DR. MICHAEL GREGER - HOW NOT TO DIET: The Science Of Healthy Weight Loss - Part 1/2 | London Real


  1. London Real

    London RealBulan Yang lalu

    Watch the full episode for free here: londonreal.tv/e/dr-michael-greger/

  2. Pete THE REAL Relentless

    Pete THE REAL RelentlessHari Yang lalu

    Pietro Favaretto but it’s not dickhead. That’s the difference. Only a vegtard could think that’s a good comparison.

  3. Bob Schmob

    Bob Schmob17 hari yang lalu

    @DeAnna Rodriguez dr gundry wouldn't dare debate greger. He'd pop his little bubble!

  4. Ceolbeats

    Ceolbeats21 hari yang lalu

    John Keto 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Ceolbeats

    Ceolbeats21 hari yang lalu

    Nightblade. Greyswandir 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Pietro Favaretto

    Pietro Favaretto28 hari yang lalu

    @John Keto "Ruminant MEAT is the most natural & optimal, MOST BIO-AVAILABLE NUTRIENTS food for HUMANS" what's the difference if i turn it into "Human MEAT is the most natural & optimal, MOST BIO-AVAILABLE NUTRIENTS food for HUMANS." is it still good?

  7. Jose Mama

    Jose Mama2 hari yang lalu

    Wow Dr Greger is only 47 and he looks like 65. The vegan diet is not a good diet.

  8. Siouxanne Buehrer

    Siouxanne Buehrer2 hari yang lalu

    RIP Dr. Gregor...

  9. Steph Ss

    Steph Ss2 hari yang lalu

    Do you have to mention going "plantbased for a year" with every plantbased doctor? Like, we get it

  10. Chloe & Charlotte's Crafts

    Chloe & Charlotte's Crafts3 hari yang lalu

    What an amazing human being! Dr G, we love you! X

  11. Sergio B.

    Sergio B.4 hari yang lalu

    I watch these London Real videos just when there are interesting guests like Dr. Greger. But I hate to watch them for this stupid and arrogant presenter

  12. saine414

    saine4144 hari yang lalu

    The diet didn't help him

  13. william zebrowski

    william zebrowski5 hari yang lalu

    when they flipped the food chart upside down , people turned into cows , by the way when you want to fatten up cattle you give them grains interesting, also look at the videos on utube , where they show pictures and also videos in the early 1900's , for some reason you never see an obese person, this greger is a complete FOOL !!!!!!!!!

  14. Daniel Peer

    Daniel Peer6 hari yang lalu

    This dude never finished his residency. He's not even a real doctor. He went straight from school to vegan propaganda.

  15. evelyn baron

    evelyn baron6 hari yang lalu

    I'm bemused by the number of commentators who obviously have enormous respect for Dr Greger as do I and I do follow a fully unprocessed plant-based diet …. and yet despite his insistence on evidence-based research these guys are doctrinaire to the point where I think there is a level of demonization of interviewer, which serves no purpose whatsoever. My sis has a website and the minute one becomes at all well known one is an instant target for trollers, which is the downside of the internet. If you get really famous like Tom Petty George Harrison John Lennon someone will burn your house down, come after you in your own home with a knife, assassinate you, so cult of celebrity guys, you're welcome to it. If I may air my own prejudices as a Canadian who has lived in the UK for many yrs at a time; ask Stephen Fry or John Cleese about their impressions of the US and reluctant as they are to talk about it, it comes down to an inability to appreciate irony ,a tendency to resort to ad hominem arguments (NOT limited to the US by any means) or enter into a debate, full stop, which I am vr mindful of. So there was no bear-baiting going on here; I really like intelligent podcasts and the best ones don't limit themselves to preaching to the choir; in North America probably Joe Rogan has the widest audience; he hunts and fishes and has interviewed more vegan researchers than anybody; Rich Roll is comparatively new on the scene; his extreme fitness experience, 12 step recovery principles; being a refugee from Corporate Law (I know quite a few) etc. does guide him in his choice of people to interview, largely who have written books in his purview of interests, but he doesn't at all rule out people whose ideas may conflict in part with his own and is an outspoken advocate for not clinging to one's tribe as he puts it; got used to the California heh dude vocabulary, it's all good. I have fond memories of the late Christopher Hitchens, the great contrarian; I disagreed with him on the subject of Iraq and other things; he just enjoyed the debate, although he was passionate about certain subjects, as one must be. So I think this is an excellent podcast and will continue to watch it and vr much profited from this discussion, and yes Michael Greger has an amazing sense of humour and both parties talk really fast which suits my personal style.

  16. Sergio B.

    Sergio B.6 hari yang lalu

    Give a Nobel to this guy. He's simply amazing!

  17. Chloe & Charlotte's Crafts

    Chloe & Charlotte's Crafts3 hari yang lalu

    Sergio B. YES! That's the best thing I've heard today! X

  18. Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov

    Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov7 hari yang lalu

    Love Dr. Greger!! Thanks!

  19. dlxe

    dlxe7 hari yang lalu

    Yesssss Dr Greger is awesome!!! It’s so true that for some people, once you know better, you do better and it’s definitely been the case for me and my family. Thank you for this interview!!!

  20. Lynn Proctor

    Lynn Proctor7 hari yang lalu

    I don't see why dropping animal products from the diet is that big a deal. I was a meat/egg/milk eater all my life except for four years when I dropped beef and chicken. Nothing changed. But a month ago I started the whole food plant based program, and honestly, it's not that big a deal. So I don't miss meat, sugar, oil, milk, etc. now. It's not like you don't have a gazillion other foods to choose from. I did this because I am fat, my feet hurt, my energy was terrible, and too many foods gave me diarrhea for hours on end. I was a mess, and I was embarrassed when I had to start cancelling appointments due to my stomach issues. Since I started on this program, I feel so much better, and am losing weight. I have a long way to go. But I am not starving, and I can eat whenever I want to. The stomach issue stopped immediately, and I only had one episode when, to finish up some eggs in the refrigerator from my past shopping, I ate three eggs, and was in the bathroom for hours. Was it the eggs? I dunno, but I don't know what else could have triggered it. I have three left, so will try again and see what happens. I can't seem to eat fat any more. Eggs have a little fat in them. I will say that I am eating so much healthier, and getting a ton more fiber, more vitamins and minerals, and enzymes from raw salads and fruits.

  21. betzi b

    betzi b8 hari yang lalu

    This interviewer is so clueless.

  22. Justyna NW

    Justyna NW10 hari yang lalu

    Dr. Greger is an amazing person. Love his work, books. He and Dr.Barnard really changed my view on food. Love the interview.

  23. Miguel Rodrigues

    Miguel Rodrigues11 hari yang lalu

    I love this guy.

  24. Parminder Grewal

    Parminder Grewal14 hari yang lalu

    This what too much fibre going thru your body all day does to you

  25. Jerome Castonguay

    Jerome Castonguay14 hari yang lalu

    The host is uninformed about why vegans opt out as he has. In order to remain a vegan one needs to have two or more reasons 1) environmental 2) health 3) cruelty I have now have all three, he need to view more films now cruelty

  26. Enjoying Life

    Enjoying Life15 hari yang lalu

    It's very hard to follow Dr. Greger sometimes. He doesn't finish sentences, he doesn't listen to the interviewer...I recognize his intelligence and repetition fatigue, but seriously. Do leafy greens really make us that hyper? I don't think so. His coming book will be equal to Darwin's Origin of a Species or even the Bible. It will be foundational and ultimate in it's field. Maybe he's high on that...

  27. The King

    The King15 hari yang lalu

    Whole-food (as grown in nature) plant based diet. No oils, no junk food, no animals, no animal derived products. This is the way to go. For health, for the planet for the future of humanity.

  28. irinairy9

    irinairy916 hari yang lalu

    Dr Greger is a legend. I love his work

  29. Staci Meyers

    Staci Meyers17 hari yang lalu

    Reading How Not to Die changed my life. I went vegan pretty much over night after reading it. Learning about how food can reverse and prevent disease sold me. Then the more I learned about animal agriculture I knew I would never go back. I cannot wait to read How Not to Diet!!

  30. Bob Schmob

    Bob Schmob17 hari yang lalu

    Brian just ain't getting it on so many levels. Also I don't understand how he can say looking at the blood differences, where's the science in that...? Uh... the song if I only had a brain comes to mind. It amazes me how ppl like this hold the positions they do. You know there must have been a lot of bs in their life journey. Sad. Probably just the tool type that likes to incite ppl seems this good for media. Which in itself is typically bs anyway.

  31. Lynn

    Lynn17 hari yang lalu

    Dr. Gregor always delivers

  32. JustMegawatt

    JustMegawatt17 hari yang lalu

    Dr Greger is a legend

  33. jregnard

    jregnard18 hari yang lalu

    Love this guy! A plant based diet was the best thing I have done for my health, our planet and the animals ❤️❤️❤️

  34. dougerber

    dougerber20 hari yang lalu

    people have different genetic pre-dispositions. for some people who are lactose intolerant and prone to heart disease and high cholesterol, plant based might be great. for other people, the plant based diet makes them feel weak and sluggish.why are people so hell bent on forcing everyone to follow the same diet as them?

  35. Holy Atheist

    Holy Atheist20 hari yang lalu

    The interviewer was entirely obnoxious. It's ok to ask questions that contradict someone's findings but not only were his questions uninformed, they were laced with disbelief and asked in a rude way. Dr. Gregor took it in stride but my god, find a better interviewer.

  36. French Frys

    French Frys21 hari yang lalu

    Water fasting is the most healthy thing you can do

  37. manumaster1990

    manumaster199021 hari yang lalu

    Dr Greger is 100% right about this

  38. Ceolbeats

    Ceolbeats21 hari yang lalu

    Sat there in that leather chair, oh how intelligent are you🙄

  39. Barbara Btp

    Barbara Btp21 hari yang lalu

    Wow! The best! How does Dr. Greger top himself time after time? The opening of “ How not to die” is my mom’s story, which resulted, after many heart surgeries, a heart transplant. She then, became a science experiment for the medical community. Sadly she passed away at 75. If we had known this WFPB information then, she would be here today to enjoy her great grand kids. Thank you, thank you for all you do❤️

  40. Jeanne Amato

    Jeanne Amato22 hari yang lalu

    He’s as honest as can be.

  41. Diego Ch.

    Diego Ch.22 hari yang lalu

    When they talked about plant based diet and veganism they kinda misunderstood these 2 meanings. Vegans don't go "preaching" mainly bc of health benefits, but because animals are being killed in horrendeous ways for nothing, and that is an horrific mass murder to billions of creaures. And after all killing without needing is not a matter of "choice" anymore. So IT DOES MAKES SENSE TO GO "PREACHING" EVERYONE

  42. Gee

    Gee22 hari yang lalu

    2 years and two months and still going strong. Followed his diet and turned my life around. Evidence based nutrition. It doesn't get any better than that.

  43. Into the Light with Lawboss

    Into the Light with Lawboss22 hari yang lalu

    So in a way, Dr. Greger had the most important role in Game Changers.

  44. Pete THE REAL Relentless

    Pete THE REAL Relentless13 hari yang lalu

    Into the Light with Lawboss if you were to believe him yeh.. yet they took him out of game changers altogether.. hmmm...

  45. Into the Light with Lawboss

    Into the Light with Lawboss22 hari yang lalu

    Wow! I have so much respect for Dr. Greger. Truly a genuine, awesome guy.

  46. Kernzi

    Kernzi22 hari yang lalu

    Dr Gregor is so on the ball he has the ability to keep the wider perspective on all strangely framed questions. Thank you for all you do Dr Gregor.

  47. toomuchisneverenough

    toomuchisneverenough22 hari yang lalu

    Archaeology has shown that it was only some 200 generations ago and further back that my ancestors ate only meat from the land and the ocean, no plants. That could maybe be the reason for why I healed all life long ailments after I begun to mimic that and swiched to an organic grass fed locally produced meat based diet a year and a half ago.

  48. ludicrous one

    ludicrous one8 hari yang lalu

    @toomuchisneverenough A Wiking, do you also plan to plunder and pillage European Coast lines and running a slave market in Dublin? 😀 Did archaeologist also establish the average life expectancies of your ancestors?

  49. toomuchisneverenough

    toomuchisneverenough8 hari yang lalu

    @ludicrous one Gotland

  50. ludicrous one

    ludicrous one8 hari yang lalu

    Where was that supposedly?