Death Stranding (dunkview)


  1. Notorious

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    #1 on trending

  2. Connor Kolvenbach

    Connor KolvenbachJam Yang lalu

    Death Stranding makes you feel like Batman

  3. Epic Failure

    Epic FailureJam Yang lalu

    IM STILL GOING TO BUY IT DUNKEY!!!!!! but funny video

  4. Flounder

    FlounderJam Yang lalu

    Pilots license? What for?

  5. chango vato

    chango vatoJam Yang lalu

    Konami: so uuuh...wanna come back and make pachinko machines with us Kojima: yes

  6. Sage The Assassin -Super Gamer

    Sage The Assassin -Super GamerJam Yang lalu

    Post-Apocalyptic Futuristic Mailman

  7. Andrew Villegas Montoya

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    Ay my boy dunkey

  8. Zack Syndicate

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    Next one cyberpunk

  9. S1lv3r1

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    Wait wtf? This is #1 on trending? Congrats, Dunkey!

  10. Dzyuv001

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    Just think, people had to playtest this thing.

  11. Yoyoskull

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    It took a whole day but whoop whoop #1 on trending

  12. Brandon Peterson

    Brandon PetersonJam Yang lalu

    Honestly I’m kinda digging the game. But I can understand completely why someone wouldn’t like it

  13. WarriYahTruth

    WarriYahTruthJam Yang lalu

    Aren't you the same idiot who put death stranding and Last of us 2 in the same sentence? Anyways since you are clueless I suggest you go watch George Miller director of the mad Max Masterpiece and ghost in the shell director touching on death Stranding. Only an ignorant imbecile will say there's nothing to the story or death stranding

  14. Ainz Ooal Gown

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    Rip the blind walking Dunkey

  15. Mario Man 85

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    Wow, You out trended the trump impeachment hearings, now that is a dedicated fan base!

  16. Matt Buresh

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  17. La melma zero uno

    La melma zero unoJam Yang lalu

    Death stranding is a flop

  18. Akuuntus

    AkuuntusJam Yang lalu

    Yeah I mean knowing what kinds of games Dunkey likes it should come as absolutely no surprise that he would hate DS. That being said, Jesus Christ dude are you even trying to not fall over? The whole point of the walking and balancing shit is realism, and you seem to get that since you mentioned it, but then at the same time you're stacking up ridiculous amounts of shit on your back and trying to Skyrim up mountains and then getting mad when it doesn't work. No shit it doesn't work, that's clearly not what is intended. I get that this isn't the kind of thing you have any interest in but it feels kind of unfair that you're painting it as broken and unplayable when you're seemingly going out of your way to fuck up.

  19. no name

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    Idk I really like it.

  20. Borly nég saj la

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  21. Borly nég saj la

    Borly nég saj laJam Yang lalu


  22. aeon lincoln

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    "tHe sToRy SuCks tOo!!" Well, Guillermo del Toro, Nic Refn, Mamoru Oshii, Edgar Wright, George Miller, Jordan Peele among others will disagree with you there buddy.


    NORMAL COATJam Yang lalu

    When did he say the story was bad?

  24. Grey Fox

    Grey FoxJam Yang lalu

    aeon lincoln ahh yes famous people have a different opinion to mine, clearly I’m wrong.

  25. Garrett

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  26. Snappy

    Snappy2 jam yang lalu

    This game is what happens when you have no one to tell you “no”.

  27. Daniel Powers

    Daniel Powers2 jam yang lalu

    A dunkey video is #1 on trending. Such a beautiful day

  28. Doctor What

    Doctor What2 jam yang lalu

    I used to watch Dunkey until he reviewed Death Stranding

  29. Ryan Jacks

    Ryan Jacks2 jam yang lalu

    I mean It’s not hard, seriously But I mean if you don’t like the game, what’s the reason for playing it. That’s like saying you don’t like women, but you go to a brothel to fuck

  30. Jorge Chaviano

    Jorge Chaviano2 jam yang lalu

    Never thought I would see Dunkey trending #1 on IDreporter, well done Dunkey I’m proud of you.

  31. The Traveler

    The Traveler2 jam yang lalu Now I have to say, "Sorry Kojima, but you made a stinker for the sake of a 'vision' of yours. Americans are not interested in a walking simulator, it has nothing to do with liking shooters or any other genre you failed to notice. You made Metal Gear... how did you expect us to react to Death Stranding?"

  32. Alb San

    Alb San2 jam yang lalu

    this game will age terribly lmao

  33. Delghatto

    Delghatto2 jam yang lalu

    Honestly, didn’t like the gameplay, but I loved the story. I have super mixed emotions about the game.

  34. Bruno Arres

    Bruno Arres2 jam yang lalu

    Hideo game dumpy

  35. Birb Man

    Birb Man2 jam yang lalu

    Clearly this man isn’t a amazon delivery man so he can’t fully understand the bone crushing reality this game presents.

  36. -Jordvl -

    -Jordvl -2 jam yang lalu

    It has a little something for everyone 9.0/10

  37. 1ce

    1ce2 jam yang lalu

    Well remove the blind fold then!

  38. Mika Paunga

    Mika Paunga2 jam yang lalu

    #1 on Trending BABY

  39. DavM

    DavM2 jam yang lalu

    I dunno, Dunkey. I can understand some of your criticism but you really lost me when you were trying to brute force yourself over sheer rock faces like it was a Bethesda RPG and then complained that the game was "broken" and had bad controls. I honestly thought you were joking at first. I think you kind of dropped the ball a bit on this review, honestly. But hey, you can't win em' all, so whatever.

  40. no name

    no nameJam Yang lalu

    For real.

  41. Babycore Official

    Babycore Official2 jam yang lalu

    DavM completely agree, he totally misrepresented the game

  42. Krishna Choppara

    Krishna Choppara2 jam yang lalu

    This is literally how boomers got to school

  43. I'm a fuckin rock.

    I'm a fuckin rock.2 jam yang lalu

    It seems you didn't like it cause it just wasn't for you. That, and you where playing like an utter madman.

  44. Noah Bathgate

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    God damn he’s #1 on trending

  45. Dre Lamar

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    I, Gideo Gojima have a dream

  46. Reese Bell

    Reese Bell2 jam yang lalu

    'If it's not fun, why bother?' President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aimé, E3 2017. Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding goes entirely against this philosophy and instead makes you walk thousands of kilometres to deliver stuff like a post-apocalyptic American Postman Pat in the most frustrating and longest way possible.

  47. August Martin

    August Martin2 jam yang lalu

    Why are you trying to climb over fucking steep ass clifs. Did you have to do that??

  48. Peter Yeeter

    Peter Yeeter2 jam yang lalu

    *Amazon simulator*

  49. Alexey

    Alexey2 jam yang lalu

    please make subs

  50. 7uzg

    7uzg2 jam yang lalu

    No one: Dunkey at #1 trending And #1 trending gaming

  51. Benny Hendrix

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    Congrats on #1 trending!

  52. Papa Johns

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    Dunkey: *number one on trending* Me: **happiness noises**

  53. Saffron

    Saffron2 jam yang lalu

    Congrats on getting #1 on trending

  54. Sad Toast

    Sad Toast2 jam yang lalu

    Why video not named Dunk stranding? 🤔

  55. dikson florencio

    dikson florencio2 jam yang lalu

    Best game of 2019

  56. Kari Lari

    Kari Lari2 jam yang lalu

    Death Trending 🥳

  57. Blake Green

    Blake Green2 jam yang lalu

    While I agree with some things, he is terrible at this game lol, I didn’t experience like 60% of the shit he says in this video, but then again I knew what the fuck I was doing

  58. Statix SC

    Statix SC2 jam yang lalu

    i agree mate, its a load of shit, there is no divide really, its people who cant back down on their overhype to others.. .and to add metal gear . . .all of them . . .were actually a load of shit as well . . .come at me.

  59. Black Cobra

    Black Cobra2 jam yang lalu

    what the sound in 7:29

  60. OWLERO

    OWLERO2 jam yang lalu

    _complains about the movement as he tries to climb up the sides of cliffs and runs into rocks on the bike_ sorry but you're a dumbass

  61. OWLERO

    OWLERO2 jam yang lalu

    @Nicole Simpson's Dog Right? He is biased. Literally the only games he likes are Mario and Zelda.

  62. Nicole Simpson's Dog

    Nicole Simpson's Dog2 jam yang lalu

    Nope, you are nitpicking and biased. I win, bye bye.

  63. Turjo 360

    Turjo 3602 jam yang lalu

    This is the most honest review i have seen for this game so far

  64. honed hero

    honed hero2 jam yang lalu

    Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, i win, bye bye. i still enjoy the game tho.

  65. Harry .Kp

    Harry .Kp2 jam yang lalu

    Why it has so many dislikes. He is right

  66. Daloonlake playlists

    Daloonlake playlists2 jam yang lalu

    Gonna have to disagree with you this time dunky