DTS Headphone:X Sound Check Demo


  1. Daltira

    DaltiraBulan Yang lalu

    Sounds like it’s all coming from either left or right. No real differences.

  2. Even Hatlestad

    Even Hatlestad2 bulan yang lalu

    wow this is just absolutely amazing

  3. Casual Introvert ❶

    Casual Introvert ❶3 bulan yang lalu

    Everything sounds spot on except for the rear height channels. It seems like its still pretty hard to get those emulated accurately.

  4. Ayush Chan

    Ayush ChanTahun Yang lalu

    My left ear buds are bit louder n clear then right one is this any defect?

  5. Troll Games

    Troll GamesTahun Yang lalu


  6. All the tech

    All the techTahun Yang lalu

    front not real

  7. Davey Green

    Davey GreenTahun Yang lalu

    I thought this was playing in my room 😂😂

  8. RaiZBaG

    RaiZBaGTahun Yang lalu

    Nice Test (hyperx cloud alpha)

  9. RaiZBaG

    RaiZBaGTahun Yang lalu


  10. Hal 9K

    Hal 9KTahun Yang lalu

    Wow! Tested it in Plantronics RIG800 HD. Niiiiiiice!!!

  11. Toxic Gamer

    Toxic GamerTahun Yang lalu

    Fucked my right one again

  12. irfanimp

    irfanimpTahun Yang lalu

    ı love woman voice

  13. Ron Mercado

    Ron MercadoTahun Yang lalu

    I bet this would sound so amazing if I wasn't going deaf in one ear

  14. inyazserg Sergey Larin

    inyazserg Sergey Larin2 bulan yang lalu

    same as good food which I cannot eat because stomach dicease. Mention any good food - I cannot eat it. Though, I do agree that 2 ears and stereo-hearing is better than having a possibility to eat what you what and any sort of it. Salty, smoked, chocolate, bread, roll and buns, dumplings and fat products - this is all forbidden. fk

  15. PC Rx

    PC RxTahun Yang lalu

    Any else think the lady sounds like Marina Sirtis lol?

  16. Tango

    TangoTahun Yang lalu

    watch this on a mono phone speaker

  17. J V

    J VTahun Yang lalu

    Tested it with a 4K Bluray that has a Headphone:X Track ( Despicable Me 3 ), Surround is quite good, but the Center Channel is not better as in stereo (Voices seem to come from behind you/from the inside of your Head ). This Demo is actually better than a official Headphone:X Track.

  18. hs p

    hs pTahun Yang lalu

    0:10 0:16

  19. Stephen Soukup

    Stephen SoukupTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome. Really works. Tried it using my Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones. Very very cool

  20. 야신

    야신Tahun Yang lalu

    0:10 0:16 0:21

  21. Tajirinere Agboghoroma

    Tajirinere AgboghoromaTahun Yang lalu

    That is cool

  22. Kurt Wiener

    Kurt WienerTahun Yang lalu

    I can't help but feel that the front speakers never seem accurate to me, no matter which such technology I use. Front always feels more like above my head a little. Side sounds like slightly back. Back sounds like back. Starting to wonder if my headphones are broken. They're good ones tho.

  23. grostire

    grostireTahun Yang lalu

    I always had the same feeling whenever trying to experience surround sound with headphone. The sound either comes from the side or from the back, and never from the front.

  24. Mustaqim Mohamed

    Mustaqim MohamedTahun Yang lalu

    Sir. I would like to know what is DTS function because I just buy a steelseries Siberia 350 and it has that DTS feature but when I enable it. The quality of the sound very awful. it just loud and seem like no bass at all

  25. trippplefive

    trippplefive2 tahun yang lalu

    wow..this is one of the best surround tests i've seen on youtube. and dts headphone: x does pretty damn good job of virtualizing the sound.

  26. SD Health Network

    SD Health Network9 bulan yang lalu

    yea i have headphone x its legit

  27. Jensi Oquendo

    Jensi Oquendo2 tahun yang lalu

    Just remember that IDreporter can only play in stereo. The illusion of Surround is in how it's played.

  28. Slinger

    SlingerTahun Yang lalu

    ELCRONICS this is DTS encoding sound and you advise to use dolby LOL


    ELCRONICSTahun Yang lalu

    Play with Dolby Surroud decorder or Dolby Pro Logic decorder . it require 2 ch only that can mix Left Right Center RearLett RearRight

  30. Alex Shuysky

    Alex Shuysky2 tahun yang lalu

    This video actually tells me that I wear my headphone incorrectly

  31. inyazserg Sergey Larin

    inyazserg Sergey Larin2 bulan yang lalu

    @satya deepak seems like I have been using the left channel instead of the right channel for many months. I wonder if it affests real life, but in real life my left ear hears sonds which come from the left side.

  32. satya deepak

    satya deepakTahun Yang lalu

    Alex Shuysky yep

  33. Adam Burlo

    Adam BurloTahun Yang lalu


  34. Anupam Bharti

    Anupam Bharti2 tahun yang lalu

    Christian Djami hahahaha correct

  35. Ahmed Salam

    Ahmed Salam3 tahun yang lalu

    I was able to recognize seven channels almost independently

  36. Shrey Tyagi

    Shrey Tyagi3 tahun yang lalu

    Very cool! It's not as accurate as speaker setups but probably the best that can be achieved through headphones. Do you have any idea where I can find more content in DTS Headphone:X ?

  37. Jame Gumb

    Jame GumbTahun Yang lalu

    Shrey Tyagi No, binaureal is the best. Creative rekt them with frivolous lawsuits though. Demos here on yt.

  38. Chris Boylan

    Chris Boylan3 tahun yang lalu

    +Shrey Tyagi - check out the DTS Headphone:X page here: listen.dts.com/pages/headphone-x - DTS Headphone:X was used on the "Man of Steel Soundtrack" and is also available on some Blu-rays like "Ex Machina" and "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" - there are demo clips from Ex Machina here: exmachina-movie.com/dts