Deadly Chinese Virus Spreads to U.S.


  1. 胡春辉

    胡春辉2 hari yang lalu

    Maybe it's from amercia

  2. Kuang-h Chen

    Kuang-h Chen4 hari yang lalu

    Judging from the recent news, it is still not sure if the virus is from China. Some news from Japan says it’s from the US.

  3. Daddio Dizzle

    Daddio Dizzle7 hari yang lalu

    I still dont want him for president though. I came back to find my 'patient zero' for my Covid19 awareness. And lo and behold I have to thank that damn Bloomberg group, for sparking my concern. Yang 2020, 2024 Humanity First

  4. Sosume 1

    Sosume 18 hari yang lalu

    Outdated news. Just posted outdated news.

  5. dezirre harris

    dezirre harris9 hari yang lalu


  6. Paul Mcutay

    Paul Mcutay15 hari yang lalu

    Thats why corona virus is from china cause they eat like anything they eat baby,tadpol,octopus that is live

  7. tokyo mac

    tokyo mac18 hari yang lalu

    According to CNN, In the 2019-2020 season so far, at least 19 million people in the US have gotten the flu and 10,000 people have died from it, including at least 68 children.

  8. jon dali

    jon dali21 hari yang lalu

    There's alot of people on here think this is funny. People are dying. Have some decent values

  9. Bk Lou

    Bk Lou23 hari yang lalu

    No more happy endings massages 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Jason Q

    Jason Q23 hari yang lalu

    There’s 2 cases in New York City now... I’m really scared.

  11. Umbuko DaJuko

    Umbuko DaJuko24 hari yang lalu

    One part of me: “I’m only 23 I just got to know life” the other part of me: “ ahhh this world not shit anyway”

  12. Sangita Roy

    Sangita Roy25 hari yang lalu


  13. Key Epic Pranks

    Key Epic Pranks26 hari yang lalu

    Media. "Trump is going to destroy the world!" China. "Hold my Corona."

  14. Mandy stopler

    Mandy stopler26 hari yang lalu

    All in the comment secrion this ain’t a a joke this virus could be known as the deadliest virus in human history

  15. Neisha12 Love

    Neisha12 Love26 hari yang lalu

    Time to go to Africa

  16. Angel Mcnab

    Angel Mcnab27 hari yang lalu

    Idk if it well spread to Canada...

  17. Itsuki Amicitia

    Itsuki Amicitia29 hari yang lalu

    weather control , ebola virus , economy collapse , forest fire and asia country suffering the illness ... US government and the Illuminati are behind these

  18. Olyvier Monteau

    Olyvier Monteau29 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: IDreporterrs: *Memes that saved me from WWZ/plague inc.'s plague.*

  19. Olyvier Monteau

    Olyvier Monteau29 hari yang lalu

    When antivaxxer gets their way: Plague inc.: *It's free real estate*

  20. Максим Галкин

    Максим Галкин29 hari yang lalu

    Virus from China, how not to get sick, prevention, 2020 &

  21. GACHA Paint

    GACHA PaintBulan Yang lalu

    Oh no not in canada I don’t want to dieeeee

  22. melissa turner

    melissa turnerBulan Yang lalu

    Well the problem is going over to China and eating on their Delicacies meals you can't go over to another country and try eating rats and bats and snakes and thanking you ain't going to get sick cuz you going to be sick and then you bringing that s*** to America and getting us sick when we didn't even eat that rats and snakes I think if you people want to go over to China or to these foreign cities y'all need to stay over there because I ain't trying to die from foreign diseases these other countries is always sick

  23. Leila Mo

    Leila MoBulan Yang lalu

    Yup it’s coming to Michigan and Canada

  24. Rust Tetanus

    Rust TetanusBulan Yang lalu

    Iran stuff, CORONA, Volcano in the Philippines. 2020 man

  25. delvester

    delvesterBulan Yang lalu

    Were fuckef

  26. VirusBMG

    VirusBMGBulan Yang lalu

    China: Virus happens Everyone: MEME TIME!

  27. C14_ 7

    C14_ 7Bulan Yang lalu

    Finally Trump has a reason to deport all Chinese citizens just in case

  28. LightingStorm

    LightingStormBulan Yang lalu


  29. Not a BTS fan

    Not a BTS fanBulan Yang lalu

    Man in U.S : gets virus Next thing on the news: *chinas deadly virus hit canada*

  30. Romi

    RomiBulan Yang lalu

    bruh someone playing plague inc.

  31. Sahtu native

    Sahtu nativeBulan Yang lalu

    "28 days later"

  32. DI LOO

    DI LOOBulan Yang lalu

    Fear is what they want, Fear keep people little...and controled...Fear, by a homemade virus to stop the growing of China, it,s getting don,t like that. It,s all about money that,s more important then human life...Sick but...Truth

  33. Dsm Squad

    Dsm SquadBulan Yang lalu

    Looks like 2020 is not going to be a good year at all 😑

  34. Mint Berry Crunch

    Mint Berry CrunchBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for scaring people. Where in America has the virus spread though? Any answers? Or just more mystery? Also..How many times do I have to tell IDreporter to stop recommending this channel?

  35. Tony Frazee

    Tony FrazeeBulan Yang lalu


  36. I am Na0m11

    I am Na0m11Bulan Yang lalu

    I don’t wanna die young.

  37. Journey of my soul

    Journey of my soulBulan Yang lalu

    Stop all the heartless behaviour with the Muslims all around the world

  38. Misty loves Fleegle

    Misty loves FleegleBulan Yang lalu


  39. AXZ 96

    AXZ 96Bulan Yang lalu


  40. Mikey Mikey

    Mikey MikeyBulan Yang lalu

    Could be the onset of another Iraq war like in 2003 the SARS crippled alot of countries so US able to invade Iraq under the guise of NBC possesions that UN later acknowledge that it was unfounded.

  41. Gamingwithkellan

    GamingwithkellanBulan Yang lalu

    Are we going to die I'm crying that I No I die😭😭😨😨

  42. ArieXzion ForkenFire

    ArieXzion ForkenFireBulan Yang lalu

    Put away those viral weapon's America. We know this was released by the US military. Dont betray the country fuckhead.

  43. Eva Stood

    Eva StoodBulan Yang lalu

    Oh shit not the US😩

  44. Santouryu3

    Santouryu3Bulan Yang lalu

    Year of the Rat = Year of the 2020 plague...

  45. Ashley Kim

    Ashley KimBulan Yang lalu

    If they cover their mouths how do they go inside your body? If you thinking about that it’s because it’s comes from your eyes, it’s goes inside you’re eye and go inside your body and you will be killed by that Virus 🦠, hi, I’m Ashley I’m 9 1/2 years old, and I like news,

  46. Archnid 001

    Archnid 001Bulan Yang lalu

    Lungs are not in your Eyes lmao.

  47. Archnid 001

    Archnid 001Bulan Yang lalu

    @Ashley Kim when you inhale it with your nose

  48. Ashley Kim

    Ashley KimBulan Yang lalu

    It’s really true <=

  49. Yeah Yee

    Yeah YeeBulan Yang lalu

    Can we please stop travel with China until this is contained

  50. Yeah Yee

    Yeah YeeBulan Yang lalu

    Well GG boys we tried YOU SURVIVED FOR 33 ROUNDS

  51. Andy Lopez

    Andy LopezBulan Yang lalu

    Plague Inc irl:

  52. Sargent Sandvich

    Sargent SandvichBulan Yang lalu

    Time to join the local militia boys

  53. Palm Leaf

    Palm LeafBulan Yang lalu

    This could be the end of the 7.8M people on earth. And China has the biggest population! 2.7B people. Hopefully we can find a way to stop this disease before it wipes out the human race. Just like Mt. Toba did 75,000 years ago.

  54. Wacky Creativity

    Wacky CreativityBulan Yang lalu


  55. LB RMKY

    LB RMKYBulan Yang lalu

    The people who started the virus is dumb lol

  56. Dave Hibbs

    Dave HibbsBulan Yang lalu

    This didn't show anything about the U.S.! What bullshit is this!

  57. EdgyMemeLord 420

    EdgyMemeLord 420Bulan Yang lalu

    People making memes about a plaque in 2020: oh no

  58. 1jktful

    1jktfulBulan Yang lalu

    Created and patented in U.S. Lab (Genetically Modified, or it could not be patented & owned) ... ALREADY made VAccine...they plan on making a lot of money, could care less about human suffering & death! These people are evil. ALSO [[NOT SUSPICIOUS]], The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

  59. Golden Memer jo jo and more

    Golden Memer jo jo and moreBulan Yang lalu

    I dont wanna die

  60. Noel Mata

    Noel MataBulan Yang lalu

    Pack foods and water coz its gonna be World War Z in the remake

  61. Vivian Wong

    Vivian WongBulan Yang lalu

    US authorities please do not take this lightly. This could quickly get out of control. As someone who witnessed SARS outbreak in China, I’m very very converters. Please start taking serious precautions now.

  62. Vivian Wong

    Vivian WongBulan Yang lalu

    Concerned * typo.

  63. Noah.

    Noah.Bulan Yang lalu

    The FRIVOLITY is strong in the comment section.

  64. Hentai lover

    Hentai loverBulan Yang lalu

    virus breathing first form respiratory disease