Developer Update | Role Queue | Overwatch


  1. Петър Петров

    Петър ПетровHari Yang lalu

    You can't be serios

  2. Петър Петров

    Петър ПетровHari Yang lalu

    i hate role queue

  3. Elder Rusty

    Elder Rusty17 jam yang lalu

    Петър Петров he’s saying it gives more options and control, forcing you to select what role you’re gonna play until you leave and re queue is literally removing player choice, it forces you to select what your gonna do with no choice to change it

  4. Calvin Kwok

    Calvin Kwok2 hari yang lalu

    get rid of this. can't even play damage heroes anymore

  5. Surasin Tancharoen

    Surasin Tancharoen2 hari yang lalu

    Please remove this 222. It is not fun and wasting everyone’s time. If people need 222 , why not form their own team? If 222 is so great, why do you need to FORCE people with this? If 222 is so great, show the number of player increase or decrease. I bet it has been decreased. Then, is it great? Open the vote and stop your subjective.

  6. khan omair

    khan omair4 hari yang lalu

    its December 2019 and i used to play and when i came back role queue has made this game terrible in my opinion because unless you want to wait 20 minutes to get into a game you HAVE to play as a tank or healer

  7. khan omair

    khan omairHari Yang lalu

    @JP MUSIK aight thanks


    JP MUSIK2 hari yang lalu

    @khan omair just play qp classic lol. Theres nothing wrong with it. I actually like role queue for qp. Because it is more casual than comp actually. Nobody really follows any meta and its much less frustrating than comp

  9. khan omair

    khan omair2 hari yang lalu

    @JP MUSIK Yeah I get that but who cares about team composition and chemistry when its casual, sure in ranked this would be really helpful but in casual its casual for a reason its made so people can fool around and play casually. I understand this can cause toxicity though so...

  10. JP MUSIK

    JP MUSIK2 hari yang lalu

    @khan omair i honestly don't think Blizzard can fix queue times easily. Its more of a player based issue. But they did find a way on how to deal with it. There's also still QP classic in the arcade which allows you to queue up normally

  11. khan omair

    khan omair2 hari yang lalu

    Even it did mean having garbage teams as long as its casual they should add this in ranked only.

  12. Simon Scouller

    Simon Scouller5 hari yang lalu

    Wow Jeff. Your talking about Shakespeare in a videogame.

  13. Simon Scouller

    Simon Scouller5 hari yang lalu

    7:21 Dat face though.....

  14. Hunter Klug

    Hunter Klug7 hari yang lalu

    Role queue sucks. 12 minutes to find a game and half the time it doesn’t even fill the lobby so then you have to sit there and queue again. Ruined the game

  15. JP MUSIK

    JP MUSIK3 hari yang lalu

    There is a new feature called "while you wait" which allows you to gain access to the training room as a group, a deathmatch mode, or custom games on the ptr to help with the long queue times. The patch will go live next week

  16. Sacha Turkot

    Sacha Turkot22 hari yang lalu

    About the queue system ... I think it’s OKAY to choose your role at start for a game because of the 2-2-2 but... In game you should have an option to choose (unlock roles or not) because it sucks getting stuck with roles that ppl don’t rly know how to play with you could at least make a swap and change the gameplay.

  17. Elder Rusty

    Elder Rusty17 jam yang lalu

    Sacha Turkot role queue should never have been implemented, what’s the point of having so many characters if to have to axe a third of them before queueing, I’m wondering if they’re trying to ruin the game so people buy Overwatch 2

  18. JP MUSIK

    JP MUSIK25 hari yang lalu

    Community: WE NEED ROLE QUEUE PLZ ADD IT Blizzard: Adds Role Queue Community: GREAT NOW REMOVE IT

  19. Elder Rusty

    Elder Rusty17 jam yang lalu

    JP MUSIK because maybe it looks good on paper, but in its execution, it sucks, it axes off either a third, or two thirds of the playable heroes depending on your role before queueing up, especially when having a bunch of heroes is good in the first place for switching roles when the tides of a match shift, it was a stupid addition that’s done nothing but ruined the game

  20. jesse b.

    jesse b.26 hari yang lalu

    pls get rid of it

  21. Tom

    TomBulan Yang lalu

    Dumbest thing you ever did. I tried but stopped playing overwatch after a week and haven't looked back since

  22. Pâris MEULEMAN

    Pâris MEULEMANBulan Yang lalu

    dumbest change ever.

  23. ImTheMelonMan

    ImTheMelonManBulan Yang lalu

    I used to love overwatch I’m a widow genji and hanzo main this stupid update I can’t play them Pls fix

  24. MarBus

    MarBusBulan Yang lalu

    please remove this

  25. sanpai

    sanpaiBulan Yang lalu

    It takes 30 minutes to find a game now

  26. Solderist

    SolderistBulan Yang lalu

    *greetings It's Jeff from the Overwatch team, this was just a video to let you know we don't care about your feelings, we just like your money*

  27. Ban

    BanBulan Yang lalu

    well this sucks because i only play junkrat. nothing changed for me except now the que is longer

  28. Dewi Francis

    Dewi FrancisBulan Yang lalu

    Jeff the tank😎😏

  29. GonGon

    GonGonBulan Yang lalu

    im the only one who hate Role Queue? what the point of you can change character during a game if it limit the role?

  30. ßšÜ ßn†

    ßšÜ ßn†Bulan Yang lalu

    Everyone trying to play DPS.....toxic system for people trying to play DPS from time to time.....

  31. ChaseFace

    ChaseFaceBulan Yang lalu

    this is like 2 years too late

  32. Jarred Wood

    Jarred WoodBulan Yang lalu

    ChaseFace this comment is like 2 months too late IM SORRY

  33. Azzu

    AzzuBulan Yang lalu

    After this update, I completely stopped playing It just takes too long to que honestly -_-

  34. Martha Nieto

    Martha NietoBulan Yang lalu

    Which day was going to Maura talking about hergood something's different about her like it's called like her f***** up an like what happened to it

  35. Vic tor

    Vic torBulan Yang lalu

    uninstalled this game because of 5-6min q´s 1/10 for this change.

  36. goldingboy 460

    goldingboy 460Bulan Yang lalu

    Little does he know when u choose damage you will wait 2 hours

  37. The Rocker

    The RockerBulan Yang lalu

    Can you take it out quick play so i don't shoot myself

  38. Afloat Cashew

    Afloat CashewBulan Yang lalu

    Competitive I get, but why quick play!?

  39. The Last Druid

    The Last DruidBulan Yang lalu

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  40. The Last Druid

    The Last DruidBulan Yang lalu

    Overvach is Game You Must Have team and realy Practice. Que Avrage Playerrs In difrent Season matchmakink. i played 10 matches i Was solid player I knew Game S much as needed For me to Become Great. and my team lost 10 games How Can This Be It felt like playing Super Hard. And we hardly Started it was my First 10 wins Got 10 loses and Lost my Will to play. What is point to play if youz always Feal Behind in Matchmaking.and underskiled. And i Knew So Much evry Detail at time only Practice was needed.. Make Pug season I m sure you See fast How good payer is in rank or Group. More is group needed and avrage players are good just practice.

  41. Navoii Gamer

    Navoii Gamer2 bulan yang lalu


  42. penzerr

    penzerr2 bulan yang lalu

    Jeff: Hmmmm what is your mains role? Me: DPS, why? Jeff: F*** YOU

  43. Senko Online

    Senko OnlineBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah pretty much a middle finger to DPS who have to wait forever to find 1 match

  44. zanvoy

    zanvoy2 bulan yang lalu

    can I get priority in the dps queue after playing several games as other roles?

  45. zanvoy

    zanvoy2 bulan yang lalu

    this change is so stupid. I regularly play all the roles. but now I can't play half the heroes I like because of obscene wait times. this game is suddenly a lot less interesting when I only bounce between 2-3 different heroes do to the new restrictions. I hate feeling like I'm being punished because I want to play pharah or ashe every now and then. and no, quickplay in the arcade is not a solution. because it takes all the problems of the old system and amplify them. because it's full of all the dps mains who just want to play, quality of the match be damned.

  46. Sani Malcolm

    Sani Malcolm2 bulan yang lalu

    All role queue times Support : 😎 Tanks:😆 Damage:😭

  47. Misanthrope

    Misanthrope2 bulan yang lalu

    not my problem, play only arcade mode

  48. DyLemma

    DyLemma2 bulan yang lalu

    I just started playing and I love role queue

  49. Fred Smith

    Fred Smith2 bulan yang lalu

    Can you update role que with 6 roles 1. Main tank 2. Off tank 3. Main heal 4. Off heal 5. Low damage 6. High damage I still get matches with no main tank player in role que and no off healer for defensive ult, this would balance the game no more 2 main tank or 2 high damage. I have some que times being 30 minutes for us to have no main tank and get role in a 5 minute match. Maybe forced team chat they had It in call of duty on last gen

  50. Gravehill

    Gravehill2 bulan yang lalu

    I think it should be only in competitive play not in quickplay

  51. Lukas Fletcher

    Lukas Fletcher2 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks jeff just do your best