DTS X - The alternate to Dolby Atmos - 60fps Demo Video Surround sound


  1. Thomas Parker

    Thomas ParkerBulan Yang lalu

    Just a tip, Shorten that intro!

  2. John Wick

    John WickBulan Yang lalu

    Name of this movie?

  3. Denis Sulovic

    Denis SulovicBulan Yang lalu

    Sounds amazing on 11 pro Max wow what an Dolby atmos experience 🤭😨

  4. Aaditya Kulkarni

    Aaditya KulkarniBulan Yang lalu

    I think DTS or Dolby Sound depends upon your device compatibility or what's your device sound card built-in from which of the two brands. The rest depends upon the platform which supports these audio formats during playback and also what kind of output you are using ie. headphones, earphones or speakers, which also includes of having components & drivers of these brands DTS or Dolby or even both. Then only we can get the exact and precise audio output. The above video clip can be heard differently if having the proportionate ratio as above mentioned. As of now what I hear is when the DTS logo gets turned on, the virtual surround sound is heard but lacks the bass output and doesn't seem to have an impact whereas when the DTS logo is shown as turned off, the sound output can be heard better with bass effect & fair amount of virtual surround sound.

  5. Bilesh V

    Bilesh V4 bulan yang lalu

    Between dolby ATMOS and dts virtual X; which one is best?

  6. •Splashy Water

    •Splashy Water7 bulan yang lalu


  7. Ferarri Brown

    Ferarri Brown7 bulan yang lalu

    Dts take the cake for sure. As its on my phone by default compared to other phones that are exoensive.

  8. Vishva De Zoysa

    Vishva De Zoysa7 bulan yang lalu

    What's your phone ? LG G7 ?

  9. R Bousfield

    R Bousfield8 bulan yang lalu

    Stuff the sound demo, why didn't the guy with the machine gun actually hit anyone?

  10. peterhayabusa

    peterhayabusa9 bulan yang lalu

    Just shows how placebo works 😁

  11. shashi kumar ck

    shashi kumar ck10 bulan yang lalu

    Hi all can any one tell which movie is this??

  12. shaffi mmh

    shaffi mmh10 bulan yang lalu


  13. Vladimir not Putin

    Vladimir not Putin11 bulan yang lalu

    Ridiculous quality...

  14. Gee Beave

    Gee BeaveTahun Yang lalu

    Sounded muddy. The machine gun had no impact, the drums had more impact than the machine gun.The intro sounded much better than the actual video.👎

  15. Sam Fisher

    Sam FisherTahun Yang lalu

    Can someone audiophilic please explain how DTS, Dolby Atoms and 7.1 surround sound work? Are they all compatible with each other, the channels/codecs?

  16. Saurabh Bahuguna

    Saurabh BahugunaTahun Yang lalu

    I have my own personal experience .Dts is much better than dolby format.It is not only much louder but also has more clarity and power.

  17. Abhishek shukla

    Abhishek shuklaTahun Yang lalu

    Saurabh Bahuguna true bt Atmos is beast coz it HV perfect Melody

  18. XzTS

    XzTSTahun Yang lalu

    You can upload H.264 vids with 5.1 audio, but the majority of people watching vids on YT will hear it in 2.0

  19. Dalovesac King

    Dalovesac KingTahun Yang lalu

    What is the point of this video? IDreporter doesn't decode DTS X or Atmos. Sounds great in stereo though.

  20. José Bautista

    José BautistaTahun Yang lalu

    Good note, Dalovesac King. This is a pretty video but a complete nonsense if you want to appreciate the features of immersive audio streams based in objects like DTS:X or Dolby Atmos since, as you mentioned, IDreporter is not capable of decoding those formats yet. In this case, you are listening to a nice rendered binaural stereo version - which is actually great -, but it's only a representation of what you can get through a complete equipment capable of decode and stream DTS:X or Dolby Atmos.

  21. Freckles the Fox

    Freckles the FoxTahun Yang lalu

    If you stop presenting me with nothing but logical fallacies then I will stop with the big words and replies. Deal? ;) To explain what that big word means: you are shifting the dialogue to address me on things I didn't even write about in an attempt to further support your initial argumentation or at least distract on what I addressed you in the first place. That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? You are not wrong regarding your further elaboration on DTS, but you are also inherently adding nothing to refute your incorrect statement regarding IDreporter and Dolby Atmos support. On a final note: I also acknowledged this isn't really a (good) "Dolby Atmos" demo right off the bat. Then I referred to an actual true Dolby Atmos demo with the core intent of refuting your factually incorrect statement regarding IDreporter and Dolby Atmos. Ergo, I class both replies as logical fallacies as they don't connect at all with what I originally touched upon. Twice no less! Don't know what else to say man, you are somehow stuck on everything "DTS" while I initially and deliberately did not even touch on the subject let alone initially mentioning it at all. But here we are anyway. ;)

  22. Dalovesac King

    Dalovesac KingTahun Yang lalu

    Mr. Freckles, just stop with the big words and long replies. Hear me out. This video is Labeled, "DTS X" which is for systems that use height channel speakers, not emulated sound. DTS makes emulated sound codecs such as DTS Sound, DTS Studio Sound, and DTS Premium Sound & DTS’s Headphone:X.

  23. Freckles the Fox

    Freckles the FoxTahun Yang lalu

    You seem really stuck in your own bubble. Why didn't you just take my advice instead of knee-jerking yet another nondescript response. What is it that you are actually trying to achieve here? Let me try this one last time. Curse my faith in humanity right? Forget the height channel speakers. The sound on the phone is projected all around and above me in 360 degrees! With pin-point accuracy in 3D space. Free of fixed speakers and fixed audio channels that can only do so much. And I own a 5.1 theater setup, for the record. Common sense from inside your bubble indeed, not common sense if you actually listened to me and studied what Dolby Atmos actually does. With either a large speaker setup or just simply two. Or your stereo headphones. It doesn't matter. 360 degrees of sound. You are also factually incorrect regarding IDreporter not supporting Dolby Atmos, by the way. Something I didn't even care to address until I read your second response. This was my last attempt, so if you want to remain in your bubble with your current statements, please feel free. Or else come with some substantial beefy solid arguments that render me, Dolby and all those who already experienced it on my phone completely moot in regards to what is experienced with just a stereo setup. Constructive bonus: you can try Dolby Atmos for free (30-day trial) on Windows 10 with an official software solution from Dolby yourself, if you are still truly serious about your factually incorrect statements. Take this critical note to heart, or don't. But I truly hopefully this post will consciously or subconsciously rethink your methodology of (online) initial and/or continuous dialogue interaction from here on out. Peace out. :)

  24. Dalovesac King

    Dalovesac KingTahun Yang lalu

    Mr. Freckles, it really is common sense. Let me ask you a question, how do those height channel speakers sound on your phone?

  25. Ian H

    Ian HTahun Yang lalu

    How is DTS a competitor when it’s intended for home cinema?

  26. [deleted account]

    [deleted account]Tahun Yang lalu

    my shitty 15 year old gpu is working like a charm in no full screen overclocked

  27. Venkatesh Venkatesh

    Venkatesh Venkatesh2 tahun yang lalu

    dolby sound is afect in hometetre is so beautiful

  28. Srujan Akademy

    Srujan AkademyTahun Yang lalu


  29. Droidz Hunterz

    Droidz Hunterz2 tahun yang lalu

    Its always funny reading the comments from people thinking they are getting amazing surround sound from youtube videos

  30. Leon

    Leon8 bulan yang lalu

    It is also funny that you don't even know that you can get surround sound from youtube using chrome. Go to chrome://flags then enable the surround sound that will be projected out of your surround hardware. Dope.

  31. ThermaL1102

    ThermaL1102Tahun Yang lalu

    probably listening through ''real'' 7.1 headphones ;) the only thing youtube does , is the same as this prank dts fools game , it puts on a compressor to boost the volume , nothing more this dts maybe expands stereo a bit to surround , but what else IS it even gonna do ? there is nothing else ... not for a little videoplayer like youtube , youtube is a piece of junk with bad quality and boosted soundz , it's really bad actually +youtube doesn't MAKE the sound , it's a ''player'' , that's all it does , people play what people put in it , it doesn't make 7.1 sound any kind of way , it's a ''player'' , that's it ! ...

  32. Richard H. Brensinger III

    Richard H. Brensinger IIITahun Yang lalu

    Sounds pretty good through my Harman Kardon receiver, And Dolby Atmos makes it like a Cinema. Doesnt matter the video, as long as the receiver can decode it.

  33. 3starsNaSun Juan Dela Cruz

    3starsNaSun Juan Dela CruzTahun Yang lalu

    Droidz Hunterz Droidz Hunterz It's even more funnier that you're thinking that you're smarter than those guys for posting that comment.

  34. manikandan maha

    manikandan maha2 tahun yang lalu


  35. Saru EMS Education

    Saru EMS Education2 tahun yang lalu

    I was just gunna say......WHY are folks uploading this? all are aac 2 ch sound......ooooh - and the idiots below...OMG the audio is sooo amazing. lol no. it's really not.

  36. Deepanjan Das

    Deepanjan Das4 bulan yang lalu

    @Freckles the Fox No, Dolby Atmos does not work with 2 speakers on any phone. That's a gimmick or misinformation.

  37. Freckles the Fox

    Freckles the FoxTahun Yang lalu

    Dolby Atmos works with 2 channels for full 360 surround sound. On my Dolby Atmos phone. Dolby Atmos Horizon trailer on IDreporter? Sure. So far everyone's face melted when they held my phone. Who is the idiot now... ;)

  38. Kavinth Amirthanathar

    Kavinth Amirthanathar2 tahun yang lalu

    compared to what they normally hear, yes. but i agree the uploader should include the main file as well

  39. Shiviox and Co

    Shiviox and Co2 tahun yang lalu

    what is the movies

  40. The End

    The End3 bulan yang lalu

    Resident evil the final chapter.

  41. From Nothing

    From Nothing2 tahun yang lalu

    there is no dts or dolby (ac3) in youtube ... everything is converted to aac (compressed audio). so all are in stereo

  42. Boogey Man

    Boogey Man3 bulan yang lalu

    no it doesnt, the flag settings in chrome, downmixes any 5.1 into stereo surround only, thats not true 5.1, its only the effect.

  43. Visal Perera

    Visal Perera4 bulan yang lalu

    @Bread It does from years ago. Checkout youtube webmasters. They support up to 5.1

  44. Leon

    Leon8 bulan yang lalu

    Go to chrome://flags then enable the surround sound that will be projected out of your surround hardware. omg

  45. Cpt.AirWolf

    Cpt.AirWolfTahun Yang lalu

    No it doesn't support surround.... yet

  46. Bread

    Bread2 tahun yang lalu

    Today, it does...


    JACKSON TAMIL2 tahun yang lalu

    nice, make different sound

  48. Sankar kdk

    Sankar kdk2 tahun yang lalu

    interesting... is it channel based or object based surround system

  49. Deepanjan Das

    Deepanjan Das4 bulan yang lalu

    Technically speaking, Atmos may be superior to DTS:X. Reason being Atmos is mixed typically using a 9.1.4 channel configuration for home theaters. Therefore there is a reference for the mix which can then be downmixed by the receiver on a 5.1.2 , 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4, etc all the way up to 9.1.4. However, DTS:X is designed to work with ear level speakers as well, even a 2.1 system, giving a certain height perception, and as such DTS:X does not have a solid reference for its mix. It may sound inconsistent over different speaker layouts as a result. But this is all theoretical. Practically speaking, there is hardly any difference I think.

  50. ColonielLizardT4

    ColonielLizardT4Tahun Yang lalu

    Sankar kdk DTS:X is a 3D object-based surround sound, it obviously competes with Dolby Atmos.

  51. titaniumtank166

    titaniumtank1662 tahun yang lalu

    mmmm wich video game is that in the test? or is it just purely for the test?

  52. The Charming Geek

    The Charming Geek2 tahun yang lalu

    It's a movie clip. From "Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on some serious Acid" , directed by Alf Lovvold., movie yet to release.

  53. titaniumtank166

    titaniumtank1662 tahun yang lalu

    I dont know that why I am asking XD

  54. Pub x Stompa

    Pub x Stompa2 tahun yang lalu

    +titaniumtank166 That was a video game? I thought that was a clip from a movie or something. 😕

  55. NAWW

    NAWW2 tahun yang lalu

    I have a 7.1 surround sound dtsX this audio is really nice

  56. Kavinth Amirthanathar

    Kavinth Amirthanathar2 tahun yang lalu

    True, but unless you have the actual file, you're not hearing it, because IDreporter doesn't support it

  57. jimmy s

    jimmy s2 tahun yang lalu

    is there any movies out that have the dts x track?

  58. Reginald Eberhart

    Reginald EberhartTahun Yang lalu

    jimmy s most universal movies are in dtsx except the mummy that's in Atmos

  59. ColonielLizardT4

    ColonielLizardT4Tahun Yang lalu

    Several Universal 4K Blu-rays were DTS:X encoded. Independence Day, Daddy's Home, and the Harry Potter movies all on 4K Blu-ray had DTS:X as well.

  60. Julien Palmato

    Julien Palmato2 tahun yang lalu

    spinaway crimson peak

  61. jimmy s

    jimmy s2 tahun yang lalu

    not a sure but I have been told that patriot games is Dtsx, also you can Google films with Dtsx soundtrack.


    iTACHiMETAL2 tahun yang lalu

    use dpl2 for mastering 5.1ch > 2.0. for who's have 5.1 with a dpl or dtsneo6...the experience is much better! sorry for my english ...i'm Brazilian!!!

  63. Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus Prime2 tahun yang lalu

    i really enjoyed this in stereo on youtube

  64. Shaun Davids

    Shaun DavidsTahun Yang lalu

    I watched it on my one x ....in DTS X ......well what do you know

  65. jimmy s

    jimmy s2 tahun yang lalu

    Rodimus Prime yaaaaaawwwwwnnnn, change the record please.

  66. Phillip Simmons

    Phillip Simmons2 tahun yang lalu

    I wanted this to be a movie. is it?

  67. Jim Jansen

    Jim Jansen2 tahun yang lalu

    what's it called?

  68. rigomortisfxstudios

    rigomortisfxstudios2 tahun yang lalu

    the clip your talking about is not a movie but a video game coming out soon only for ps4 its a sci fi zombie game

  69. The Charming Geek

    The Charming Geek2 tahun yang lalu

    Movie name called "Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on some serious Acid" , directed by Alf Lovvold., movie yet to release.