Don't choose the wrong door! 9 Riddles That'll Kick Your Brain


  1. 7-Second Riddles

    7-Second RiddlesTahun Yang lalu

    00:14 - Which door would you choose? 😱 Which one do you think is safe? Why?

  2. Ava Kate

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  3. Floris Suchang

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    @pijush saha congratulations

  4. pijush saha

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  5. Dzīve ar Salvi

    Dzīve ar Salvi26 hari yang lalu

    Door 1 cause you can go around the pool xD

  6. Floris Suchang

    Floris SuchangBulan Yang lalu

    I don't know

  7. Zonuniyoyo Chongthu

    Zonuniyoyo Chongthu3 jam yang lalu

    i like 7 second riddle who also

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    I hate comments

  9. Hugo and Malakyes World

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  10. Manali Prabhu

    Manali Prabhu5 hari yang lalu

    7:50 in that riddle, lana is the kidnapper. Because when she was talking to the police, Jane ran out of her house in squirrels form

  11. FBI_

    FBI_6 hari yang lalu

    The girl with a black eye is lying

  12. Arya Batchu

    Arya Batchu7 hari yang lalu

    l think Charlie lied

  13. Shafi Basha

    Shafi Basha8 hari yang lalu

    Mary is the answer

  14. MESA design-ideas

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    Lady you have to check this out

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  17. Max .V. Vanessa

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    6:05 aren’t humans animals?

  18. drewmarks

    drewmarks14 hari yang lalu

    this sucks

  19. Kothapalli Saritha

    Kothapalli Saritha14 hari yang lalu

    Roses are red violets are blue and I Think study I made for you


    JAIDYN WEBSTER15 hari yang lalu

    The Electric door with wet floor in the 10th floor with one window

  21. Haste Elixir

    Haste Elixir17 hari yang lalu

    Mary because she might be lying

  22. Safwa Kadir

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  23. jaidz632 roblox OwO

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    Why did he or she have to put momo in the Thu mbnail 😥😥乁( •_• )ㄏ

  24. Salman Ahmed

    Salman Ahmed19 hari yang lalu

    Lana is the killer

  25. Andres Juan

    Andres Juan22 hari yang lalu

    Its mary

  26. Tommy Crispin

    Tommy Crispin22 hari yang lalu

    animals are humans

  27. Waterloo Plays

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    Typo: “Brakfast” is breakfast and I hate when they say comments.

  28. Heena Bhat

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    Answer is 5 door

  29. Amiel Perez

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    Nasabila. Princess

  30. Zill Eummi

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    I hate when they tell to write comments... I have expected tht they also don't know the answer😑

  31. Daiseree Sanramon

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    My choose is three

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    Hey can,t you tell the answer its boring with comments

  33. josiah oliver

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  34. Anurag Mitra

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    6:03 humans are also animals

  35. MineDrill Resources

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    7-Second Riddles in 10:05 it saids *Killing Missing Doors Nobody Doubts Death He Knew*

  36. Dave Marcus Manzanilla

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  37. che beltran

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    Humans are animals we are omnivores the smartest types of animal

  38. badjays

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    Mary of course

  39. Randy Robel

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    A man screaming is familliar

  40. u g l y g i r l

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    Luh you don't even know the answer

  41. u g l y g i r l

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    Wahahahahaha brakfast😂😂

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    Omg 😳

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    humans are animals science mfers

  46. Alex B

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  47. Revathi Revathi

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    First house because one kinnpanding panda

  48. rahul sharma

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    Concept not clear! Human is also an animal.... The poisonous plant must be answer becoz why he will touch it

  49. Premille Subramani

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  50. Premille Subramani

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    Because he did not did that work

  51. Premille Subramani

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  52. Premille Subramani

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    3 door

  53. Premille Subramani

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  54. Premille Subramani

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  55. Premille Subramani

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  56. Premille Subramani

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  58. Nandhini Rambabu

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    Mary is lying

  59. Balraj chary

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  60. Juli Mary Siju

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    There is a mistake in the spelling of breakfast .It is not brakfast

  61. ً

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    9:59 good spelling

  62. Rachel Rose

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    Humans are animals.

  63. Fari Nadaf

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    7 8

  64. Baby Banerjee

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    Sister had kil

  65. Sanchita Chowdhury

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    Lana was lying which was indicated by the bark of the dog.