Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video)


  1. Amigps01

    Amigps015 jam yang lalu

    Damn dude Tyga is fugly lol

  2. Lamont Brown

    Lamont Brown6 jam yang lalu


  3. mcdubbinz

    mcdubbinz6 jam yang lalu

    That watermelon look juicy. I hope she don't eat all the lunch.

  4. Jesse Klopfenstein

    Jesse Klopfenstein8 jam yang lalu

    Love her music. Let's be honest here tho.... video editing is a major asset nothing in this video is natural.

  5. Avian98X

    Avian98X8 jam yang lalu

    .. We live in a world where someone can actually be proud of having an unproportional, huge, ugly ass..

  6. Diego Galan Sarabia

    Diego Galan Sarabia7 jam yang lalu

    Let's judge yours then

  7. Mar Tian

    Mar Tian10 jam yang lalu

    I sense some colorism here

  8. Mariboza Vetemotu

    Mariboza Vetemotu11 jam yang lalu

    The Luchador outfit kill it 😂

  9. Alliah Matienzo

    Alliah Matienzo12 jam yang lalu

    so BIG!

  10. a random Person

    a random Person12 jam yang lalu

    Can she look like the same damn person for like 5 seconds Like, Jeez

  11. Spades

    Spades13 jam yang lalu

    Imagine getting paid to just stand there and let some chick rap and slap your butt

  12. goldenplaystation

    goldenplaystation13 jam yang lalu

    This slaps

  13. goldenplaystation

    goldenplaystation13 jam yang lalu

    Im a guy, doja cat is fire

  14. Richbell Frias

    Richbell Frias13 jam yang lalu

    Red Velvet's - Red Flavor hyped up cousin🔥

  15. ferrufino quñonez

    ferrufino quñonez13 jam yang lalu

    I love you doja cat

  16. viciousxharminex

    viciousxharminex14 jam yang lalu

    Just came for the ass

  17. NaTeZz aimbot

    NaTeZz aimbot14 jam yang lalu

    One word for this song thicc

  18. Silent_kid23

    Silent_kid2314 jam yang lalu

    I’m extra late but dam Doja Got a fat ass Booty

  19. Rodrigo Alan Prado

    Rodrigo Alan Prado14 jam yang lalu

    Espero el feat:con kali uchis

  20. Samson Palmer

    Samson Palmer14 jam yang lalu

    If I did was watching this they would had this at a young age IAM grown

  21. Armani Graham

    Armani Graham15 jam yang lalu


  22. HeartBeat A

    HeartBeat A15 jam yang lalu


  23. MaJ Mitchell

    MaJ Mitchell15 jam yang lalu

    Was that time tok

  24. MaJ Mitchell

    MaJ Mitchell15 jam yang lalu

    I meant tok

  25. iRrEleVanT

    iRrEleVanT15 jam yang lalu


  26. Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor16 jam yang lalu

    I approve this messsege

  27. Emily Fouts

    Emily Fouts17 jam yang lalu

    She is my entire fucking aesthetic

  28. Lizzy Mosquera

    Lizzy Mosquera17 jam yang lalu


  29. Peter the retarded fish

    Peter the retarded fish18 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else came here from a guy twerking to these on tik tok

  30. Jose Arreola

    Jose Arreola18 jam yang lalu

    Wow looking at the comments and it seems like all women care about is there looks. What a waste of time. There's more to life lady's. Love the video

  31. Jojo NuYorican

    Jojo NuYorican18 jam yang lalu

    🙆🏻‍♀️ For a moment I thought this was DaniLeigh Singing

  32. Rainbows inc.

    Rainbows inc.18 jam yang lalu

    bruv Geminis rule!

  33. Techn

    Techn19 jam yang lalu

    her body is nice and all but genuinely have the biggest crush on her sweetie cutie loveable face

  34. harlem 115th

    harlem 115th19 jam yang lalu

    Mami sexy fuck all dat .🙄🙄😘😘

  35. DaGamerDude

    DaGamerDude19 jam yang lalu

    Her green outfit was probably the most normal outfit in the video 😁🤣

  36. Owen Neumayer

    Owen Neumayer20 jam yang lalu

    90% nudity 70% skill 0% clickbait.

  37. tavtylr

    tavtylr20 jam yang lalu

    I like your ass

  38. tavtylr

    tavtylr20 jam yang lalu


  39. [Milk•tea] Chan Galaxy UwU

    [Milk•tea] Chan Galaxy UwU20 jam yang lalu

    Milk tea's definitions The definition of thicc:Doja Cat

  40. JunggukEdits_.

    JunggukEdits_.20 jam yang lalu

    2:26 who else though it was Niki Minaj voice😳

  41. jacques Adiang

    jacques Adiang21 jam yang lalu

    Would off been dope without all the naked. But well. And fuck any feminist that’ll coming some dumb shit below.

  42. Tabata Ramirez

    Tabata Ramirez21 jam yang lalu

    es genial como ver a un ser asiatico de luz, que ame y le guste la cultura y la gente de mexico.

  43. MOA EL

    MOA EL22 jam yang lalu

    Well daaaaaaaam

  44. Dáire Kelly

    Dáire Kelly22 jam yang lalu

    When the millionaires made a better song than you

  45. Lucy Tatsuya

    Lucy Tatsuya23 jam yang lalu

    I have the same body as her but with less butt. I feel proud and at the same time somehow bad because in my country (Spain) all the boys and girls prefer skinny 😭🙄 Luv Doja Cat (/0w0)/~♥♪♥

  46. Ariane da Silvia Fumo Fumo

    Ariane da Silvia Fumo Fumo23 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god ❤❤

  47. Luh Miranda

    Luh MirandaHari Yang lalu

    Que lixo

  48. betty legend

    betty legendHari Yang lalu

    I wish to get big butt like that

  49. Srijeeta Das Thakur

    Srijeeta Das ThakurHari Yang lalu

    Fruit ninja sizzled version

  50. Maks Repsol

    Maks RepsolHari Yang lalu

    So it’s all about that thickness eh? Yummy yummy

  51. MrKendo

    MrKendoHari Yang lalu

    The cardi b we didn’t ask for But the one we needed

  52. Fallen demon 25

    Fallen demon 25Hari Yang lalu

    Is it weird when she was laying on the floor as a watermelon i was like “Jenna marbles?!” 😂 this song is amazing tho

  53. Me Too

    Me TooHari Yang lalu

    Tyga 🤢🤮

  54. The boy likes his cars

    The boy likes his carsHari Yang lalu

    fucking tune!

  55. Yeet Table

    Yeet TableHari Yang lalu

    I love how their movements and the camera movement matches the music so much. It's so satisfying

  56. Fiq Taufiq

    Fiq TaufiqHari Yang lalu


  57. Rayshawn Howard

    Rayshawn HowardHari Yang lalu

    Damn she got a nice juicy ass

  58. Jesus Garcia

    Jesus GarciaHari Yang lalu

    0:28 pause

  59. Jana mohamed

    Jana mohamedHari Yang lalu

    Only armys will understand 1:55

  60. Social Loner

    Social LonerHari Yang lalu

    I love the song and visuals, it looks so colourful. Well done Doja momma

  61. Æthestic Jinx

    Æthestic JinxHari Yang lalu

    *_Me watching Doja Cat in 3am cause now Im lesbian_*

  62. Daniel Dixon

    Daniel DixonHari Yang lalu

    I don't care what anyone thinks, she is bad as hell. I love her