Doctor who - blink end


  1. Helayna Janes

    Helayna Janes2 bulan yang lalu

    Y'know, I've never personally found this episode scary, though it seems to be widely rated the most so. If a Weeping Angel goes after you, yeah, it'll look terrifying, but no matter what, you get to live your life to the end, y'know? I personally thought the Vashta Nerada were worse, so much worse...

  2. S.K Naturegirl

    S.K Naturegirl4 bulan yang lalu

    We have sooo many statue's all over the world how are we not dead o.. So that's wheat happens to the people that go missing

  3. Olga Kotova

    Olga Kotova4 bulan yang lalu

    Сходите после этого в музей статуй. Ощущение ещё те))

  4. Lia Patyn

    Lia Patyn7 bulan yang lalu

    There was a statue in my back garden growing up. Every time the dog (who was pretty big and strong) went outside, she would accidentally push it, causing it to be in a different position from the night before. As a result, for many years I believed that we had a weeping angel in the garden that was waiting for the right moment to attack.


    DALEK CAAN8 bulan yang lalu

    I bet the doctor needs a bunch of eye drops if he can't blink.

  6. Kiwi Melon

    Kiwi Melon10 bulan yang lalu

    He blinked

  7. Z-REX

    Z-REX11 bulan yang lalu

    Still gives me goosebumps. Brilliant from Moffat. I remember always thinking about weeping angels whenever I would see a statue in public, would creep me out.

  8. 「FGSV」 R.G

    「FGSV」 R.GTahun Yang lalu


  9. John Kimble

    John KimbleTahun Yang lalu

    Best monster ever

  10. Charlotte

    CharlotteTahun Yang lalu

    Well… sleep is for the weak anyway

  11. Luke A

    Luke ATahun Yang lalu

    Legendary episode

  12. Adam Holt

    Adam HoltTahun Yang lalu

    The last shot of the final statue is really eerie. I can see why they put it at the end. Silently watching and waiting... ooooh *shudder*.

  13. martijn van weele

    martijn van weeleTahun Yang lalu

    They're like the Vashta Nerada. Not every statue, but any statue...

  14. Castrated

    Castrated8 bulan yang lalu

    vashta nerada aren shadows

  15. Anthony Holland

    Anthony HollandTahun Yang lalu

    My favourite all time episode they should of made a sequel

  16. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    and when I got 2 shadows one time, I nearly cried.

  17. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    nah Vashta Neradas were the freakiest! I couldn't step in the shadows for a month!

  18. dodgy big man

    dodgy big manTahun Yang lalu

    Anthony Holland they made three more episodes

  19. CoralCarne372

    CoralCarne372Tahun Yang lalu

    We will never look at statues the same again

  20. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    I couldn't step in the shadows for a month after watching Silence in the Library

  21. Jam Lym

    Jam Lym2 tahun yang lalu


  22. esselle

    esselle5 tahun yang lalu

    The ending was hilariously brilliant! Moffat trolling, as usual.

  23. Eternal mourn for Aniki

    Eternal mourn for AnikiTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah I couldnt stop laughing

  24. 0304dina

    0304dina5 tahun yang lalu

    Steven Moffat is evil.

  25. Nordfjord

    Nordfjord5 tahun yang lalu

    You bastard....

  26. SquaredShorts

    SquaredShorts5 tahun yang lalu

    moffat y u do this

  27. Lucy Murphy

    Lucy Murphy5 tahun yang lalu

    I didn't blink through this whole video 😂

  28. Thaheera Althaf

    Thaheera Althaf5 tahun yang lalu

    I'm scared of any statue now.

  29. Diablos

    Diablos5 tahun yang lalu

    @alicia Martin Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And _don't_. _Blink_. *_Good luck._*

  30. Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)

    Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)5 tahun yang lalu

    This and "The Angels Take Manhattan" episodes are the two where you start to get scared of statues lol.

  31. OrionoftheStar

    OrionoftheStarTahun Yang lalu

    Angels of Manhattan just felt... silly. Seriously, how the hell does the Statue of Liberty move across an entire city without _anyone_ looking in its direction?

  32. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    I got so scared of the Silents. Friend drew tally marks all over my arms during the night, and when I saw them I freaked out.

  33. Magical Sandwich

    Magical SandwichTahun Yang lalu

    Deathrock9 I agree, I think the angels are scariest in blink because their rules are simple. You can't blink while looking at them or they can move, that's really scary. The you can't look them in the eye thing was stupid

  34. Sarah Goldston

    Sarah Goldston5 tahun yang lalu

    That ending... I just... wow...

  35. Chrisman the Great

    Chrisman the Great5 tahun yang lalu

    When I first showed this episode to some friends of mine, right after this scene, the power went out and they all freaked out.

  36. Arctic Steve

    Arctic Steve9 bulan yang lalu

    Chrisman the Great illuminati confirmed?

  37. Diablos

    Diablos3 tahun yang lalu

    Language, and that is very profound and so intellectual.

  38. nightwing2016 batsvssupes

    nightwing2016 batsvssupes3 tahun yang lalu

    +Diablos fuck you

  39. Diablos

    Diablos5 tahun yang lalu

    Oh, you should. It's right behind you.

  40. 13jasonvoorhees

    13jasonvoorhees6 tahun yang lalu

    And water

  41. wilfred nachudwa

    wilfred nachudwa6 tahun yang lalu

    Don't blink

  42. justin moon

    justin moon6 tahun yang lalu

    makes sense doctor who is awesome

  43. The patato gamer

    The patato gamer6 tahun yang lalu

    I don'd blik

  44. Dan James

    Dan James6 tahun yang lalu


  45. boatfullogoats

    boatfullogoats6 tahun yang lalu

    Even fricking wifi.

  46. The Schmo

    The Schmo6 tahun yang lalu

    And air

  47. Emilie with IE

    Emilie with IE6 tahun yang lalu

    Great, now I'm afraid from all the statues of the world...

  48. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    and im afraid of water. and shadows. and tally marks. and gas masks.

  49. Debussy

    Debussy6 tahun yang lalu

    Don't forget water.

  50. Wesley Molt

    Wesley Molt6 bulan yang lalu

    I thought that was just water from Mars that was dangerous

  51. lightning1776

    lightning17766 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks a lot Doctor Who, now I need a sledge hammer for all the statues in the world.

  52. BlazetheFireDragon

    BlazetheFireDragon6 tahun yang lalu

    The scariest episode in the show + this scene = FML

  53. Da Wae

    Da WaeBulan Yang lalu

    FML indeed

  54. Lola Walcolm

    Lola Walcolm6 tahun yang lalu

    i did it :) my eyes are freakin' dry now...

  55. Emily Andress

    Emily Andress6 tahun yang lalu

    My neighbour has a massive statue and ever since I saw the weeping angels I'm really paranoid about the statue.

  56. Kat

    Kat6 tahun yang lalu

    I think Robert the doll might be a weeping angel. NO DISRESPECT ROBERT!

  57. laurasue8able

    laurasue8able6 tahun yang lalu

    Damn I was like this o_o at school every time I walked by them. I never blink ever since I saw weeping angels. O.x

  58. Jenifer Brown

    Jenifer Brown6 tahun yang lalu

    omg when I watch half of the episode, of "The Weeping Angels" I was so scared, they would be right in you face in a blink and they had very sharp teeth and claws 0_o

  59. Brady Hopkins

    Brady Hopkins6 tahun yang lalu


  60. Wyburn

    Wyburn6 tahun yang lalu

    When I first saw this, I didn't blink at this scene

  61. Greenfield

    Greenfield6 tahun yang lalu

    Me to I may dress up as slendy but I am too short.

  62. crashgod4ever

    crashgod4ever6 tahun yang lalu

    Fuck I love 10th doctor

  63. Asher Butler

    Asher Butler6 tahun yang lalu

    I watched this episode and it didn't scare that much BUT that part at the end really creeped me!!!

  64. Alfred Atenta

    Alfred Atenta6 tahun yang lalu

    you shouldnt really be scared of the statues unless they'vechanged their faces. THEN you know you have to be worried.

  65. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    I went up to every statue I saw and BLINKED at it. to make sure they didn't move.

  66. dgsnoopy

    dgsnoopy6 tahun yang lalu

    gud idea ima try dut

  67. YoukoTaichou

    YoukoTaichou6 tahun yang lalu

    This part made me seriously paranoid around statues for a while. Dr. Who can make damn near anything scary.

  68. DarkAdonisVyers

    DarkAdonisVyers6 tahun yang lalu

    And depending on your knowledge of the future (sports results), you could live as a king.

  69. ThePebblechan

    ThePebblechan6 tahun yang lalu

    In a way, Creepypasta is the same. It makes you fear mirrors, statues, children, forests, windows, and cheap hotels xD

  70. Shea Webb

    Shea WebbTahun Yang lalu

    and now water. and tally marks. and WW2 gas masks. and SHADOWS most of all!

  71. MNTS

    MNTS6 tahun yang lalu

    well thank you doctor for making me paranoid as fuck...

  72. monroejohnsons

    monroejohnsons6 tahun yang lalu

    tv's, water, gas masks broken clocks, fat politicians, books, libraries in general, little black cubes, having A+ blood, you know the normal things to be scared of.

  73. McSwaggerMcMuffin69

    McSwaggerMcMuffin696 tahun yang lalu

    i'll just put a mirror hanging in front of you NAILED IT!!! but yea good plan

  74. Drew Baye

    Drew Baye6 tahun yang lalu

    Spoiler. Don't be one.

  75. Tom Koehl

    Tom Koehl6 tahun yang lalu

    HE BLINKED!!!!!!!!

  76. Alfred Salido

    Alfred Salido6 tahun yang lalu

    i agree with sds

  77. sds420ss

    sds420ss6 tahun yang lalu

    What if you blink one eye at a time??? LOL!!!

  78. Crochet Kitty

    Crochet Kitty6 tahun yang lalu

    "Spoilers' Rory and Amy got to spend the rest of their lives together when they got touched by the Weeping Angel.

  79. I-Max

    I-Max6 tahun yang lalu

    i don't know if the other episodes make them scarier but i just watched "Blink" for the first time and i wasn't that scared sure, they sneak up on you, you don't notice them, then they reach you get sent back in time to live a full and happy life before dying content at a very old age after getting married, having kids and generally having a very pleasant existance would've been scarier just to...y'know, die