Drake "In My Feelings" Challenge Dance Compilation Video 2018 Kiki Keke Challenge



    21ELMER WALDROP5 jam yang lalu

    Everyone you're awesome

  2. Faustina Sarkoh

    Faustina SarkohHari Yang lalu

    I keep thinking something is gonna get hate by a car or something. Btw am still wondering why is DRAKE wondering if Kiki/keke luvs him when he only like his ................Bed and his Mama

  3. Faustina Sarkoh

    Faustina SarkohHari Yang lalu

    The 11 person was that bad

  4. Frank Gallagher

    Frank GallagherHari Yang lalu

    Two long

  5. Charlie Edwards

    Charlie Edwards3 hari yang lalu


  6. Ben George

    Ben George3 hari yang lalu

    I love this video

  7. menamesdaniel grant

    menamesdaniel grant3 hari yang lalu

    Best wills

  8. Montana

    Montana5 hari yang lalu

    #16 xd

  9. Angie Alarid

    Angie Alarid10 hari yang lalu

    Got a gf because of this

  10. BeccaRaptor94

    BeccaRaptor9411 hari yang lalu

    WHOLESOME: the lemonade stand one is so cute and creative! and yesss #16 livin her best life!!! AW the kids at #19

  11. BeccaRaptor94

    BeccaRaptor9411 hari yang lalu

    omg the airplane one! EDIT: THE MOTORCYCLE ONE!!!!

  12. BeccaRaptor94

    BeccaRaptor9411 hari yang lalu

    #3 is hair goals

  13. Ratidzo Magubje

    Ratidzo Magubje13 hari yang lalu


  14. Mason Layman

    Mason Layman13 hari yang lalu

    Lemonade stand one was the best.

  15. _joseedmgz_ X

    _joseedmgz_ X13 hari yang lalu

    Obviously number 19 is the best

  16. Autum Hamlin

    Autum Hamlin14 hari yang lalu

    This is so funny and cool

  17. Mercy Johari

    Mercy Johari14 hari yang lalu

    The first episode it was illegal. It's like following your death

  18. JTundra

    JTundra15 hari yang lalu

    this has to be the most millenial/gen z thing that ever existed

  19. kakasi hatake

    kakasi hatake16 hari yang lalu


  20. jesus jurado

    jesus jurado20 hari yang lalu

    Give a thumbs up if you liked how will smith danced

  21. jesus jurado

    jesus jurado20 hari yang lalu

    I like ther dancing

  22. Hole35555 U

    Hole35555 U20 hari yang lalu

    God has left the game

  23. Joker

    Joker25 hari yang lalu

    Its all fun and games untill you hit a kid.

  24. Ian Davis

    Ian Davis28 hari yang lalu

    How is this age restriction

  25. REESE 1

    REESE 128 hari yang lalu

    10:33 grandma was hilarious

  26. Shelby Gilmore

    Shelby GilmoreBulan Yang lalu

    Number 19 won!!!!

  27. Alexander Teboh

    Alexander TebohBulan Yang lalu

    Hot sexy

  28. akua nyarkoah

    akua nyarkoahBulan Yang lalu

    Tried out the challenge personally....Long story short, I had to walk home...


    STAR GAMERSBulan Yang lalu


  30. Lin je

    Lin jeBulan Yang lalu

    2020 ??

  31. david silva

    david silvaBulan Yang lalu

    3 is best

  32. Gwendolyn Newton

    Gwendolyn NewtonBulan Yang lalu

    my grandkid name is keke

  33. Sheik Sheik

    Sheik SheikBulan Yang lalu

    3 my fav 😍

  34. Liliannis Garrido

    Liliannis GarridoBulan Yang lalu

    Daa old lady tho lmao that's me when I'm 70 Lol

  35. Mohammad WaXeeM

    Mohammad WaXeeMBulan Yang lalu

    Will smith is a world best actor & best dance too

  36. Marilou De Castro

    Marilou De CastroBulan Yang lalu

    Wow😊 hahaha😂😂

  37. vairllno

    vairllnoBulan Yang lalu

    vive Paris, vive la France

  38. Carol Rodriguez

    Carol RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    the guy on the motorcycle he was crazy

  39. Khánh Vy

    Khánh VyBulan Yang lalu

    im wondering where is niana guerrero...Like Her dancing is the best❤❤❤❤

  40. MrsJeon 08

    MrsJeon 08Bulan Yang lalu

    The guy on the airplane 😂

  41. Tito Akau

    Tito AkauBulan Yang lalu

    2019 is it just me

  42. Jarrod Frasure

    Jarrod FrasureBulan Yang lalu

    It's 2020 now

  43. damessah stewart

    damessah stewartBulan Yang lalu

    Why u wanna know tht

  44. Xurrツ

    XurrツBulan Yang lalu

    @BabyNezza she has some moves tho!

  45. Pets & Vlogs

    Pets & VlogsBulan Yang lalu

    Take me back to these days😫

  46. Abdo. Alouane

    Abdo. AlouaneBulan Yang lalu

    Go to beb

  47. Lisa Simonetti

    Lisa SimonettiBulan Yang lalu

    Number 8: my favourite! 😍😍😍

  48. L'leah Figaro

    L'leah Figaro2 bulan yang lalu

    That guy on the bike deserves all the top views

  49. Rejane Salete Monteiro

    Rejane Salete Monteiro2 bulan yang lalu

    7:50 omg 😱😱😱

  50. David rusu

    David rusu2 bulan yang lalu

    Ar you kidding my man??

  51. Tayla Wesley

    Tayla Wesley2 bulan yang lalu

    I came here looking for Jhope..

  52. Ignacio Garcia

    Ignacio Garcia2 bulan yang lalu

    Just waiting for someone to get hit by another car... 😈

  53. Elissa loves cats

    Elissa loves cats2 bulan yang lalu

    1:01 is nonsense

  54. Flaze

    Flaze2 bulan yang lalu

    Elissa loves cats she fine tho

  55. Hannah Key

    Hannah Key2 bulan yang lalu

    Yes Cachi!

  56. Laura Sofia

    Laura Sofia2 bulan yang lalu

    Will Smith I love you Good

  57. Joanne

    Joanne2 bulan yang lalu

    Nezza and chachi!!

  58. Yasiris Aybar

    Yasiris Aybar2 bulan yang lalu

    Bro people CRAZY!!!

  59. cutie beautiful beauty the cute

    cutie beautiful beauty the cute2 bulan yang lalu

    I love your songs. That. You sing all the time I love you

  60. Its_R

    Its_R2 bulan yang lalu

    Jayden was so cringe

  61. 아이언

    아이언2 bulan yang lalu

    백인들은 뭔가 안쓰럽노 ㅋㅋㅋ

  62. Mason Lansford

    Mason Lansford2 bulan yang lalu

    I like that booty

  63. OMEGA Gaming

    OMEGA Gaming2 bulan yang lalu

    @OMEGAfreddyGaming the dentist is to cool to do his job🤣