Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video)


  1. Steamz Online

    Steamz Online46 menit yang lalu

    Lol, enjoyed tyga's regardless

  2. Victoria Nombuso

    Victoria Nombuso46 menit yang lalu

    South Africa's very own!!!!!!

  3. xboxguy95 TheKing

    xboxguy95 TheKing49 menit yang lalu

    Booty like a onion makes me crying

  4. Latasha Love

    Latasha Love52 menit yang lalu

    A shout out to all my thick bitch🍑💋💯🔥🔥

  5. Actually Yazan

    Actually YazanJam Yang lalu

    My proudest fap

  6. Brad King

    Brad KingJam Yang lalu

    T rawww 🔥💯

  7. Hani Nazar

    Hani NazarJam Yang lalu

    Video is lit, music is lit...looks like my wet dream

  8. Will Tucker

    Will TuckerJam Yang lalu

    Waste of a good beat

  9. Melanie Santana-Sanchez

    Melanie Santana-SanchezJam Yang lalu

    I eat that lunch!!! That’s right

  10. Carole Gedin

    Carole GedinJam Yang lalu

    0:55 BRUH if you watch ICY by itzy you will realize that chaeryoung had the same pants on... 👀

  11. sad frick

    sad frick2 jam yang lalu

    since when did biggie smalls update his music video

  12. Xavier Allen

    Xavier Allen2 jam yang lalu

    Dang you got a big butt

  13. Karaleigh Loya

    Karaleigh Loya2 jam yang lalu

    Ngl I did not know this girl was like an actual professional musician. I just saw cow and I assumed she was some girl w some talent and a green screen

  14. Nyssa Blue

    Nyssa Blue2 jam yang lalu

    the music vid is fucking dope but I just prefer the version without this dude. Who is he anyway

  15. Honey Edits

    Honey Edits2 jam yang lalu

    This isn’t fruit ninja

  16. Nikolaus Heru Susanto

    Nikolaus Heru Susanto3 jam yang lalu

    Well, i know that green pants is same with ITZY kpop girlband wear.

  17. Marvin Guzman

    Marvin Guzman3 jam yang lalu

    Goddamn doja is fucking hot. I don’t even know her songs, but I sure know about this video..

  18. queen hillary kwegyir aggrey

    queen hillary kwegyir aggrey4 jam yang lalu

    Why is every song in 2019 have tiktok on them. Example clout offset ft cardi

  19. peachyradd

    peachyradd4 jam yang lalu

    Istg everything looks good on doja cat what water is she drinking 😂

  20. Gumanawe Anthony

    Gumanawe Anthony4 jam yang lalu

    I keep it juicy juicy, I eat that lunch (Yeah) She keep that booty booty, she keep that plump (Yeah yeah) That natural beauty beauty, yeah, yeah If you could see it from the front, wait 'til you see it from the back, back, back, back, back (Wait ’til you see it from the...) Back, back, yeah, back, back, back (Wait 'til you see it from the...) Back, back, back, back, back (Wait 'til you see it from the...) If you could see it from the front, wait ’til you see it from the back

  21. Maxi

    Maxi5 jam yang lalu

    WE LOVE A NATURALLY THICCC QUEEN! Natural ass, natural breast, natural thighs, natural waistline. Instagram/fashionova models wish their bodies were real.

  22. Patricia uwu

    Patricia uwu5 jam yang lalu

    No dejo de reproducir la canción uwu😍😍

  23. Pink Muffin

    Pink Muffin5 jam yang lalu

    Uhhh what's the name of the green Adidas outfit 🤩🤩

  24. Ally Bravo

    Ally Bravo5 jam yang lalu

    What I love the most is that body is REAL 😝😏😋

  25. Renno Williams

    Renno Williams6 jam yang lalu

    Damn doja💥💥💥

  26. Hector Soria

    Hector Soria6 jam yang lalu

    Y’all tripping tyga snapped

  27. Amai Schroeder

    Amai Schroeder6 jam yang lalu

    oops, tyga just said something wrong. i guess he's not a tiger.

  28. Aidan Mesa Beltre

    Aidan Mesa Beltre6 jam yang lalu

    Is it bad i prefer the song without tyga :/

  29. XxSolidseth24xX

    XxSolidseth24xX8 jam yang lalu

    Thicker then a snicker 😍

  30. Una Luke

    Una Luke8 jam yang lalu

    Producer: how many fruits do you want in the video? Doja: yes

  31. Mariam Abdalaziz

    Mariam Abdalaziz9 jam yang lalu

    Wow I didn’t know doja had fat ass

  32. Ki Wi

    Ki Wi9 jam yang lalu

    This video reminds so much of groove is in the heart

  33. Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh9 jam yang lalu

    Wow, i did not deserve this! 😍

  34. Mari m

    Mari m9 jam yang lalu

    I don't like, 👎👎

  35. amandeep gill

    amandeep gill9 jam yang lalu

    Blacks are takin over the industry😆😆😆

  36. amandeep gill

    amandeep gill9 jam yang lalu

    Its not only the body it’s the voice too .. so steamy.. 😮😮😮😮😮

  37. Camille Aldoyn

    Camille Aldoyn10 jam yang lalu

    She makes me feel less self conscious about my TREE TRUNK thighs 💕 Thick girl gang 🍒

  38. Schwartzbruder1

    Schwartzbruder15 jam yang lalu

    Your conscious about having beautiful thick thighs? What?

  39. dogboy0912

    dogboy091211 jam yang lalu

    Who else switched tabs in public to see what song was playing then switched back really fast after seeing .1 second of the video.

  40. m00jucie

    m00jucie11 jam yang lalu

    Kim kardashian:.... Doja:im bout to end this mans career

  41. Envy Dubzy up next

    Envy Dubzy up next11 jam yang lalu

    No homo but this bumps🤭😱🌎👣

  42. Star V

    Star V12 jam yang lalu

    Real Bodies will always win !!


    WEEZY SWXNGS12 jam yang lalu

    Give jason luv one night wit her tho

  44. sonam lama

    sonam lama13 jam yang lalu

    this song is actually good.

  45. Will Perdomo Jr

    Will Perdomo Jr13 jam yang lalu

    Doja cat could have explosive diarrhea King Arthur himself could not remove my tongue out her pooper shooter

  46. iipoetic

    iipoetic13 jam yang lalu

    i dont know that tyga is a big dog :/

  47. Nah Fam

    Nah Fam13 jam yang lalu

    i’d smash

  48. Thalia Bermeo

    Thalia Bermeo13 jam yang lalu

    I need me some of those thickie pops! So I too can be a thich bih 😍

  49. elaine james

    elaine james14 jam yang lalu

    I am a Gemini

  50. Petar Jaksic

    Petar Jaksic14 jam yang lalu


  51. Abbie

    Abbie14 jam yang lalu

    what a woman

  52. Get in the van I have candy

    Get in the van I have candy14 jam yang lalu

    Her body is the definition of perfect 🤤🤤 all these bitchs out here with fake ass's fake tits trying so hard to be skinny like a stick while doja out here lookin juicy🍑🍌..fuck a snack bitch I want the whole kitchen

  53. Diego Tepeu

    Diego Tepeu14 jam yang lalu

    Doja is thiccc

  54. AjackLee4

    AjackLee414 jam yang lalu

    Her with red hair is sooo good tho

  55. Keira Behl

    Keira Behl15 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how LONG that took to get her in the watermelon outfit

  56. seventh child

    seventh child15 jam yang lalu

    Catchy song, music and singing. The video is very daring!!!

  57. young 9

    young 915 jam yang lalu

    So gifted somany ways

  58. Jude Trujillo

    Jude Trujillo15 jam yang lalu

    Is.... is.... is it real.....?

  59. Donel King

    Donel King16 jam yang lalu

    What the f***? So Black people are literally doing everything to make themselves look like clowns. Smh

  60. Justine Lane

    Justine Lane12 jam yang lalu

    Donel King she’s mixed

  61. R3tro Neo

    R3tro Neo16 jam yang lalu

    I wanna see cardi b and the Cat 🐈 🔥🤪

  62. EmeraldSky

    EmeraldSky16 jam yang lalu

    I NEED that green/white outfit!