Doctor Who - Blink - Timey Wimey Detector


  1. Dwok The Rayne Jonsohn

    Dwok The Rayne JonsohnTahun Yang lalu

    I LOVE it when his facial expressions jump around, they crack me up! "I learned to stay away from hens. *It's not pretty when they blow* "

  2. The Pizza Man

    The Pizza ManTahun Yang lalu

    'stay away from hens, it's not pretty when they blow'

  3. The Pizza Man

    The Pizza ManTahun Yang lalu

    'it goes ding when there's stuff' I love the doctor!

  4. MySerpentine

    MySerpentineTahun Yang lalu

    Because that totally explains it, right?

  5. dataValis OFFICIAL

    dataValis OFFICIALTahun Yang lalu

    I would love to see an evil doctor. Okay he is kinda evil but i mean, maybe jack and sarah jane or maybe he would become the villain of torchwood, i would just love to see that.

  6. M M

    M M2 tahun yang lalu

    so the timey wimey goes ding when there's stuff. Nooow it's clear.

  7. Matthew Lacey

    Matthew Lacey2 tahun yang lalu

    You can see the evil in the doctor when he says "its not pretty when they blow" Doctor you killgrave is showing

  8. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex RodriguezTahun Yang lalu

    Matthew Lacey more like his Barty Crouch Jr is showing

  9. lexxy boy

    lexxy boy2 tahun yang lalu

    how did the doctor let himself get touched by an angel???

  10. Brain rich

    Brain richTahun Yang lalu

    It seems more like the Angels stole the Tardis from him when they were visiting 1969, trapping them in that era.

  11. Caleb Shimomura

    Caleb ShimomuraTahun Yang lalu

    a paradox would have two mutually exclusive events. Like seeing yourself as old because you'd been sent back in time and forced to live your life in the past and committing suicide a few seconds later while you're still young. You can't grow old if you're already dead, yeah? Two mutually exclusive events. In the case of the black guy getting transported back to his time zone, nothing mutually exclusive would have happened. He would have just traveled in time.


    THE LAST TIMELORD2 tahun yang lalu

    So wait if that black guy got returned back to his time zone would the angels be poisoned since he created a paradox that way

  13. William Hartnell

    William Hartnell2 tahun yang lalu

    They're fast. if he didn't know one was there, it'd be over quick

  14. alexthebro 265

    alexthebro 2653 tahun yang lalu

    it goes ding when there's stuff! ya but what stuff?

  15. soprano hooper

    soprano hooper10 bulan yang lalu

    ALL the Stuff

  16. Richard E. Skywalker

    Richard E. Skywalker11 bulan yang lalu

    @The Shnall people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect but actually, in a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey...... stuff.

  17. The Shnall

    The Shnall3 tahun yang lalu

    Wibbly-wobbly Timey-wimey stuff

  18. Infinity Games

    Infinity Games3 tahun yang lalu

    One of my favorite episodes ever