DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]


  1. Jackie Morris

    Jackie Morris40 menit yang lalu

    1:40 I used to work at this store.

  2. Max Hauser

    Max Hauser5 jam yang lalu

    Im wondering if Jack Nicholson will be making a cameo

  3. funny doge memes

    funny doge memes5 jam yang lalu

    I got fucking chills when I heard the song at the end

  4. Marah Bourret

    Marah Bourret9 jam yang lalu

    Got chills when it played the theme from the Shining at the end

  5. jane cumberbath

    jane cumberbath12 jam yang lalu

    This looks ridiculous. Stop milking the old classics

  6. Jaxon Lichtman

    Jaxon Lichtman5 jam yang lalu

    This is based on a book by Stephen King, which was written in the early 2010’s. No part of your statement makes any sense.

  7. PinkChaos

    PinkChaos5 jam yang lalu

    Milking what? Doctor Sleep is a sequel written by Stephen King, Kubrick did not invent the Shining, so who is "milking" anything here? They make a movie based on a book by Stephen King, not a movie based on Kubricks movie. And Kubricks company AND King himself talked with the director and approved of the direction this movie is gonna take.

  8. Skinny Boy

    Skinny Boy14 jam yang lalu

    So, this is kind of, superhero horror a bit?

  9. Electro Boy

    Electro Boy19 jam yang lalu

    For hardcore King fans, this should be epic and thrilling.

  10. The weird Show

    The weird Show21 jam yang lalu

    Ooooooo yasss

  11. Raghvendra singh Tanwar

    Raghvendra singh Tanwar22 jam yang lalu

    Shining was a masterpiece. Jack Nicholson took it to a whole another level. This will be good.

  12. noob gamer 6000

    noob gamer 600023 jam yang lalu

    Should the title be The shin returns or the end of shining or doctor sleep

  13. Kyle Byrne

    Kyle Byrne23 jam yang lalu

    This looks good

  14. Erikka Lindsey

    Erikka LindseyHari Yang lalu

    If I didn’t love “The Shining” so much then I don’t know if I would be interested in this. Also Ewan McGregor is always great, but still....

  15. Patrick Morris

    Patrick MorrisHari Yang lalu

    So this year we'll have gotten 'Pet Semetary', 'Doctor Sleep', and 'It Chapter 2'. A lot of Stephen King this year.

  16. Amit Vikram Mahapatra

    Amit Vikram MahapatraHari Yang lalu

    Don't disappoint Kubricks memory.

  17. Сергій Київський

    Сергій КиївськийHari Yang lalu

    That Melody give me a perfect goosebumps

  18. Der Hof 2007

    Der Hof 2007Hari Yang lalu

    So, as another commenter pointed out to me.... Why the fuck is Abra a black girl? If you read the book you'll understand why I'm asking. Just fucking stupid.

  19. Hamza Ebh

    Hamza EbhHari Yang lalu

    The almighty Stephen, THE KING!!

  20. Danny G

    Danny GHari Yang lalu

    I need my Obi Wan movie... now...


    MR DODO PRODUCTION'SHari Yang lalu

    My biggest fear is that the filmmakers would be fixated and horror movie cliches and jump scares, rather than a horrific narrative about a malicious evil lurking

  22. Walter White

    Walter White2 jam yang lalu

    It won’t. Look who the director is and his filmography. His stuff has practically zero jump scares. Tension and unsettling imagery he does very well so this should be fantastic. I’m halfway done with the book right now and I’m very excited to finish, I think he’s gonna do a fantastic job with this material.

  23. Matt Krath

    Matt KrathHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who remembers and loves Ewan McGregor MORE for his magnificent work on Moulin Rouge and Big Fish than his role in Star Wars?

  24. It's Dark In There

    It's Dark In There7 jam yang lalu

    'Young Adam' for me it's a great film

  25. hehlehleh

    hehlehleh2 hari yang lalu

    Those horns at the end. Literal goosebumps.

  26. cynthia rouse

    cynthia rouse2 hari yang lalu

  27. WeAreNumber15

    WeAreNumber152 hari yang lalu

    This trailer: *exists* The shinning: am I a joke to you?

  28. aj withnoname

    aj withnoname6 jam yang lalu

    Stephen king did make a second novel, that was a continuation.

  29. Quita Diva

    Quita Diva2 hari yang lalu

    It looks good

  30. Quita Diva

    Quita DivaHari Yang lalu

    @Damian NWD oh dear!!

  31. Damian NWD

    Damian NWDHari Yang lalu

    No it doesn't. Abra is black. This is MAJOR change with the book.

  32. Ines M Ferretti

    Ines M Ferretti2 hari yang lalu

    The letters with the original music: CHILLS

  33. Prashant D

    Prashant D2 hari yang lalu

    I'm waiting for them to disappoint me with this but I'll keep my hopes low and not compare it with redrum...

  34. CultLeader

    CultLeader2 hari yang lalu

    Sorry but NOPE

  35. Lenny Face

    Lenny Face2 hari yang lalu

    Mike Flanagan is awesome

  36. PlacidHickory46

    PlacidHickory463 hari yang lalu

    Here’s Johnny!

  37. Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke

    Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke3 hari yang lalu

    I wonder if Allison's dead baby has a cameo.

  38. Steve Jackson

    Steve Jackson3 hari yang lalu

    The influence of Kubrick's film is so obvious. Even from beyond the grave Stanley Kubrick is fucking with Stephen King. King has to be beyond pissed because he likely wrote a sequel to the Shining hoping that it would make people see the story the way he wanted to tell it, but Stanley Kubrick wins again.....

  39. Sneep Deg

    Sneep Deg3 hari yang lalu

    Please dont ruin Kubricks work with this, please

  40. Rati Mati

    Rati Mati3 hari yang lalu

    Is this me or this single note on the violin, is like the dark Knight. I remember it was at The shining too.

  41. Jurassic Blaster

    Jurassic Blaster3 hari yang lalu

    I love the doctor sleep book don’t mess it up

  42. Jurassic Blaster

    Jurassic BlasterHari Yang lalu

    Damian NWD yea but I imagine the can work with it and still do that twist

  43. Damian NWD

    Damian NWDHari Yang lalu

    They already messed it up. If You love the book You know that Abra SHOULD be white. It is a major thing.

  44. r e

    r e3 hari yang lalu

    Trailer failed if I'm honest

  45. player tomek

    player tomek3 hari yang lalu

    Thank God Stanley Kubrick isn't alive to see this...0/10!!

  46. aj withnoname

    aj withnoname3 jam yang lalu

    0/10? How?

  47. Hayden Kohr

    Hayden Kohr3 hari yang lalu

    Wouldn't be surprised if we get a scene or two of a flashback with CGI young Jack Nicholson. Which sounds great... but also could end up terrible.

  48. Hayden Kohr

    Hayden Kohr3 hari yang lalu

    With that being said, we do already have Dick Hallorann and Wendy Torrance confirmed in the movie.Played by Carl Lumbly and Alexandra Essoe.

  49. ZedFix

    ZedFix3 hari yang lalu

    Hello there!!!

  50. PinkChaos

    PinkChaos3 hari yang lalu

    Oh my God, this looks so good! And it's from the director of Haunting of Hill House?! Sign me up! I adore Doctor Sleep, it is even better than The Shining in my opinion, so I am definitely hyped for this!!!

  51. PinkChaos

    PinkChaos5 jam yang lalu

    @Damian NWD Yes I am aware, don't worry. And I am not particularly happy with her being black, especially considering the....Information we get at the end. But I still think the tone here is just right, the director is very capable and I will not not see this movie just because Abra is black now. I don't think thr change was necessary at all, but I will live with it.

  52. Damian NWD

    Damian NWDHari Yang lalu

    If You adore the book then You should notice that abra is black. She shouldn't. It is a MAJOR change.


    ELIJAH WILSON3 hari yang lalu


  54. Gerson Hernandez

    Gerson Hernandez4 hari yang lalu

    "General Kenobi... You are a bold one"

  55. Scarlet End SI

    Scarlet End SI4 hari yang lalu

    everyones sayin random shi and im like who dafuk wrote redrum on the wall

  56. Brian Landon

    Brian Landon2 hari yang lalu


  57. Caro

    Caro4 hari yang lalu

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  58. Amber Jordan knickerbocker

    Amber Jordan knickerbocker4 hari yang lalu

    They should have recast Danny Lloyd, Shelley Duvall & Jack Nicholson, I’m so pissed!!! I’m sure they could have got at least 2 of the 3!!!

  59. What a weeb

    What a weeb4 hari yang lalu

    Danny Lloyd hasn't been acting on anything for a long time and I'm pretty sure the other two don't appear, this is over 20 years after the shining.

  60. Lunar Liam Productions

    Lunar Liam Productions4 hari yang lalu

    Two or three people like us... could Jack shine the whole time, and he just didn’t know it???

  61. What a weeb

    What a weeb4 hari yang lalu

    On the book Danny says that his father may be able to shine, he thought it could be genetic but he wasn't sure about it. He also talks about a lot how during his life he felt like some people had very small shine capabilities.

  62. John Manning

    John Manning4 hari yang lalu

    I will see two movies in theaters for this entire year. It Chapter 2, and Doctor Sleep. God bless you, Stephen King. What an amazing and gifted storyteller!

  63. Tom Jerry

    Tom Jerry4 hari yang lalu

    The piano sound scares me more than the movie

  64. None Ya

    None Ya4 hari yang lalu

    How about we just forget the gunslinger ever happened and build the Stephen king cinematic universe with it and dr sleep ect.

  65. Jeanette Green

    Jeanette Green2 hari yang lalu

    Its kinda cool because in the SK universe *Wild Talent* is on the male chromosome just like in Carrie...and thats an important plot point in Dr.Sleep. And Dr. Sleep also explains why there are so few people with telepathy and clairvoyance etc.

  66. lwc2009

    lwc20095 hari yang lalu

    November 8... the first anniversary of the Camp Fire....just gonna have to go see that...

  67. Darth Binks

    Darth Binks5 hari yang lalu

    Heere's Obi!