DEADPOOL Post Credit Scene in DOCTOR STRANGE: Multiverse Of Madness?! (MCU Debut)


  1. Chaos

    ChaosBulan Yang lalu

    Lots of ways we can get the intro to Deadpool but I think this one makes the most sense, what do you think?

  2. True Gamer

    True GamerBulan Yang lalu

    This is very Good i like to see you enjoyin the content you are producing

  3. UndyingEgg 28843

    UndyingEgg 28843Bulan Yang lalu

    When he said have you seen this man


    SWIFT PLAYZBulan Yang lalu

    Luv the new videos

  5. simolife FANS

    simolife FANSBulan Yang lalu

    follow and I will do it back ;)

  6. Austin Deathrow

    Austin DeathrowBulan Yang lalu

    If he goes MCU, theyll have to accept the rated R franchise as it is and start introducing more matured material in the movies, which I think would make them better. Dont need be over the top "edgy" as deadpool, so I think they would need to play the cards carefully.

  7. Bee Wheelin

    Bee WheelinBulan Yang lalu

    International womens day hands bown the funniest scene

  8. Ngọc Thây vlog

    Ngọc Thây vlogBulan Yang lalu

    Its verry good

  9. ChapDatText

    ChapDatTextBulan Yang lalu

    Would be great if deadpool take Stan Lee's place making a cameo until he comes into action

  10. Limbo Romp

    Limbo RompBulan Yang lalu

    Deadpool is one of those characters that knows hes in a comic book/movie .. PG or not he can turn situation as a joke by knowing it's a PG universe.

  11. Havok 1718

    Havok 1718Bulan Yang lalu

    And the marvel knights would be a canon universe to mcu but anyone that's not pg friendly would be under that blade,DP,punisher etc.

  12. Havok 1718

    Havok 1718Bulan Yang lalu

    My fav moment is when he was in the bar and the biker was being disrespectful and he called him Fat Gandalf

  13. Havok 1718

    Havok 1718Bulan Yang lalu

    I say they can make a rated R group like marvel knights

  14. U.K.N

    U.K.NBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite moment is literally the clip in the beginning

  15. thereel RTM

    thereel RTMBulan Yang lalu

    You sound happier than in call of duty do what you want

  16. Gabriel Dent

    Gabriel DentBulan Yang lalu

    Chaos doing what he loves again... makes me happy

  17. Falloutfan

    FalloutfanBulan Yang lalu

    I know what your thinking, "Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my very own movie? I can't tell you, but it does rhyme with "pullverine".

  18. BAMTubeTV

    BAMTubeTVBulan Yang lalu

    Really awesome seeing you cover some more movie stuff Jimmy! I dig it! 🔥🔥 CANNOT WAIT to see Deadpool in the MCU!

  19. Anime-PH Review

    Anime-PH ReviewBulan Yang lalu

    nice one Chaos

  20. TheFlashHayden

    TheFlashHaydenBulan Yang lalu

    Favorite moment is when they cast Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool because he really gets that character! He IS Deadpool 😁

  21. jameswyrm8

    jameswyrm8Bulan Yang lalu

    I loved doctor strange movie. I didnt expect it to be so good.

  22. Rick Grimes

    Rick GrimesBulan Yang lalu

    Deadpool the best! Mickey mouse can F*** off!

  23. phenom gamer

    phenom gamerBulan Yang lalu

    Who doesn't love deadpool?

  24. DJ CollegeBOI

    DJ CollegeBOIBulan Yang lalu

    "Captain deadpool!!..." "Nah just deadpool"

  25. CD Law

    CD LawBulan Yang lalu

    Deadpool cameo's would be amazing

  26. Dylan Mangezvo

    Dylan MangezvoBulan Yang lalu

    This feels so wrong yet so right. I like what I'm seeing right now Chaos

  27. Mini K24

    Mini K24Bulan Yang lalu

    I would love to have Deadpool brought in properly

  28. Gavin L

    Gavin LBulan Yang lalu

    Why not turn your second channel into a top 10s channel.

  29. Allen Ridenour

    Allen RidenourBulan Yang lalu

    The back and forth scene from the first movie when dp and Francis decide to throw fisticuffs, and if they do cross over movies with him, they would have to up the rating for him or I feel he Will become stale quickly

  30. Casey Richardson

    Casey RichardsonBulan Yang lalu

    They could continue his solo movie series & he can references to the rest of the MCU & he doesn't appear in anyone else movies, I think that would work better

  31. zabuza is cool

    zabuza is coolBulan Yang lalu

    Every deadpool scène

  32. DB the NBK

    DB the NBKBulan Yang lalu

    They could litteraly make Deadpools first line "this movies PG-13 so i cant say some stuff".

  33. Kacper the memester

    Kacper the memesterBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite scene was when deadpool said why his suit was red

  34. - Wentzylvania -

    - Wentzylvania -Bulan Yang lalu

    Here to support u Jimmy! Make the content u love🔥💯

  35. عونا لعب الدكتور راي

    عونا لعب الدكتور رايBulan Yang lalu

    i cant wait for the mcu to be exactly like the comics

  36. Cpt bungholio Teepee

    Cpt bungholio TeepeeBulan Yang lalu

    Because it cant... It just wont be him... This is a BIG mistake on Disney and it wont go well... Nightmare fuel.


    YODASGAMINGBulan Yang lalu

    Captain Deadpool

  38. Christopher Mercer

    Christopher MercerBulan Yang lalu

    The highway sequence

  39. darkstqrs

    darkstqrsBulan Yang lalu

    The beginning of Deadpool 2 was my favorite

  40. Trexmachinegun

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  41. Naj Tv

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  42. Jacob Snyder

    Jacob SnyderBulan Yang lalu

    It is obviously when he got ripped in half

  43. Jo Hodgkins

    Jo HodgkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Jimmy !!!!!

  44. Trendystorm 8

    Trendystorm 8Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m in a bit of a hard place, I came for the COD content years ago and it’s why I’ve stayed. I want to give the nerd culture stuff a try because I love you Jimmy. You’ve got to do what makes you happy and that’s all I want for you❤️

  45. Chaos

    ChaosBulan Yang lalu

    ty man

  46. phuture grits

    phuture gritsBulan Yang lalu

    I can actually see the cameo theory. He already does it in pretty much all the marvel games except the new spider man lol

  47. Retr0 Detroit

    Retr0 DetroitBulan Yang lalu

    The hell is this

  48. Joshua Evans

    Joshua EvansBulan Yang lalu

    It’s a gosh darn fanny pack and you know it!

  49. Juan Arellano

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    Chaos the best in this bussinessss

  50. Joshua Smith

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    Deadpool: where the f*** is francis? 😂😂😂😂😂

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    im confused

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    This will be funny

  54. will mathake

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    Damn 26 letters can't decide on how to put em

  55. Shadow DMX

    Shadow DMXBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite moment is "bullet count" its so funny😂

  56. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah YeahBulan Yang lalu

    I’m all down for the X-men and stuff. But idk if I want fourth wall breaking in the mcu.

  57. samad

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    Oooh I’m early

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    Seems reasonable

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    Great job jimmy, keep doing what you love to do

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    To the very few random human beings reading this, I hope you reach all of you biggest dreams in life!! My dream is to make people laugh through my videos (:

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    Smooth way to promote you channel * slow clap *

  63. phuture grits

    phuture gritsBulan Yang lalu

    I rocks with you chaos all the way ride and ride lol. and first again lol

  64. ScopeShot

    ScopeShotBulan Yang lalu

    To the very few random human beings reading this, I hope you reach all of you biggest dreams in life!! My dream is to make people laugh through my videos (:

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    Can I get the code