Doja Cat - Juicy feat. Tyga (Late Night with Seth Meyers)


  1. Onyrobrec

    Onyrobrec3 jam yang lalu

    The backing musicians are the most talented ones up there and made this entire performance second to the costume designer.

  2. The_ Short0ne

    The_ Short0ne4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf do women rappers wear clothes like what if tyga came out in a fuckin thong

  3. Zahiya F

    Zahiya F6 jam yang lalu

    Tyga can go

  4. Rebecca Musick

    Rebecca Musick6 jam yang lalu

    Straight girls *dojo cat walks in*

  5. Chicken noodle soup

    Chicken noodle soup7 jam yang lalu

    Not hating, but this sounds really bad.. it's very awkward, and 2:36 it's ... Interesting .. I get it that she probably ran out of air? But she mostly lip sync. Not one of her best performances.

  6. Chim Chim is a queen

    Chim Chim is a queen7 jam yang lalu

    Bro she must have been nervous bc Saturday night live audiences are filled with quiet ass old bitches (judgy ppl)

  7. Creole Vixen

    Creole Vixen8 jam yang lalu

    I appreciate her creativity it reminds me of the missy , busta rhymes and p diddy video days

  8. spooder doodle

    spooder doodle10 jam yang lalu

    She seemed very nervous and her voice sounds different too... nervess? Or autotune..

  9. DeathByDegrees10

    DeathByDegrees1010 jam yang lalu

    Why are people freaking out about how she looks lmao just work out and be a fatass couple days outta the week pretty simple

  10. Lilmama Johnson

    Lilmama Johnson10 jam yang lalu

    Thought this was Nicki Manaj from the thumbnail

  11. Aamey Playz

    Aamey Playz11 jam yang lalu

    *Fruit ninja hires the best singers* *I bet this is what sensei faps too*

  12. Princess The HairSavior

    Princess The HairSavior11 jam yang lalu

    Love those outfits

  13. Kazuo Orin

    Kazuo Orin21 jam yang lalu

    The drummer must have a nice view...

  14. Bakugou Katsuki

    Bakugou KatsukiHari Yang lalu

    If you could see it from the front, wait til you see it from the back 😳

  15. Dav le blanc 29 100%

    Dav le blanc 29 100%Hari Yang lalu


  16. Lil Durk

    Lil DurkHari Yang lalu

    She looks similar to K Michelle facially or is it just me

  17. Marie Etrenne

    Marie EtrenneHari Yang lalu

    I don't doja cat and tyga need to use alot of autone in they music

  18. Iam LeTaShea

    Iam LeTaSheaHari Yang lalu

    Who are the musicians?! They killing 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽

  19. Kristen Gruber

    Kristen GruberHari Yang lalu

    It's too bad, I miss her verse from the original without Tiga

  20. joli minou

    joli minouHari Yang lalu

    I couldnt tell there was an audience untill the end.

  21. Jewnsiboy jon

    Jewnsiboy jonHari Yang lalu

    She is amazing but... This was horrible.

  22. Melissa Channale

    Melissa ChannaleHari Yang lalu

    I dont know why but, Those lemon hats remind me of Odd Squad

  23. Leo Anderson

    Leo AndersonHari Yang lalu

    I thought it was Niki Minaj by the thumbnail

  24. feeling under pressure

    feeling under pressureHari Yang lalu

    Did the lemon people just *not see* while doing a whole dance performance?

  25. Big Head Lil Planet

    Big Head Lil Planet2 hari yang lalu

    Doja > Tyga (but they were both dope)

  26. Big Head Lil Planet

    Big Head Lil Planet2 hari yang lalu

    That was amazing

  27. j G

    j G2 hari yang lalu

    So for anybody who's hating on her here's the thing she doesn't have the greatest ass but she's got an amazing physique her body is beautiful and her style is absolutely mind-blowing with personality Sound Vibrations Melody voice intro production of beat and Melody everything is on point she doesn't have to be at end or 9 at a 10 or whatever whatever it's just she's making music and she's beautiful and she's more beautiful because she's making music

  28. Aaron Gaming

    Aaron Gaming2 hari yang lalu

    When life gives you lemons

  29. j G

    j G2 hari yang lalu

    Must you don't even know this style of music is called trip-hop and if you look in the last fifteen and twenty years this type of Melody is common amongst amateur producers and I say that with all due respect because I love this beat and I love this song but you'll see that it's common amongst trip-hop which is an electronic stylus hip-hop abstract beats and melodies

  30. j G

    j G2 hari yang lalu

    All yall can suck my Left Elbow Lol I luvvvvvv luvvv luvv luv This Chick!

  31. nikums

    nikums2 hari yang lalu

    Can’t get enough of this song

  32. Z Boy

    Z Boy2 hari yang lalu

    Doja got that juicy ass and cute face

  33. R M O

    R M O2 hari yang lalu

    When will you learn that fat doesnt have the neck back and abdomen it takes to NOT use playback...and that audiences dont have "the blame"

  34. Anderson Non-Binary

    Anderson Non-Binary2 hari yang lalu

    She’s fine 👌

  35. Kanawanu

    Kanawanu2 hari yang lalu

    0:19 playback starts... Doja cat @ 0:42: I am about to ruin playbacks career!

  36. alt

    alt2 hari yang lalu

    the drummer havin a great time

  37. Heather Chandler

    Heather Chandler2 hari yang lalu

    When life gives you lemons...

  38. pietremi

    pietremi2 hari yang lalu

    her TALENT i cant

  39. Cutie Queenie

    Cutie Queenie3 hari yang lalu

    2:43 I love that part🍋🍉🍋😊🤤

  40. Alayah McHenry

    Alayah McHenry3 hari yang lalu

    Is anybody else wondering how the people with the huge fruit on their head can see?