Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video)


  1. Justin Stiles

    Justin Stiles11 menit yang lalu

    BAMF right there.

  2. asheezy86

    asheezy86Jam Yang lalu

    Somebody explain the beginning to me with the sandwiches 🥪 lol

  3. Momo Jinx

    Momo Jinx2 jam yang lalu

    Imma come back to this video a year from now Oct 18 2020

  4. QUAN

    QUAN3 jam yang lalu

    The Carolinas

  5. Jerod Tereshka

    Jerod Tereshka4 jam yang lalu

    Dababy obviously had the best verse his flow is so smooth

  6. 2015

    20158 jam yang lalu

    What happened to DaBaby’s wrist?

  7. Patrick Schindler

    Patrick Schindler9 jam yang lalu

    Thats some shit

  8. Regina Robbins

    Regina Robbins9 jam yang lalu

    ASA, I hope all is well with you. You said you were coming over when I talked with you what happened

  9. Theo Kepler

    Theo Kepler10 jam yang lalu

    i woke uuup for some MOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAAY

  10. ELO

    ELO10 jam yang lalu


  11. Checks.Over. Stripes.

    Checks.Over. Stripes.11 jam yang lalu

    They forgot to add ft Kendrick Lamar.

  12. Estelle Rose0

    Estelle Rose011 jam yang lalu

    Absolutely love this song. Perfect beat, perfect style, with perfect lyrics. I haven't heard something so smooth in a long time. Outstanding!

  13. saucey_parker YT

    saucey_parker YT12 jam yang lalu

    Fayetteville>Charlotte 💯

  14. Willie Roland

    Willie Roland13 jam yang lalu


  15. VJ damane

    VJ damane13 jam yang lalu

    Why they lookin like dat burger nasty

  16. GiantRug

    GiantRug13 jam yang lalu

    i swear that i am 1 million of those views. I love this video so much lol

  17. Tyler Merkley

    Tyler Merkley13 jam yang lalu

    1.5x speed DAMN

  18. Moon -N- Scorpio

    Moon -N- Scorpio14 jam yang lalu

    They don't know about the "baconeggncheese"😂😂..BXNY

  19. lil Ghost

    lil Ghost14 jam yang lalu

    Just remember that when the bear drops j cole is Taking a big ass bite out of that sandwich

  20. chasegova

    chasegova14 jam yang lalu

    finally a different flow from dababy

  21. Fab L

    Fab L15 jam yang lalu

    I absolutely love J Cole but DaBaby kilt it♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Xavier Ezell

    Xavier Ezell16 jam yang lalu

    He said a M is his minimum wage:DAMN: #Coleworld g

  23. Shinigami

    Shinigami16 jam yang lalu

    NC Reppin.

  24. Julia Latigue Clark Robinson

    Julia Latigue Clark Robinson16 jam yang lalu

    I fuck with this song!!!! I love it!!!!

  25. Trevor Gray

    Trevor Gray17 jam yang lalu

    Imagine hitting the dislike button 🤣

  26. please dorianYT

    please dorianYT18 jam yang lalu

    i play this song all day

  27. SVE

    SVE18 jam yang lalu

    Shit this good, fam

  28. jacob hansen

    jacob hansen19 jam yang lalu

    baby saying the same shit twice about snitchen in interviews, lute bars, baby voice, cole both.

  29. Victor Gross

    Victor Gross20 jam yang lalu

    Been singing this for a week

  30. reflection diary's

    reflection diary's20 jam yang lalu

    👍 if the song and the beat go too damn hard to care about the video budget

  31. Elijah Barrack

    Elijah Barrack21 jam yang lalu

    I woke up for sum $

  32. Son Ayseez

    Son Ayseez22 jam yang lalu

    "They don't come out of the garbage. I swim with the sharks, you ain't got enough heart get a bigger pool." HEAT 🔥

  33. Aaron

    Aaron23 jam yang lalu

    I blasted this song on my jbl boom box while riding on my bike with my friends and someone called me out for playing it too loud

  34. Cringe 69420

    Cringe 69420Hari Yang lalu

    How is no one talkin about kdot?

  35. SmooveGuru007

    SmooveGuru007Hari Yang lalu

    Why dey let bby showout like days y i dnt wit baby. .....#FrDaGoat

  36. Nehemiah Nixson

    Nehemiah NixsonHari Yang lalu

    Obliviously my favorite song on Dream vile in my opinion.

  37. my dread journey

    my dread journeyHari Yang lalu

    Danny brown would have killed this

  38. just Mutuma

    just MutumaHari Yang lalu

    This is one to tha best from the album. They just spitting

  39. Byron Lane

    Byron LaneHari Yang lalu


  40. Jg

    JgHari Yang lalu

    Yo this is where they shot joker, prove me wrong

  41. Katlego Masanabo

    Katlego MasanaboHari Yang lalu

    the way Cole smiles when he says "nobody fucking with son". dude flows like it's natural!!!

  42. Влад Багиров

    Влад БагировHari Yang lalu

    Director: So what do you wanna do in the video?J Cole: Nothing

  43. SuperMmmdelicious

    SuperMmmdeliciousHari Yang lalu

    Comments got all three of them backs.. Kendrick got that chorus though

  44. Chaotic Scooz

    Chaotic ScoozHari Yang lalu

    Next XXL Vid! THIS SLAPPS!

  45. Ashley Vick

    Ashley VickHari Yang lalu

    Beatties Ford... Charlotte NC!! Stand up.

  46. Ashley Vick

    Ashley VickHari Yang lalu

    I think UV da great from Goldsboro N.C. could have had a verse on this song. This is one of my favorite songs... hands down.

  47. Flexis Wave

    Flexis WaveHari Yang lalu

    woke up for sum moneyyy

  48. Franko Berhane

    Franko BerhaneHari Yang lalu

    From NC to the X You hearrrd!

  49. Isanzi Sempi

    Isanzi SempiHari Yang lalu

    I liked because of the true pits he had .

  50. N Vee

    N VeeHari Yang lalu

    I can’t get enough of this song!

  51. Al BundleS

    Al BundleSHari Yang lalu

    Thh hi is joint makes me want to check Da Baby’s music out. Ain’t too often you see me if these new guys with bars.

  52. Who Is Joe?

    Who Is Joe?Hari Yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice this was where Joker was dancing!!!

  53. Dezzi G

    Dezzi GJam Yang lalu

    Who Is Joe? Nah, that’s in New York

  54. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo MartinezHari Yang lalu

    I guess Kendrick didn’t want a 2$ sandwich


    GENNI GANGHari Yang lalu

    Asmr sandwiches Feat. DaBaby & Lute

  56. joyce thompson

    joyce thompsonHari Yang lalu

    Ngl j cole needs to go harder and da baby kilt that shit, and the random uhh.... was a random but da baby went off

  57. Duece Foe

    Duece FoeHari Yang lalu

    Best line...how many bullets ya dawg catchin,sawed off raw dawg fashion,hauled off hope God catch em! If that ain't the truth..RIP to all the real geez and people that get caught slippin

  58. Elisabet Flores

    Elisabet FloresHari Yang lalu

    Listen to this new artist His instagram @reds.mind Go subscribe to his youtube channel🔽 J-Red - Consequences idreporter.net/v/video-PgN7rLJ_B4g.html via @IDreporter‬ Listen to his music on soundcloud link down below 🔽 m.soundcloud.com/r3dsmind/consequences

  59. Mr. Ox

    Mr. OxHari Yang lalu

    What's the ol gospel song going in that sample

  60. james Gand

    james GandHari Yang lalu

    Why dababy remind me of HAHA Davis?

  61. Pierce Howard

    Pierce HowardHari Yang lalu

    james Gand rssss😂

  62. Baby Sav

    Baby SavHari Yang lalu

    This song so raw