Did Chernobyl Create Mutant Animals?


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    Thanks for watching Super Nerds! If you like this kind of video, let me know in the comments, and suggest ideas for future deep dives. See you in Footnotes. -- kH

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    Necropsy for animals, autopsy for humans. I work in an animal hospital and one of the biggest wording mistakes people make is the difference between necropsy and autopsy. Since humans exam other (dead) humans it's an autopsy because we are examining someone within our species. A dog cannot perform an autopsy on another dog (if they could it would be amazing) so we use the term necropsy when referring to an examination of an organism that is not human. In case you guys or anyone else didn't know, here's some new knowledge for the day.

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    Thunderf00t debunked the hysteria about Chernobyl.

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    *skip to **07:25** if u wanna skip the boring explanation / if u're just here for the mutant part!*

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    bro, your hairstyle & beardstyle don't fit together with your face. change something.

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    The mere presence of humans is worse for the environment than a nuclear disaster. Jesus.

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    Mutation on fish however occured in the area near the reactor, as demonstrated by mutated catfish caught

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    Life cannot be contained, life breaks free, life finds a way...

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    The most common effect of mutation is death, either by some metabolic impairment or cancer. Cancer is essentially evolution gone wrong. If the mutation does not outright kill the individual but impairs their ability to evade predators or live efficiently then the individual gets taken out of the picture. I would think that the long term effect on the animal life would lean toward infertility (which was observed acutely, but does not decrease the health of the species' next generation) and cancers that kill them off faster than a "natural" lifespan. As long as they are reproducing to replace themselves faster than they are dying then the population would be on a growth trend. So if a doe can reproduce early in her second year, and reproduces two or three times, possibly with twins, then dies of leukaemia in her third to fifth year of age, then she will have reared up to six fawns replacing her place in the ecosystem possibly six times over. Assuming that about half of those fawns are also female then the next generation could produce up to another dozen fawns before they themselves also die to leukaemia. I would like to know if there were studies that tagged and followed individuals to determine the average life expectancy of individuals in that irradiated population. Are they dying sooner than a baseline population? And, because there is a higher turnover of individuals more ecological space is made for subsequent generations, so the population continues to grow?

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    It seems so me that we'd need to get a better look at the health of the animals inhabiting Chernobyl today. It could be that, in the absence if humans, they are totally thriving, right up until they dies of cancer.

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    It really can't be denied though that species that are hunted regularly primarily out of fear, wolves being the prime example, are thriving in the exclusion zone. You could easily support either statement based solely on which species you focus on. Mice, cats and other animals that thrive in close proximity to humans aren't doing that great, whereas predators have found a safe haven from human predation. Its impossible to say for sure how the populations of all species as a whole have been impacted is impossible because we will never actually know the exact populations after, and certainly not prior to the disaster. However, considering how large an urban community there was around Chernobyl, I'm not even gonna try to spell it, I would be amazed if the numbers didn't actually support growing wildlife.

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    How about tremendous cánceres?

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    it seems pretty logical that nature would flourish in the absence of humans.... lets designate a few places where we could leave as "pure nature territory" and nuke those places so that humans can no longer inhabit those areas, allowing for nature to flourish once again, and perhaps deal with global warming.

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    13:09 haha rad, get it because rad means unit of absorbed dose, hahaha I am grateful for this joke this season

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    If it wasnt radioactive it would be a great paintball map

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    *sad S.T.A.L.K.E.R noises*

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    This is Thor Nye the thunder guy

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    Pretty cool videos subscribed

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    Yeah, but... are the fish in that pond goldfish? Those things grow as big as they can within their allotted space, and with no one people to disturb them, maybe there are some really big goldfish---just not affected (size wise) by radiation. ...Because goldfish.

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    12:54 *Fallout dreams die*

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    Fallout? Anyone?

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    How do you draw so well inverted?

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    Who the hell is Albert?

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    the fqact that wildlife lives in czarnobyl again isn't strange i now a guy that was a "stalker" a stalker is a person illegaly living in Prypeć or Czarnobyl. it's easy to survive there as a human you can even drink the water there and be ok al you need is a geiger counter just in case with you so you know what place is dangerous and what is not

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    The fish are definitely stunted according to River Monsters.

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    Let’s give it up for this guy’s amazing backwards writing skills!

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    11:50 what font is that?

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    Really glad he covered that River Monsters episode myth.

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    Dubstep first appeared a few years after the Chernobyl incident, so...

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    Are you writing on glass? Or how do u do that. Animating it? Im curious lol

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    I live directly between an old necluar power station that was shut down because it was getting dangerous. And an arsol factory. One accident and id be fucked. Im less then half a mile away from both of em. Even more. The old nuclear power station was one of the first ever built and it was pretty experimental at the time so it wasnt made with technology tjey have now days.

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    You would think accidents like Chernobyl would tell people they shouldn't use things like nuclear power. And find something different that has less bad things that can happen. Things like it have caused so many problems

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    If humans is more danger to the nature than a nuclear disaster.....are you trying to suggest us on removing human population implicitly?sounds super villainy kyle

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    Is it just me, or does Chernobyl sound like a cool super villian name.

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    So basically natural selection happened

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    Another hysteria driven presentation.

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    There is a well accepted theory that radiation diversified genetics, basically accelerating normal random mutation. There were certainly more bad mutations killing animals and effects of damaged genes are a problem, but long term effects (say, over the next few centuries) indicate that new (not monstrous) races are likely and positive mutations will make nature more resilient and adaptable.

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    Soo Bethesda's Fallout is a false vision of nuclear radiation? :O

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    Have you ever seen River Monster's Jeremy Wade catch a wels catfish near Chernobyl? That would be something to look into. Theres definitely wildlife living in or around Chernobyl but because its still extremely dangerous for humans to go there, we wont exactly know for sure until there would be a safer way to document that proof of that.

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    6:21 over 9000 😂

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    50.000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town. good hunting stalker.

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    Nature is resilient and can heal from anything as catastrophic as Chernobyl Disaster. Nature is like a mother that has to protect whatever is a part of it, though we mindlessly are destroying nature for more power. @Because Science Awesome Video.

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    The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Wildlife is probably springing back more rapidly than we expect, but not quite to the point of a classical Disney music number. That's usually the case when the division is between "evidence has to be hard enough to destroy the Moh's Scale before I accept it" and "if we just give mother earth a nice big hug and then get rid of all the humans everything will be great!" EDIT: I also remember seeing a show where they caught a catfish near Chernobyl. It's size was abnormal. It was stunted and less then half of what it should have been for it's age. Fallout wasn't destroyed by nuclear weapons, it was destroyed by magic.

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    I still can't get over the guy who was just hanging out fishing near the explosion at Chernobyl and was totally fine. Talk about lucky

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    so from what i get, human is more deadly to mother nature than any nuclear disaster ever? i guess we found the source of the problem, which is, and always be, human.

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    What would happen if a pro baseball pitcher threw a baseball while riding in a can at highway speeds. How fast would the ball go.

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    On the topic of Chernobyl fish: There's an episode of River Monsters where the host travels to Chernobyl and actually fishes up a mutant catfish. The kicker? The mutated catfish was actually *smaller* than catfish of its species usually are at its age. Radiation ain't magic, it's really just disappointing and disturbing.

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    more like red dead trees

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    He looked like Thor😅

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    In river monsters they caught radio active wels catfish in level 17

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    why do you have to talk about MUTATION'S when like 7 year old's are watching this??

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    The fish got three eyes!

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    Dissections of animals are necropsies. 😉 Only humans are autopsies because you are dissecting oneself.

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    Nature always remains

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    *"the radiation created deathclaw"* hmm yes we are all *dead*

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    What about that giant wolf 🐟

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    Hmm a Thanos like super villain plan could be made from this. Hack into all the nuclear missile silos and launch them at cities and kill and irradiate as much as you can. That way people will die and also will not go into radioactive zones. That way nature will come back thriving and thus saving the environment.