Dead by Daylight funny random moments montage 129


  1. Mister fortune

    Mister fortuneHari Yang lalu


  2. Palm4539 Co-op

    Palm4539 Co-opHari Yang lalu

    1:42 myers: *BOO*

  3. Palm4539 Co-op

    Palm4539 Co-opHari Yang lalu

    me: *SHIT*

  4. Voodooozo 37

    Voodooozo 37Hari Yang lalu

    4:31 *wounded predator noises*

  5. FinnOtron

    FinnOtron3 hari yang lalu

    Oh, almost forgot me chainsaw

  6. Zanさんチャンネル

    Zanさんチャンネル10 hari yang lalu


  7. Ahmed129thebest4 Assem

    Ahmed129thebest4 Assem11 hari yang lalu

    How he hit ya when ya was far u must stuned him

  8. Humberto Damian

    Humberto Damian12 hari yang lalu

    I freaking hate the doctor

  9. Mr. Pyro

    Mr. Pyro13 hari yang lalu


  10. strefownik

    strefownik13 hari yang lalu

    4:20 I LOVE it. Im dying 😂😂

  11. 秋季の书香

    秋季の书香14 hari yang lalu

    As you guys may know,in usually, we need to remix human and heal the generator XD

  12. Dr Klipzs

    Dr Klipzs16 hari yang lalu


  13. valenamo 999

    valenamo 99916 hari yang lalu

    1:42 *insert Srpelo gasp*

  14. the devil slayers

    the devil slayers19 hari yang lalu

    0:41 points for using payday 2 music

  15. Murillo 1408-

    Murillo 1408-19 hari yang lalu

    0:40 Payday 2 Music

  16. Rill gill

    Rill gill19 hari yang lalu

    Game noob

  17. }{acker Games

    }{acker Games23 hari yang lalu

    Just awesome video! I am from Ukraine and usually don't watch videos in English, but it’s just a masterpiece! 10 out of 10! THANKS WHAT YOU DO IT!

  18. David

    David23 hari yang lalu

    Let's do this!

  19. Kevin Fallen

    Kevin Fallen26 hari yang lalu


  20. • m e l l o •

    • m e l l o •26 hari yang lalu


  21. 純仔

    純仔27 hari yang lalu

    0:15 - 0:22 song plz :)

  22. Sergio Lozano

    Sergio LozanoBulan Yang lalu

    9:22 I thought she was inside the car😂

  23. Clayton Smith

    Clayton SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Rest in peace DBD lol

  24. 5,000 Sub Without Any Videos?

    5,000 Sub Without Any Videos?Bulan Yang lalu

    Holy Crap! Th, th, th e Chainsaw ?

  25. K M

    K MBulan Yang lalu

    Killers thinks I’m cocky but in reality my L2 and L1 buttons are messed up so I randomly start t-bagging or I stop running in the middle of chases 😂

  26. tristan lapointe

    tristan lapointeBulan Yang lalu

    0:8: so now there’s a hillbilly skin for the trapper?!😲😲😲

  27. Pera Jovanović

    Pera JovanovićBulan Yang lalu


  28. Brent Boomer

    Brent BoomerBulan Yang lalu

    4:30 actually, I did see that trap. I saw it's lip sticking out of the edge. Still kinda funny though.

  29. Brent Boomer

    Brent BoomerBulan Yang lalu

    Could a survivor have picked up the chainsaw at the beginning there?

  30. Lpsgotpretzels go to Lpspretzelpuppy

    Lpsgotpretzels go to LpspretzelpuppyBulan Yang lalu

    When you only play identity v

  31. Not So Toxic Meg

    Not So Toxic MegBulan Yang lalu

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA earrape makes things instantly funny with no effort lolllolololololol

  32. Blue Toad

    Blue ToadBulan Yang lalu

    Ochido is a pedophile

  33. Novadestroyer The Sun destroyer

    Novadestroyer The Sun destroyerBulan Yang lalu

    What are these frames!!?

  34. Non ho voglia Di scrivere un nome originale

    Non ho voglia Di scrivere un nome originaleBulan Yang lalu

    Payday2 song at 0:40 seconds...this is what i lllllike

  35. N0XYN

    N0XYNBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome in Dead by Buglight!

  36. Franta

    FrantaBulan Yang lalu

    I love the pause scenes with OchiDO vioceover it's funny af (4:18)

  37. Dwight Fairfield

    Dwight FairfieldBulan Yang lalu

    Hey OchiDO i found a glitch when trapper is carrying a survivor and steps in his own trap, he will get stuck until a survivor steps in that trap. ITS THE FUNNIES THING EVER TRY IT PLEaSE LOVE UR VIDEOS BTW!!!

  38. The One

    The OneBulan Yang lalu

    3:29 Left Hand 👍

  39. Леонид Горбулёв

    Леонид ГорбулёвBulan Yang lalu

    10:03 на этом моменте реклама такая попробуйте лекарство от стресса)


    ZAXBAT_YTBulan Yang lalu

    0:10 WHAAATTTT????


    METAL MUSICBulan Yang lalu

    0:00 real bug?

  42. Szanyi0820

    Szanyi082028 hari yang lalu

    @METAL MUSIC Yup Dead by buglight :D


    METAL MUSIC28 hari yang lalu

    Szanyi0820 Really? It’s dead bug daylight XD

  44. Szanyi0820

    Szanyi082028 hari yang lalu

    It's an old recording from me, i think 1 year old but YEAH it really happened XD (clip owner :D)

  45. fataldiminition

    fataldiminitionBulan Yang lalu

    3:28 pretty good job so far

  46. Dwight Fairfield

    Dwight FairfieldBulan Yang lalu

    I literally was playing against trapper and he stepped in his trap and when he got out of it he immediately got trapped again over and over! He deserves it for camping BTW

  47. Snekky Snek

    Snekky Snek2 hari yang lalu

    Literally tho?

  48. Israel Maia

    Israel MaiaBulan Yang lalu

    1:42 oh shit my heart

  49. y i

    y iBulan Yang lalu

    4:10 4:32 8:02

  50. MythmakrOxymore

    MythmakrOxymoreBulan Yang lalu

    U disgust me

  51. kawan MG

    kawan MGBulan Yang lalu

    3:09 _hitboxes_

  52. Omkar Sangvikar

    Omkar SangvikarBulan Yang lalu

    0:00 when you're too busy scratching your balls that you forget your chainsaw

  53. Omkar Sangvikar

    Omkar SangvikarBulan Yang lalu

    So chainsaw is a common weapon not rare or higher

  54. Some Cynic

    Some CynicBulan Yang lalu

    3:13 *“w h a t t h e f u c k...?”*

  55. Brother ChrisGR

    Brother ChrisGRBulan Yang lalu

    6:49 I think we did Pretty good job so far

  56. Byrruz

    ByrruzBulan Yang lalu

    0:09 ?????????

  57. Mr. Maniac

    Mr. ManiacBulan Yang lalu

    Did he.... did he just.. pick up his chainsaw?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. WoLF___MaN.5

    WoLF___MaN.5Bulan Yang lalu

    7:35 Yeah, That’s me baby 😂 ( ez )

  59. WoLF___MaN.5

    WoLF___MaN.5Bulan Yang lalu

    SkilledJoshua Thanks ❤️

  60. SkilledJoshua

    SkilledJoshuaBulan Yang lalu

    Bro that's so cool well done

  61. C Moya

    C MoyaBulan Yang lalu

    I love this sound

  62. Nitiwat Chatratthapong

    Nitiwat ChatratthapongBulan Yang lalu

    1:42 fucking cracks me out I love it.

  63. DGS _YT-професионал

    DGS _YT-професионалBulan Yang lalu


  64. Max Model

    Max ModelBulan Yang lalu

    What if a survivor can hold the chainsaw

  65. Jalen Kirk

    Jalen KirkBulan Yang lalu

    That was some god tier editing on the first one

  66. Cade Brandt

    Cade BrandtBulan Yang lalu

    What if a survivor picked up the chainsaw and killed the killer.

  67. 名前は無いです

    名前は無いですBulan Yang lalu