DIY Soaps Almost Too Pretty To Use | DIY Crafts & Life Hacks by Blossom


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    How yummy and tempting does 3:11 look?! Would you try it? Subscribe to our new channel as well -

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    What her name

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    You are Indian boy

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    I really try this cake soap was really yummy but i can't eat 😭😭😭😢😢😢

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    Soo good i just wish we could eat it

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    Save the water😡

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    That panda toy at 5:03 is an eraser.

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    what my mom thinks I watch: PORN, HORRORS, HOW TO MAKE AMPHETAMINE what I really watch: SOAP DIY IDEAS

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    Isi o blossom ha picossssss jajaja 😂😂😂

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    Kabhi kuch kabhi kuch

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    normally you wouldn't call clay soap [-.-]

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    Hola yo hablo en español hello what you name

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    Türk olan warsa like atsin

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    More like , easy ways to poison your friends

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    I like it 😍😍😊😊😄😄😉😉😆😆😋😋😁😁

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    Props to the weirdest video so far

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    She though is a cake it a sponge

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    0:21 So, if you come to wash your hand or body. You get cinnamon all over it? Wtf use your mind idiot 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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    38 million people are here to make soaps 🤔 And i m here too Hekk

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    I thought the picture was about food but i looked at the title and it was soap after all

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    What’s the name of 4:42 music?

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    I love Imaan so much! I wonder what she is like outside of blossom ytc

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    Do pop tart soap

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    That towel had a doo do stain

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    Some of the foods soups looks so good i wanna eat it like if u agree

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    Please make more of these videos 🖤

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    How to kill children: Make soap look edible

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    lmao i forgot this was soap😂😂

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    Does any one have the exact recipe for cinnamon roll soap please

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    Wow that cute I loved very good I will use cute jsjsjs i love them ❤️

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    Poison your friends,easy and fast!

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    And the title said that it is soap hack they are a lair

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    It said soap ideas not other hack can somone see that 7:52 they change stuff up

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    Who is still watching in December 2019?

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    And pls check out ma drawing video im a kid dont ecpect much im 11 ok☺

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    I love you blossom

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    Draw mine

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    I almost got hungry of this!

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    0:55 só eu que imaginei besteira?🤔

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    When the soap u make is better than the food you make

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    At 5:52 I don’t wanna know why it’s brown on the towel 🤢

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    Woah!i didn't know that you can turn soap and candles into fake cream!now i can decorate my things n' wings!thx alot

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    Buen video. Buenas ideas. Solo les agradecería con subtítulos en español.. Gracias 😁😁😋

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    DIY sopes that are almost too good to eat

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    We had someone pass out small white fancy soaps at work once, and one idiot took a big bite, thinking it was white chocolate or something. He hurled.

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    ZAHRA LovE

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    Кто тут русский

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    It’s scary how realistic those compliments buns were I was hungry looking at them 😋

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    now that i've seen soap, now i want soup.

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    This how they make it look good in the comcerials.

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    tieng nuic ngoai ko

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    Now I'm literally gonna wash my mouth out with soap, whoops---