Doctor vs Engineer vs Business | Deciding on a Career


  1. Rich 91

    Rich 914 jam yang lalu

    Just become a air force officer/army officer...

  2. Guillermo Flores

    Guillermo Flores3 hari yang lalu

    I want to pursue an electrical engineering is it a correct choice for me, I struggle a little bit in math but I know i can do it what do you all advice me.

  3. Queen Muslimah

    Queen Muslimah4 hari yang lalu

    Advice me pls. start 3weeks ago in economics and am not happy am feeling pressure I love to become doctor 👩‍⚕️ i need to change second year but am worrying like wasting time and mke my family un happy if I change second year in my majors advice me please😭😭😭🙏

  4. Nicolas Devis

    Nicolas Devis4 hari yang lalu

    Everyone is saying is should study nursing because its high in demand and you can make 80k+ after only 4 years in college.I am interested in the medical field. But I feel that business is where my heart is at and what I will truly enjoy but they all tell me they dont make as much money and there are less job opportunities . Someone help!

  5. B B

    B B9 hari yang lalu

    I still don't know if I want to be a NP or just go for MD. I have the GI bill ( about 30 months left) and 90 community college credits



    Be a pro wrestler

  7. Yilan Shi

    Yilan Shi12 hari yang lalu

    Personal Qualities: Doctor = persistence + passion + singular focus. Engineer = persistence + quirky curiosity Entrepreneur = execution and persistence. Most played competitive sports. Sounds stereotypical but it's backed by empirical experience! Maybe you're all 3! ~ Passion and Prestige were the deciding factors for my pre-med friends' career choices; Curiosity and Intellectual Freedom for my PhD/eng friends; Practicality and Lifestyle (and sometimes "paper prestige") for finance/biz friends. Earning potential: Doctor = stable, guaranteed, skewed toward mid-30's for break even ROI. Engineer = stable, guaranteed, skewed towards early 20s for break even ROI. Better IRR (internal rate of return, a fancy accounting term for using time in ROI calc's) Entrepreneur = wildly variable, dependent on individual execution rather than pedigree or education. People Skills vs. Technical Skills: Doctor = both! Engineer = technical Entrepreneur = both! Many millennial entrepreneurs come from engineering, PhD, and/or MD backgrounds. Ie: Co-founders of a startup I met at a venture capital event are radiation-oncologists. Fun twist: In the last 10 years, I notice PhD/engineers discovering private equity as alternative career paths, while MD's are going into entrepreneurship (especially ones that are 100% founder-owned) frequently. Wonder if there's a survivorship bias to that ;) I think it's because ROI for MD and Engineering careers are decreasing relative to inflation and living costs, while finance has held stable and costs of starting a business plummeted. Increasing access to seed funding from tech incubators, Angels, and non-dilutive sources (Kickstarters and Tech Crunch Disrupt competitions) lower the barrier to entry for starting a business. Lastly, tax structures favor entrepreneurship, as it 1) creates jobs (or entire markets - See AirBnB) and 2) ownership of assets. Physicians and engineers (unless they become entrepreneurs) don't technically create jobs - they deliver skilled services. It's not to demean their role, just taking a step back to look at how the economy rewards different careers.

  8. Diamondare

    Diamondare14 hari yang lalu


  9. Elyas egaall

    Elyas egaall15 hari yang lalu

    I am senior electric engineer and I seriously happy that I chose this profession my advice to you is that "go what you love not what most poeple like"

  10. Prince Ali

    Prince Ali17 hari yang lalu

    Jeff Bezos Bill Gates Mark Zuckerburg Larry Page All Software Engineers

  11. Fidow trillo

    Fidow trillo10 hari yang lalu

    Dropped out

  12. ASMR. By Chris

    ASMR. By Chris18 hari yang lalu

    I will graduate from school this year and i don’t know what major to go for in college. I personally prefer medicine, and i want to travel to a different country to learn, but i am searching for the perfect country to learn in this major. Any suggestions?

  13. James mackay

    James mackay19 hari yang lalu

    Get a trade be a plumber or an electrician

  14. cardea jackson

    cardea jackson19 hari yang lalu

    I'm taking multiple engineering classes in school. My dream is to create the first A.I Android to be used in homes across the world as housekeepers, police officers and social workers.


    DEN WARREN20 hari yang lalu

    im going for the three

  16. abdullah shafi

    abdullah shafi20 hari yang lalu

    choose doctor it pays more since no job is ever fun only business is fun because it is yours

  17. Uncomfortable Truth

    Uncomfortable Truth20 hari yang lalu

    "Business" isn't a career. It's a category of careers.

  18. Kailaani K

    Kailaani K21 hari yang lalu

    I've heard that kids with adhd make the best entrepreneurs so I've been thinking of doing pursuing the path of business.

  19. test46243

    test4624321 hari yang lalu

    Or you could get a bachelor's degree in something like chemical engineering and then go to medical school.

  20. Brendan Schwartz

    Brendan Schwartz19 hari yang lalu

    The Bio portion on the MCAT would be very difficult

  21. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard22 hari yang lalu

    The answer is simple : Become batman since he's got all of them.

  22. Vitality Bloodlust

    Vitality Bloodlust23 hari yang lalu

    My parents said i should list my top 5 courses i want to take in college so here's what i wrote: 1. Civil Engineer (probably structural) 2. Mechanical Engineer 3. Chemical Engineer 4. Marine Engineer 5. Aeronautical Engineer Lmao i may be obsessed with this profession

  23. Benjamin Valko

    Benjamin Valko23 hari yang lalu

    I’m 19, second year of civil engineering. This summer o started a mobile detailing business. For winter I am level 3 hockey official. Summer I Am intermediate bicycle technician. Own v7 wrx sti. I can’t wait to become an engineer and spend all my money on building a racecar😂

  24. Na Cl

    Na Cl24 hari yang lalu

    2 months into electrical engineering and somewhat disappointed. I enjoy programming and maths, but can't stand signals and circuits. Also, I feel like my peers lack ambition and drink way too much alcohol (and aren't very passionate about the subject). Thinking about applying to med school. I know it's a bat shit insane idea, to do both, study to the entrance exam to med school, and complete all the EE courses. But I believe I can pull it off if I can spend my time with great consistency and productivity.

  25. Siddhartha Lama

    Siddhartha Lama25 hari yang lalu

    if you think about it business people run doctors offices and Engineer kind of.

  26. Dux Holms

    Dux Holms25 hari yang lalu

    in Iraq if you become a petroleum engineer then every time you plops you plops money than pop

  27. Jing Zhou

    Jing Zhou26 hari yang lalu

    Why do doctors work long hours? Is it because there isn't enough doctors? Do doctors get over time? Is that why doctor’s salary high?

  28. Med School Insiders

    Med School Insiders25 hari yang lalu

    Part of the job demands

  29. フィナンシェ

    フィナンシェBulan Yang lalu

    Electrical Engineering is best!!

  30. Fourthz 44

    Fourthz 44Bulan Yang lalu

    Interesting. I too have been interested in these 3 fields for similar reasons. Biomedical: research on therapies that would allow us to live longer helthier lives Engineering: research on ai to use it for the same biomedical purposes Business: make a lot of money xd. Im now into engineering, but yeah i think md would suit me better. Its just that their work feels more serious. I mean as an engineer you build robotic arms and all, it feels like you are playing video games and i dont fucking like playing video games. But as a neurosurgeon you are into something that is a lot more serious. These people deal with serious issues all the time. I like that. Too bad i cant switch fields now. Im 24 and its too late for me. It seems that my only option now is ai research, at least that feels serious too. P.d. what im I doing here? I should be studying c++

  31. Clever Python

    Clever PythonBulan Yang lalu

    Military is also an option if you wanna help others!

  32. Meera Gopakumar

    Meera GopakumarBulan Yang lalu

    What about scientists???

  33. rafi sanders

    rafi sandersBulan Yang lalu

    Shoutout to all my chemical engineers out there. We need to spread our names

  34. foisal hassan

    foisal hassanBulan Yang lalu

    Don't become doctor engineer,just chill and relax

  35. SAKH

    SAKHBulan Yang lalu

    How about economist?

  36. Memalabby

    MemalabbyBulan Yang lalu


  37. WissCoast

    WissCoastBulan Yang lalu

    Ah yes, the only 3 options besides being homeless

  38. nelson liborio

    nelson liborioBulan Yang lalu

    Right now I’m computer science but I’ve been considering changing to Business

  39. machete lion jaguar

    machete lion jaguarBulan Yang lalu

    I quit computer science because i wanna be a leader in business, which grants me unprecedented support to become impactful leader and no need to work for some is too short fellow humans, leave a mark before ure gone or too late.

  40. Irene Maina

    Irene MainaBulan Yang lalu

    i'm currently in finance for my undergraduate but still wondering if i should have taken medicine HELP

  41. C

    CBulan Yang lalu

    quit Finance

  42. Mouin Najjar

    Mouin NajjarBulan Yang lalu

    I’m a premed student and I’m satisfied of what I’m doing /business is good but any company can face bankruptcy and close .

  43. pnp072000

    pnp072000Bulan Yang lalu

    Would it be helpful to get an MBA after doing residency?

  44. izzy

    izzyBulan Yang lalu

    so, i’m 13. yes its young so i “have time to decide”. i just got the option to apply for a scholarship in university that’s 6 years away and begin studying medicine as soon as i get to 9th grade, and all of my classes are honors, etc. i’m having an extremely hard time on whether i want to pursue medicine as a surgeon or get a general contracting license and a real estate license. i just dont what to do cause my mom wants me to go into medicine. for the pride. my dad just wants me to be happy and my brother wants me to make money so i dont have to suffer. we all know medicine costs more money than you make when you first start working, and general contracting starts making money fast but surgery is what i like. im very biased and id love advice

  45. Great Gonzo

    Great GonzoBulan Yang lalu

    Currently going through my second year of high school, going for mechanics engenieering, have a huge passion for cars, it is hard guys.

  46. Alpha Nemesis

    Alpha NemesisBulan Yang lalu

    I'm studying commerce currently and will study business HR Management and Environment & Energy Management (yes double major).

  47. Alpha Nemesis

    Alpha NemesisBulan Yang lalu

    There's something wrong in this have told that medicine and engineering both have specializations like is field based major not by specialization....and you didn't tell about business specializations there's so so many HR, Marketing, Finance, Operation, Healthcare, Environment etc. This is such a big misconception that business degree is only for start business lol seriously?? And you are saying that there's no need of business degree wow! You can't be a manager without business management degree! And also if you talk about salary managers make more than engineers. Even in Asia there's lack of jobs for engineers, unemployment rate is high, on the other hand Managers are in high demand! Because none of the company, firm or even a hospital can't run without Healthcare and Hospital Managers. And what about Accountants huh? no one can beat accountants because they are in very high demand plus they earn so much salary and also get so many perks. Engineering is nothing in front of Business Management and Accountancy.

  48. Sherwin D'Souza

    Sherwin D'SouzaBulan Yang lalu

    You are so smart, hardworking and lucky. You deserve it. Hopefully there will be more doctors who can become so at a cheaper rate.

  49. Mohamed Faisal

    Mohamed FaisalBulan Yang lalu

    you are a joker my friend we are engineers not doctors.

  50. david,r. massey

    david,r. masseyBulan Yang lalu

    The real money long term is "Materials Sciences". Forget medicine too many Democrat Socialists will sooner or later screw you out of your long term(even short term)dreams. Things like "Graphene" will eventually rule everything. The biggest factor is you and a belief that your own "think-outside-the-box" philosophy will enable you to form your own unique business.

  51. cristian a

    cristian aBulan Yang lalu

    Im a junior in hs and straight up with yall , really dont know what to decide . I want to be a aerospace engineer or petroleum engineer. Either ways ima persuade a career .

  52. LOLmaker Oosoom

    LOLmaker Oosoom4 jam yang lalu

    both are not really in demand cuz we running out of oil and gas and aerospace engineering is very specific. I would recommend mechanical cuz they kinda cover chemical engineering a lil bit and mechanical engineering is a broader version of aerospace eng.

  53. krspice

    krspiceBulan Yang lalu

    Automotive mechanical engineer here with several doctors in the family. Liked the video. Current goal is to combine business with engineering. Regardless, I appreciate the respect doctors (often) give engineers. We certainly concede societal prowess to the MD tho. That being said, some doctors could benefit from our often very critical line of thinking!!

  54. Tristian’s Vlogs

    Tristian’s VlogsBulan Yang lalu

    Am I the only person who likes business the most?

  55. Pretty Abir

    Pretty AbirBulan Yang lalu

    Hello, im in my senior year of high school.. Im really confused and lost about what to do as a job or what studies i should follow in the future. Well, at first i wanted to study something that has something to do with biology such as medical lab or being a doctor , but then i realized that for both of em you have to study 6-7 years of general medecine then specialize into medical lab (known as biologist doctor) or any other doctor speciality which is a lotta work , effort and years for me Since, I’d wanted something that is connected to the medical field i searched for biomedical engineering. Although, I have no idea if i like technology, instruments and computer science because i have no experience with those stuff. Also, Im a little bit okay with math and physics (let’s say i accept these subjects to study and get an average score on em but doesnt mean i love em or like em ) but i like chemistry and biology as well. The thing here is im afraid of what has to do with technology or electricity and all the things that has smth to do with hardware... Anyways, what i wanted to say in total, that im completely lost and i totally need someone’s opinion about my situation. In addition , I’d like to get some information about these fields or if anyone experienced or at least know any information about biomedical engineering or medecine... let me know it please, it would really really help. Idk if there’s anyone that lived or is living the same situation as mine ...but i believe that lotta people fear failure as well...and that everyone searches for success and a bright future as me🙏🏻 Lemme know in the comments if yall have any info that can help me.. Thanks in advance🙏🏻


    DENNIS KIPKORIRBulan Yang lalu

    In Kenya carrier choices 1.Teacher 2.Doctor 3.Agriculture

  57. Kevin Domingo

    Kevin DomingoBulan Yang lalu

    Damn, this really opened my mind to a lot of things. Thank you.

  58. KidStochastic

    KidStochastic2 bulan yang lalu

    Im gonna be an engineer!!

  59. Alexandre Katz

    Alexandre Katz2 bulan yang lalu

    Med school insider: “by the time you finish uni you’ll be $200k in debt” Me: *laughs in british*

  60. HenGwin T

    HenGwin T17 hari yang lalu

    TheEdMaster German ex student- laughs at life

  61. TheEdMaster

    TheEdMasterBulan Yang lalu

    British student: Talks about having student debt German student: Laughs in German

  62. kimberly Alvarez

    kimberly Alvarez2 bulan yang lalu

    I'm majoring in business administration!

  63. F.B.I

    F.B.I2 bulan yang lalu

    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk: Progress technology and provide a lot of opportunities Sheryl Sandberg: I wAnT MoRE wOMEn rIGhTs aND ImMiGrInTs

  64. Alyssa Cupcake

    Alyssa Cupcake2 bulan yang lalu

    Im starting my major in business Administration this fall, I’m honestly scared shitless but I really wanna work hard and do well 😤

  65. no ohm

    no ohm2 bulan yang lalu

    U will man

  66. abdusalaam faahiye

    abdusalaam faahiye2 bulan yang lalu

    Computer IT or Doctor, what am I going to decide ? Help me guys

  67. RG

    RG2 bulan yang lalu

    @abdusalaam faahiye Your welcome

  68. abdusalaam faahiye

    abdusalaam faahiye2 bulan yang lalu

    NPC thank you

  69. RG

    RG2 bulan yang lalu

    IT, much less work, and you'll be making good money much sooner.

  70. W M

    W M2 bulan yang lalu

    I know I’m year late, but I’d recommend not doing business in college. Major in something you enjoy and work in applying it through business. That way you can create things you want to sell. For instance learn engineering and start a tech firm if you really want to do business. Practice in the real world is way better than a class room

  71. morena

    morena2 bulan yang lalu

    How about wanting to be a doctor later in life