Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories


  1. Roy Amstrong

    Roy Amstrong4 jam yang lalu

    Just tell us your agenda dude cause no one is expecting phone to keep working after falling down from that higher stairs against concrete slabs and so on

  2. Jeremiah Murdock

    Jeremiah Murdock4 jam yang lalu


  3. Jake cool life

    Jake cool life4 jam yang lalu

    iPhones Break so easily

  4. Liz Reece

    Liz Reece4 jam yang lalu

    What is the point of Wasting your time and money on this what’s the point I just seriously don’t get it

  5. Maria Velásquez Chaveta

    Maria Velásquez Chaveta4 jam yang lalu

    Eres un mierda gastando el dinero en hacer videos estupidos

  6. Adam Khan Baluch

    Adam Khan Baluch4 jam yang lalu

    Does the 3310 have a cammera or your just joking?

  7. Mr. Bullet

    Mr. Bullet4 jam yang lalu

    please give me a your drop phone please

  8. Michael Horsman

    Michael Horsman5 jam yang lalu

    Put Nokia back together and it should still work

  9. Seth Horst

    Seth Horst5 jam yang lalu

    Just pop a new battery in and the Mokia will still have life, but a dead screen.

  10. Kevin Schulz

    Kevin Schulz5 jam yang lalu

    Yo im sorry but what in the hell did you expect to happen? You idiots just wasted round about 2500$😂

  11. Seth Horst

    Seth Horst5 jam yang lalu

    Technically it's not a waste of money because he gets a lot of money from ad revenue, maybe even more than what the phones are worth.

  12. hermyfromgermy

    hermyfromgermy5 jam yang lalu

    What do you expect tho.?

  13. Zephyx

    Zephyx5 jam yang lalu

    Where is the staircase located?


    DIAMOND STITCH ART5 jam yang lalu

    Nice work bro

  15. Trippie Richh

    Trippie Richh5 jam yang lalu

    In conclusion that stair case is absolutely SAVAGE

  16. KDH Amstrad

    KDH Amstrad5 jam yang lalu

    Random guy walking up the stairs... *Oh an iPho.....* *....sht*

  17. Eeu He

    Eeu He5 jam yang lalu


  18. Family HT Bird's & Family Professional Electrician

    Family HT Bird's & Family Professional Electrician5 jam yang lalu


  19. Mr Chlorine Man

    Mr Chlorine Man5 jam yang lalu

    I love how he's so surprised that the phones are broken like, YOU DROPPED IT DOWN LIKE 15 FLOORS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT

  20. Chandan Rathore

    Chandan Rathore5 jam yang lalu

    Mdrchod merko de deta ...😡😡harmkhor

  21. v8srt 777

    v8srt 7776 jam yang lalu


  22. Dicke Chen

    Dicke Chen6 jam yang lalu

    It hurts to See this

  23. R L

    R L6 jam yang lalu

    The fold is sick

  24. Ar.Matrix

    Ar.Matrix6 jam yang lalu

    Psssst Give it to me


    PANGY BAZ ViNES6 jam yang lalu

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  26. Wassin_YTB

    Wassin_YTB6 jam yang lalu

    Like si tu voulais le telphonne touche pas enbas👇👇👇 Taura 5 ans de bonne chance

  27. youngsta Young

    youngsta Young6 jam yang lalu

    What a stupid comparison. The fold is weak as fk it tells you that all over it when you get it..

  28. воран Столкан

    воран Столкан6 jam yang lalu

    Зачем так издиваться нат-телефоном:\

  29. Calum McCabe

    Calum McCabe7 jam yang lalu

    Nokia 3310 was my first phone now I currently have a iPhone 6s

  30. Lorealle Lee

    Lorealle Lee7 jam yang lalu

    Who buys phones just to break them (only them🗡️) people out here dying for the new iPhones/Samsung! And ur just buying them than dropping them of staircases 🤨. COMPLETE WAST OF MONEY !!

  31. tohoseok

    tohoseok7 jam yang lalu

    $2000 for a fucking droid.. yeah no

  32. FEVEN 7

    FEVEN 77 jam yang lalu

    after this if you want make video like this tell me first i will stop you and make you give that phone to me

  33. ESG Proos

    ESG Proos7 jam yang lalu

    Kto z polski

  34. ﴿شــقـ๘ึِــৡـاوجـிــي ﴾

    ﴿شــقـ๘ึِــৡـاوجـிــي ﴾7 jam yang lalu

    والله ناس فايخه

  35. mohamed gafar / محمد جعفر

    mohamed gafar / محمد جعفر7 jam yang lalu

    حرام والله واحد ب 40 الف والتاني ب 30 الف 😿😿

  36. Ben Morgan

    Ben Morgan7 jam yang lalu

    Bro you didn’t even drop the iPhone 11p half way down

  37. Wiam El Fatihi El Malki

    Wiam El Fatihi El Malki7 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one that was like “pls give me the phone and don’t waste ur money”

  38. J Brown

    J Brown7 jam yang lalu

    4:02 - ‘Back is destroyed even more...’ Well no way. Common sense is not too common in this guy. I mean what did he expect would happen?

  39. 斯特凡

    斯特凡7 jam yang lalu

    He’s talking quietly

  40. Hdy Portnoy

    Hdy Portnoy7 jam yang lalu

    Eman emam caaahh🤦‍♂

  41. Captain-Admiral

    Captain-Admiral7 jam yang lalu

    Im just here for the Nokia...

  42. freshclean messy

    freshclean messy8 jam yang lalu

    this video is painfull to watch

  43. JR N7S

    JR N7S8 jam yang lalu

    بموتتت قهر

  44. Aawara Boy Official

    Aawara Boy Official8 jam yang lalu

    I want to catch them bro.

  45. Helman Chuat

    Helman Chuat8 jam yang lalu

    Can you give me a phone...why you do that things if you want to broke it...a good thing if you give me...

  46. Santakumar Mallah

    Santakumar Mallah8 jam yang lalu

    Give me

  47. Tifóka 09

    Tifóka 098 jam yang lalu


  48. Nora Maldjian

    Nora Maldjian8 jam yang lalu

    I felt pain when i watched this video tbh

  49. Super Avesome Experiments

    Super Avesome Experiments8 jam yang lalu

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  50. Ajeet Sarda

    Ajeet Sarda8 jam yang lalu

    I want anywere door so i can place it at the end to get that phones

  51. Sohan

    Sohan8 jam yang lalu

    I think he dont love his phone..!!!

  52. Ketan Mishra

    Ketan Mishra8 jam yang lalu

    Legend says just go and buy Nokia 3310😎😎😎😎

  53. Maqsood Ahmed Bughio

    Maqsood Ahmed Bughio8 jam yang lalu

    Don't waste your money in useless things do help the poor,,,, there are many poor people in our country Pakistan plz help them you can that... 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  54. Tsubasa Ozora

    Tsubasa Ozora8 jam yang lalu

    Este man tirando un iphone 11 y el samsung galaxy fold y a mi no me alcanza ni para el nokia 3310 :(

  55. Celular Conta

    Celular Conta8 jam yang lalu


  56. happy

    happy8 jam yang lalu

    Whyyyy??? You can also just give it to me instead of throwing it ;-;

  57. whythefuckamihere?

    whythefuckamihere?9 jam yang lalu

    I don't even have money for a new phone and they destroyy theemnn aaahh

  58. Manwel

    Manwel9 jam yang lalu

    Give me an iphone pls, just for fun

  59. zaid alani

    zaid alani9 jam yang lalu

    Why dont you throw me instead of these phones 😭

  60. Ran Jeet

    Ran Jeet9 jam yang lalu

    Chuuutiya ho tum

  61. ayesha sana

    ayesha sana9 jam yang lalu

    dont waste it ........