Defeated by the Parrots - ft. Paul Cuffaro


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    Fishing with EssexTahun Yang lalu

    Blacktiph upload on Thursday whhhhaaaaaaaat

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  3. Backyard Wildlife

    Backyard WildlifeTahun Yang lalu

    Essex Mominee I was thinking the same thing

  4. Chloe Chen

    Chloe Chen2 bulan yang lalu

    You two are my favorite youtuber

  5. Merccurii

    Merccurii3 bulan yang lalu

    I wish they made a lure like that! A seaweed lure

  6. Damien’s Mini Zoo

    Damien’s Mini Zoo3 bulan yang lalu

    All the comments are from 9 moths ago

  7. Damien’s Mini Zoo

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  8. unrealzamtv

    unrealzamtv6 bulan yang lalu

    Rip to Paul, one of his brothers hates that Paul’s famous they don’t even follow eachother, very tense relationship

  9. Colson Yoder

    Colson Yoder6 bulan yang lalu


  10. Robert Boros

    Robert Boros8 bulan yang lalu

    Man all I can say is I would have tied on a trailer hook of some sort. That looks frustrating being my mental capacity. I hate losing fish.

  11. Kole killah

    Kole killah8 bulan yang lalu

    I’m Hawai’i they are called uhu and you only go diving for them they get up to 10+ lbs

  12. Meme Doctor

    Meme Doctor9 bulan yang lalu

    How bout the thumbnail tho ? Where did you get the fish ???

  13. ksdofdsakdl sadkjsad

    ksdofdsakdl sadkjsad9 bulan yang lalu

    love it

  14. shaadin istaitie

    shaadin istaitie11 bulan yang lalu

    I love you

  15. Arghya Saha

    Arghya SahaTahun Yang lalu

    The two legends of fishing...are gathered...😄😄😄😄you guys are my favorite

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    just downloaded fishing clash

  17. Brayden

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  18. Dawg gg

    Dawg ggTahun Yang lalu

    They’d probably eat a piece of a carrot shoulda tried it

  19. Aymeric Eynaud

    Aymeric EynaudTahun Yang lalu

    Guys if you want another cool fishing game, there is one called Ace Fishing, and its my personnal best. Check it out.

  20. Cfl. Bassin

    Cfl. BassinTahun Yang lalu

    Bread works as bait

  21. Jeremy Valentin

    Jeremy ValentinTahun Yang lalu

    A Thursday upload? I know Im late cause of school but is this my reward for good grades? TWO VIDS A WEEK?! 😁😆

  22. hunter dean

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    1rod1reep freakout???

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    I'm sure you know this blacktip but your on Netflix lol

  24. Lukas Blomquist

    Lukas BlomquistTahun Yang lalu

    Josh fish with dylan

  25. Lukas Blomquist

    Lukas BlomquistTahun Yang lalu

    Not Dylan Dominic

  26. Cates Herrington

    Cates HerringtonTahun Yang lalu

    fishing clash!? dont sell out bro


    videos-chasse-peche.comTahun Yang lalu


  28. Andrew Ficklen

    Andrew FicklenTahun Yang lalu

    Blacktiph were you on the Netflix series “chasing monsters” in S1 Ep2?

  29. Minh Watters

    Minh WattersTahun Yang lalu

    Sad to say. Looks like you lost that loving feeling. Still had fun watching

  30. Florida Fishing

    Florida FishingTahun Yang lalu

    Use circle hooks and let them pull out some line😄

  31. Javian Tucker

    Javian TuckerTahun Yang lalu

    Try pieces of strawberry

  32. The ToxicBadger

    The ToxicBadgerTahun Yang lalu

    Pc doesn’t know how to fish at ALL doesn’t have structure for his bass smh

  33. JDM Fanboy

    JDM FanboyTahun Yang lalu

    "The one with the big balls on them" -Paul Cuffaro

  34. Blair Riate

    Blair RiateTahun Yang lalu

    They are hard to catch, but when you do hook one up they put a good fight. Awesome catch Paul.

  35. Tyler Prince

    Tyler PrinceTahun Yang lalu

    Hey man! love your content. I was just curious as to what weather radar site you use before you head out on a trip? thank you.

  36. BlacktipH

    BlacktipHTahun Yang lalu

    I use MyRadar and RadarScope

  37. Jules Diab

    Jules DiabTahun Yang lalu

    Guy try out Fishing strike too it’s fun

  38. AMURTV

    AMURTVTahun Yang lalu

    trzymaj like

  39. Pipen Salta

    Pipen SaltaTahun Yang lalu

    I download the game it's so cool!!

  40. Diza Galesong

    Diza GalesongTahun Yang lalu

    Lokasi di mana.tuh?

  41. Angel Southern

    Angel SouthernTahun Yang lalu

    I play fishing clash

  42. Izy S

    Izy STahun Yang lalu

    Parrot fish are the best tasting fish I’ve ever had!

  43. Revealing The Revelation

    Revealing The RevelationTahun Yang lalu

    Had a parrot fish spine in my pinky for 3 months, they are my arch nemesis

  44. Tommy McGrath

    Tommy McGrathTahun Yang lalu

    Did you know the parrots eat bread

  45. najsuroviji

    najsurovijiTahun Yang lalu

    Thumbs up if you like watching Mind Soccer games on YT.

  46. Thomas Dobbins

    Thomas DobbinsTahun Yang lalu

    Gotta question for ya. What video editor do you use? Love your videos! Keep up the great work! 😁

  47. s 23

    s 23Tahun Yang lalu

    I always catch this fish by using circle hooks

  48. Joel Lopez

    Joel LopezTahun Yang lalu

    The kid is not a fisherman

  49. lynn cooper

    lynn cooperTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome,love this channel.

  50. Fishing with Jeff

    Fishing with JeffTahun Yang lalu

    If you listen carefully you can hear the screams of a frustrated man being outsmarted by parrot fish somewhere in Florida. LOL awesome video!

  51. Derik Smith

    Derik SmithTahun Yang lalu

    Been playing fishing clash for the last 3-4 months...Love it

  52. R. knudson

    R. knudsonTahun Yang lalu

    Well done! Thanks for that! Rox

  53. Prashanth Chiluveri

    Prashanth ChiluveriTahun Yang lalu

    What an episode I think I meet u very soon

  54. Ray Kelly

    Ray KellyTahun Yang lalu

    Very interesting video. Learned alot here. Never heard of using Seaweed for bait. Cool fish too!

  55. Liam Van der merwe

    Liam Van der merweTahun Yang lalu

    Yeeesssss do fly fishing 🎣 😱😱😱

  56. Mr. Queen

    Mr. QueenTahun Yang lalu

    Thursday upload?!?!?! Dude you should upload everydaaaay!

  57. Andriy Tkach

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    image what would happen if peric was there

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    PAK ANGLERSTahun Yang lalu

    Go trolling man

  60. jason blankevoort

    jason blankevoortTahun Yang lalu

    why don't you invite people that actually know stuff about fish.. not yet ssen a good paul vid where the fish are acually kept in a correct way

  61. WINNER K

    WINNER KTahun Yang lalu

    You can fish shark and you do not fish the stonfishes

  62. Soul Hunter

    Soul HunterTahun Yang lalu

    yr the best

  63. Rhalaine Cimafranca

    Rhalaine CimafrancaTahun Yang lalu

    Paul Cuffaro so cute and handsome😊😊😊

  64. Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad UmarTahun Yang lalu

    Only one fish y

  65. KsKay

    KsKayTahun Yang lalu

    I never seen anyone drop such an expensive combo and just laugh