yang lalu

    5:07 why does that sound racist af

  50. Isla Prentice

    Isla PrenticeHari Yang lalu

    I love Azzy 💜

  51. Hope Visser

    Hope VisserHari Yang lalu

    Azzy I am an 6 grader en fore u I explain that black observers the lite end gets worm of the energy of the lite end white revlekts lite end stays Koeler then black end I am Dutch so sorry vore the ronge words

  52. Ken Ben

    Ken BenHari Yang lalu


  53. Ken Ben

    Ken BenHari Yang lalu

    Love you

  54. My Name

    My NameHari Yang lalu

    I would just take duct tape to the hole in the floatie, it is easier especially if you don't own an iron.

  55. Jessica Stead

    Jessica SteadHari Yang lalu

    dipping it does help Azzy

  56. Sharon Maria

    Sharon MariaHari Yang lalu

    Azzy the one hack of the pool DOES NOT WORK

  57. Ronny Govaerts

    Ronny GovaertsHari Yang lalu


  58. Kasey Marriott

    Kasey MarriottHari Yang lalu

    with the one with the black bags hoops and noodles the water might become warm becuase black absorbs heat and it could take the heat and transfer it into the water 💫the more you know💫

  59. Jiana Puddle

    Jiana PuddleHari Yang lalu

    Or take of the ring!!!!

  60. Christina Talevska

    Christina TalevskaHari Yang lalu