David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair


  1. David Dobrik

    David Dobrik8 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol

  2. All Gacha

    All Gacha2 hari yang lalu

    Your awesome

  3. Dayana Zagal

    Dayana Zagal5 hari yang lalu

    David Dobrik you’re definitely not a 6, you’re a whole snack, meaning you’re a 10❤️

  4. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul6 hari yang lalu


  5. maya 77pink

    maya 77pinkJam Yang lalu

    "are you actively trying to get her back" 7:30 LOL I died 🤣🤣🤣

  6. DemiiiNation

    DemiiiNationJam Yang lalu

    I hate questions that invades privacy. Makes him uncomfortable

  7. DemiiiNation

    DemiiiNationJam Yang lalu

    David 😢 sad to see you talk about Liza coz your face shows

  8. Jasmine Vuong

    Jasmine VuongJam Yang lalu

    9:10 That part really makes me sad just listening to him say that.

  9. floconne 2016

    floconne 2016Jam Yang lalu

    we need liza to do it!!!

  10. Heda Kom TriKru

    Heda Kom TriKruJam Yang lalu

    Is the bearded guy the only person with a lie detector? He’s everywhere now since the video he did with Shane 😂

  11. María José Guzmán Bejarano

    María José Guzmán BejaranoJam Yang lalu

    I love him

  12. BeautyBy Kenny

    BeautyBy KennyJam Yang lalu

    This just feels uncomfortable....

  13. paige carden

    paige cardenJam Yang lalu

    Your not attractive in a weird way your just attractive and I would call you an 8 or 9 cause you are super adorable

  14. • Peachypink__ Hime •

    • Peachypink__ Hime •Jam Yang lalu

    DAVID IS SO CUTE !!!!!

  15. • Peachypink__ Hime •

    • Peachypink__ Hime •2 jam yang lalu

    " is this your girlfriend " shows picture of lizza " no " oh I'm so sorry " no its ok " are us sure 'LOL

  16. Isabella Whiten

    Isabella Whiten2 jam yang lalu

    He looks so depressed and sad near the end.

  17. Hbic

    Hbic2 jam yang lalu

    As a Chicagoan I appreciate his honesty about the suburbs.

  18. Kami Brewer's Adventures

    Kami Brewer's Adventures2 jam yang lalu

    I thought this was gonna be funny and stuff but the guy is so serious

  19. Téa Martin

    Téa Martin2 jam yang lalu

    "How high are you right now?" "Uuuhhhhhhh?????" 😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

  20. Alanna Pelaez

    Alanna Pelaez2 jam yang lalu

    He’s so cute😍😍😍

  21. Ayaz

    Ayaz2 jam yang lalu

    "Are you happy" "yes." And the thing flung, poor guy

  22. Mercedes Heisterberg

    Mercedes Heisterberg2 jam yang lalu

    David needs to be showered in hugs and good vibes Jesus Christ.... I wish you all the best David!

  23. Lexi Rose

    Lexi Rose3 jam yang lalu

    i choked at 9:58

  24. elliot campbell

    elliot campbell3 jam yang lalu

    Lie detector tests are proven to be inaccurate and easy to fool these videos I get are for fun but don't take them so seriously

  25. bagelho1e

    bagelho1e3 jam yang lalu

    what’s the point of hooking him up to a lie detector if they’re going to ask such inane questions. he wouldn’t need to lie about this stuff anyway

  26. noodles

    noodles3 jam yang lalu

    this is like asmr

  27. RiceStealer

    RiceStealer4 jam yang lalu

    damnet i was waiting for them to ask about his sexuality-

  28. Facetious Times

    Facetious Times4 jam yang lalu

    It actually broke my heart when it said he lied when they asked him if he was happy and he said yes 💔

  29. Carmi 666

    Carmi 6664 jam yang lalu

    Giggly b💕tch

  30. The Nat Pack

    The Nat Pack5 jam yang lalu

    The way he bit his lip for Scotty !!!🤣🤣🤣

  31. llambii 13

    llambii 135 jam yang lalu

    Why would he say one thing then revert to the truth even when it wasn’t something bad HAHHSHA I love David he’s my favourite HAHA

  32. Janine Pillay

    Janine Pillay6 jam yang lalu

    Vanity fair sucks. They just bullied him for 15 minutes. It wasn't funny

  33. Destiney Icenhour

    Destiney Icenhour6 jam yang lalu


  34. Abby 1017

    Abby 10177 jam yang lalu

    The interviewer's voice is so soothing and makes him sound like a psychopath lol (in a good way)

  35. Leah Perez

    Leah Perez7 jam yang lalu

    Idkw but this was super weird, and he's definitely high wtf

  36. Kahlan Murray

    Kahlan Murray7 jam yang lalu

    David is def cuter than Cameron Dallas

  37. mr. man

    mr. man7 jam yang lalu

    I cant believe they forced him to answer these questions, poor guy doesn't want to be there but they wont even let him leave, not cool, if you zoom in on his chest you can see they have used a snorkel to tie him to the chair, not cool guys. not cool

  38. mr. man

    mr. man7 jam yang lalu

    just so you guys know, when your upset you don't smile and laugh all the time, now you can stop feeling sorry for a guy who doesn't want or need people feeling sad when he doesn't even feel sad himself lol

  39. Jos Sanz

    Jos Sanz7 jam yang lalu

    They threw Liza in there quick lol

  40. chloe tan

    chloe tan8 jam yang lalu

    Ooo the tea

  41. Jolie Mwah

    Jolie Mwah8 jam yang lalu

    Every time he laughed I laughed looool

  42. NoodlesnPlushies

    NoodlesnPlushies8 jam yang lalu

    “So.. You smoke weed?” “Tsk, no.” “David.” “... A little bit.”

  43. EmoSMOSHBride

    EmoSMOSHBride8 jam yang lalu

    this was so hard to watch, w they do him dirty like that!?

  44. nothing 26

    nothing 268 jam yang lalu

    you should bring liza in there too

  45. Ahana M.

    Ahana M.10 jam yang lalu

    15:05 that was kinda sad😂😭

  46. Elizabeth Keslow

    Elizabeth Keslow10 jam yang lalu

    Ok buuuut Dolan twins are NOT funnier than him

  47. Kanak Sringa

    Kanak Sringa11 jam yang lalu

    This video was so intense!!!!

  48. Kelly Schnitzel

    Kelly Schnitzel11 jam yang lalu

    What was the time when he showed a picture of Natalie

  49. Kelly Schnitzel

    Kelly Schnitzel3 jam yang lalu

    +J idreporter.net/v/video-R8c0ghYdlbg.html

  50. J

    J7 jam yang lalu

    Kelly Schnitzel he never showed a pic of Natalie

  51. Priniana Kashokulu

    Priniana Kashokulu11 jam yang lalu

    I can see David sweating

  52. Christinaaa G.

    Christinaaa G.11 jam yang lalu

    David is so precious 💞💕💓

  53. Noel King

    Noel King12 jam yang lalu

    15:35 😂


    RAHEMEEN BALOCH12 jam yang lalu

    all the peeps who love the dolans like i do like this comment

  55. kikie Ann

    kikie Ann12 jam yang lalu

    Are you happy now? Shows a picture of he and Liza. Are you happy now? Chin quivers 9:34

  56. Faith 123

    Faith 12313 jam yang lalu

    When they started talking about the marijuana part lol 😂☠️

  57. Faith 123

    Faith 12313 jam yang lalu

    I don’t like the way they keep on bringing up Liza it was kinda annoying

  58. Semi Wohlgemuth

    Semi Wohlgemuth13 jam yang lalu

    Ahhhh David 😭 you could see the hurt in his eyes

  59. Mika Salvador

    Mika Salvador13 jam yang lalu

    He is sooooooo cute!

  60. Taylor Hauser

    Taylor Hauser15 jam yang lalu

    David’s smile is 💖😍🥰🤩😇😻💖💜❤️👏🏽😆🤩🥰❤️

  61. TheHalfSuckedMango

    TheHalfSuckedMango16 jam yang lalu

    What the heck is he doing with his tongue

  62. Just Reveals

    Just Reveals16 jam yang lalu

    He’s so cute!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Jaedean Driedger

    Jaedean Driedger16 jam yang lalu

    He was so nervous

  64. Jessica Eberbach

    Jessica Eberbach16 jam yang lalu

    David honestly looked really hurt throughout this

  65. Lu `

    Lu `16 jam yang lalu

    These comments are so funny, everyone saying he looked so sad when asked about Liza, like c'mon what did u want him to do laugh? I feel that both of them are moving on, and soon maybe will see them with new partners..

  66. Juliana M. Baus

    Juliana M. Baus16 jam yang lalu

    He is a 9 for meeeeee♥️

  67. ttv Cipher

    ttv Cipher16 jam yang lalu

    Oh trust me president trumpet is not going to deport you it’s 10 million against one

  68. Emily A

    Emily A16 jam yang lalu

    Your not a 6 your a hard 10

  69. LpsMellowPro

    LpsMellowPro17 jam yang lalu

    He does drugs?! 😱🤮he seems super sad

  70. Leo Hoch

    Leo Hoch17 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone else not want this video to end?

  71. Jaylyn Wampler

    Jaylyn Wampler17 jam yang lalu

    I could tell he felt very uncomfortable. I would never take a lie detector test because if I really exposed myself as a youtuber (if I was) I would get humiliated for my past mistakes and mistakes I’ve made in present years

  72. menuki and munuki

    menuki and munuki18 jam yang lalu

    he got so uncomfortable lmao

  73. hijabi210

    hijabi21018 jam yang lalu

    Why does he do that with his tongue? XD It's oddly kept at the forefront of his mouth ... :|

  74. mxrjxrie pxrxz

    mxrjxrie pxrxz18 jam yang lalu


  75. Rosie Ochoa

    Rosie Ochoa18 jam yang lalu

    The Dolan twins and Emma are not even funny at all. David is 100% funnier

  76. Radlene

    Radlene18 jam yang lalu

    that last "NO" killed me lmao

  77. Diana Beane

    Diana Beane19 jam yang lalu

    Hes the cutest thing ever i cant

  78. ejam rashidie

    ejam rashidie19 jam yang lalu

    since when he's cute

  79. mark tuan

    mark tuan19 jam yang lalu

    idk if this sounds weird but David Dobrik is somehow attractive

  80. Kiddo Robles

    Kiddo Robles19 jam yang lalu

    Did no one want them to ask him about Natalie. Don’t get me wrong LOVE Liza and him and don’t want but also don’t care if David and Natalie get together but just wanted to hear answers even if it’s not about their relationship

  81. E

    E19 jam yang lalu

    David looks so pained to have mentioned the backhanded compliments...I myself find those hurt and stick the most.


    LLAMA LLAMA19 jam yang lalu

    its courteney cox everyone

  83. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson20 jam yang lalu

    “You dating anyone?” David quaking and the scale moving

  84. B B

    B B20 jam yang lalu

    This is David Dobrik feeling uncomfortable for 15min straight

  85. B B

    B B20 jam yang lalu

    David is just adorable

  86. Pray4Me

    Pray4Me20 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like DjSmallzEyes

  87. B B

    B B20 jam yang lalu

    I was not expecting this many questions about Liza like do they enjoy seeing his pain 😅

  88. Aah Bopp

    Aah Bopp20 jam yang lalu

    David you're A D O R A B L E.

  89. laura

    laura20 jam yang lalu

    literally weakkkkkk every he licks his lips or does that cute thing where he sticks out his tongue 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  90. Sophie Grande

    Sophie Grande21 jam yang lalu

    why is he so cute

  91. ThatNiggaAsian

    ThatNiggaAsian21 jam yang lalu


  92. Ella Nelson

    Ella Nelson21 jam yang lalu

    He’s so cute ahhhh

  93. I am anonymous

    I am anonymous21 jam yang lalu

    He’s a cutieeee with a nice smile( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  94. Joe Brooks

    Joe Brooks21 jam yang lalu

    he was totally high, what, oh my god

  95. jennifer gutierrez

    jennifer gutierrez21 jam yang lalu

    I have to say it David is so cute my 💓

  96. jennifer gutierrez

    jennifer gutierrez21 jam yang lalu

    Just like that David made me cry

  97. Danny Mendez

    Danny Mendez22 jam yang lalu

    He's high af

  98. Tori LeBlanc

    Tori LeBlanc22 jam yang lalu


  99. Jennie DaWeirdo

    Jennie DaWeirdo22 jam yang lalu

    I’m wheezing when he pulled out the picture of Logan Paul 😂

  100. elizabeth sjsd

    elizabeth sjsd22 jam yang lalu

    5:30-5:34 HAS ME DYING LMAO

  101. Henry Froehlich

    Henry Froehlich23 jam yang lalu

    David no one is funnier than ur dumbass


    FIONA ZAKAR23 jam yang lalu

    I am prob the only comment soooo surprised he smokes weed

  103. whynot shaboop

    whynot shaboop23 jam yang lalu

    i find david attractive. just because he's hot

  104. Em Nich

    Em Nich23 jam yang lalu

    David you’re a cutie don’t pay attention to the backhanded comments! xx

  105. Charske Vlogs

    Charske Vlogs23 jam yang lalu

    "What did you win?" "All-State in Tennis" Giggle