Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser


  1. SimplyUs

    SimplyUs6 menit yang lalu

    So excited!!!

  2. テルー

    テルー6 menit yang lalu

    再現度たかっ! 絶対に見る!!!

  3. Lily Lhagvaa

    Lily Lhagvaa14 menit yang lalu

    This movie tells false history 🤦‍♀️ Mongolians have never been defeated like this! Shame on the animation 🖕

  4. ChickenSoupMusic

    ChickenSoupMusic15 menit yang lalu

    Not woke enough actress needs to be black and seeking reparations for slavery... I know I can depend on Disney to come through on this

  5. Joe Talatu

    Joe Talatu19 menit yang lalu

    Hey dragon I don't do that tongue thing...where's mushu by the way

  6. korn666

    korn66631 menit yang lalu

    So funny, English translation. How come they say "Chris Paul"? change the settings to English translation, so funny 😂😂😂😂


    LONG LIVE LIBERTY41 menit yang lalu

    This is the only live action Disney movie I’ll be watching.

  8. Komal Siddiqui

    Komal Siddiqui48 menit yang lalu

    Can't wait for remake of Bugs Life.. Bees Life.. The Ants.. Rattatuele.. Finding Nemo.. And All the insects and fishes in live action that would be something! 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Hudry Henry

    Hudry HenryJam Yang lalu

    Surprised they didn’t make her a gay pan sexual, empowered black person.

  10. prettymuchgemini

    prettymuchgeminiJam Yang lalu

    The live action one will not be like the silly cartoon one ok? Now please stop complaining about what this movie has and what it doesn't, because this will obviously include more culture and seriousness.

  11. ii ii

    ii ii15 menit yang lalu

    prettymuchgemini Doubtful. They arent going to depict the battle scenes in a realistic way. The trailers show her fighting without armor and flying on the battlefield. Are older audiences going to want to see that?

  12. prettymuchgemini

    prettymuchgemini20 menit yang lalu

    ii ii I think this movie is aimed for more older audiences

  13. ii ii

    ii ii43 menit yang lalu

    prettymuchgemini By taking out the singing and mushu doesnt this make the movie plain?

  14. Yun Chen

    Yun ChenJam Yang lalu

    老外不懂我们中国人的历史。 土楼是福建的。第一个地方就错了,二是打太极, 那是元朝张三丰才0开始的,而这个时代是南北朝时代。 都乱套了。

  15. soid drone slayer

    soid drone slayerJam Yang lalu

    Mulan will not be a success without her closest companion Mushu the Chinese dragon being in the live action film, no way Disney can tell me they couldnt get Eddie Murphy to reprise his role.

  16. Aidee Villagomez

    Aidee VillagomezJam Yang lalu

    Y mushuu :( y las canciones ?

  17. Magnificent Panda

    Magnificent PandaJam Yang lalu

    I can’t wait to see this movie !!! it’s going to be dope

  18. piceof smuck

    piceof smuckJam Yang lalu

    How come she is not white???

  19. Red Hot Entertainment

    Red Hot EntertainmentJam Yang lalu

    Mushu ?????????

  20. The Lonely Mustard

    The Lonely MustardJam Yang lalu

    Honestly 1: she isn’t cutting her hair, 2: NO SINGING, 3: No Mushu This movie isn’t going to do very well with the original movie’s fans, they should’ve just left it animated imo

  21. Yeeter griffin :D

    Yeeter griffin :D2 jam yang lalu

    Yo dude literally they are removing Mu-shy from the movie for a Phoenix that failed in the box office and did worse than X-men origins wolverine so they are going to kick out the main character of the movie that makes the movie funny? So there’s no character that kid will laugh will because he is funny?!?! It’s like removing sponge bob & Patrick from the sponge bob Tv show god what’s next removing Bambi from the live action movie of Bambi wow Disney great marketing

  22. Derek Faw

    Derek Faw2 jam yang lalu

    Where. is. Mushu????????????? And the CRICKET???????

  23. Skylar Moore

    Skylar Moore2 jam yang lalu

    What’s next pinocho

  24. skylarkian Authorities

    skylarkian Authorities2 jam yang lalu

    What was she doing in 1:16 ?

  25. Georgia Whitmore

    Georgia Whitmore2 jam yang lalu


  26. Marks Hwang

    Marks Hwang2 jam yang lalu

    Ancient Chinese speak English, I am amazed.

  27. UNKNOWN000247

    UNKNOWN0002472 jam yang lalu

    I'm still waiting for the live action Atlantis

  28. john bandit101

    john bandit1012 jam yang lalu

    The dislikes came from people who loves the cartoon adaptation ,not the true historical and accurate life of mulan.

  29. Kyaiaia Kyaiaia

    Kyaiaia Kyaiaia2 jam yang lalu

    But the actual Mulan in history has bad ending.

  30. SyTheGuy :/

    SyTheGuy :/2 jam yang lalu

    Like every Live Action Disney movie, this is gonna be poo poo.

  31. alejandra cs

    alejandra cs2 jam yang lalu

    mulan without mushu is not mulan

  32. Snorlax Kazama

    Snorlax Kazama3 jam yang lalu

    Any other asian movie going down LOL

  33. bricesonc

    bricesonc3 jam yang lalu

    Ohhhh my lord people. You are free to NOT go see it if you don't want to. Quit bitching. I for one am stoked. Enjoy it for what it is, don't hate it for what it's not.

  34. Anna Ding

    Anna Ding3 jam yang lalu

    Wheres Grandma?

  35. my opinion is irrelevant but

    my opinion is irrelevant but3 jam yang lalu

    This isn’t a remake of the animation, its a completely new take on the ACTUAL Mulan’s story.

  36. SwirlyJoe

    SwirlyJoe3 jam yang lalu

    Disney is going to run out of films to remake. It seems there's a new one every 3 weeks.

  37. carmel_the_wolf

    carmel_the_wolf3 jam yang lalu


  38. Riahn imaginer

    Riahn imaginer3 jam yang lalu

    Tolu... Njttw team😊😊😁


    FREE WAYV3 jam yang lalu

    I'm really hoping this live-action stays separate from the animated version. As its own movie, it looks pretty good.

  40. Dontel Burnice

    Dontel Burnice3 jam yang lalu


  41. ToXc LeGeNd

    ToXc LeGeNd3 jam yang lalu

    I know this isn’t really important but I’m hoping the Szechuan sauce returns when this movie premieres

  42. Drex the fiend

    Drex the fiend3 jam yang lalu

    0/10 not enough man making

  43. menkenmusic fan

    menkenmusic fan3 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait for "Let's get down to Business" and "Reflection!"

  44. MOTTE Knight

    MOTTE Knight3 jam yang lalu

    Even tho imma miss the animation one, I prefer this.

  45. 666GrizzlyBeast

    666GrizzlyBeast3 jam yang lalu

    Why did they cast an asian as mulan, every race should have an equal opportunity to play any character! Haha jk i have a life

  46. Amalgathor Deibos Neman Menace

    Amalgathor Deibos Neman Menace3 jam yang lalu

    *W h A t I s T h I s ! ? !*

  47. Julia Anne

    Julia Anne3 jam yang lalu

    she looks like park bo young in the thumbnail damn

  48. Drew Dupart

    Drew Dupart3 jam yang lalu


  49. U Wot M8?

    U Wot M8?3 jam yang lalu

    Original story: - 12 years of pretending to be a man. - Father is old and weak whilst younger brother is too young so she takes their place. Disney - Long haired beautiful woman. - Father is trying to marry her off and she joins the army for duty. They have completely changed the moral of the story. Original: Young woman goes to great lengths to protect her father and younger brother. Disney: Women can fight!

  50. U Wot M8?

    U Wot M8?3 jam yang lalu

    Moral of the story been ripped to shreds Original: Young woman goes to great lengths to protect her father and younger brother. Disney: Women can fight!

  51. Brian the Trainer

    Brian the Trainer3 jam yang lalu

    Only reason watching it cause Jimmy Wong from Feast of Fiction is in the movie (not to promote Disney #FuckDisney

  52. Harris Ashraff Shamshuddin

    Harris Ashraff Shamshuddin3 jam yang lalu

    Can someone please explain Mulan to me without having to watch the original

  53. Periodt

    Periodt4 jam yang lalu

    So no mushu😤 ight.