David Bowie - Valentine's Day (Official Music Video)


  1. The Last Guitar Hero

    The Last Guitar HeroHari Yang lalu

    ... Waterloo sunset

  2. Carl Newton

    Carl NewtonHari Yang lalu

    At 3.08 is exactly how he looked at me when he overheard me say to a work mate "do you think I could get a sneaky picture?" when he was standing about 5ft away from me. He was visiting a well known building in London where I worked at the time.(about 10 years after he vanished) I left the area shortly after, not believing I was that close to David Bowie! Never to be forgotten.

  3. Left Is Best

    Left Is Best6 hari yang lalu

    He was prolific and beautiful and sweet and kind. I don't want to live in a World with Trump as US President and no David Bowie. Somebody kill me.

  4. Kent Karlsson

    Kent Karlsson6 hari yang lalu

    Så bra.

  5. lazare bedukadze

    lazare bedukadze7 hari yang lalu

    me:asks the quiet kid at school which Valentine's day song he likes the most the quiet kid:Valentine's day by David Bowie me:we're all gonna fu*king die

  6. schlumbl84

    schlumbl8411 hari yang lalu


  7. Khoa Do

    Khoa Do12 hari yang lalu

    The most emotional, expressive MV I've ever seen.

  8. Willie Gordon

    Willie Gordon13 hari yang lalu

    Love it Love it. Love it.

  9. Fábio Dias Pinheiro

    Fábio Dias Pinheiro14 hari yang lalu

    "Brasil na ativa com som do David Bowie !!!"

  10. Francesca Bruna Baiocchi

    Francesca Bruna Baiocchi14 hari yang lalu

    Mi vengono le lacrime agli occhi....non è sicuramente la sua più bella canzone....ma è il suo congedo...grazie.

  11. Mike HD

    Mike HD14 hari yang lalu

    What is the name of his guitar??

  12. EchoBowie

    EchoBowie14 hari yang lalu


  13. Eve Sab

    Eve Sab14 hari yang lalu

    Ciao David......................... !

  14. Ryan Pettibone

    Ryan Pettibone15 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone know if this has any connection to Raul Malo’s: something tells me? Sounds almost identical

  15. Ian Dall

    Ian Dall15 hari yang lalu

    That is Metal

  16. innoc3ntbystndr

    innoc3ntbystndr16 hari yang lalu

    Happy Birthday to the Thin White Duke!

  17. Raphael Barros Miranda

    Raphael Barros Miranda16 hari yang lalu

    How I miss him! Happy birthday Bowie!

  18. Opus Magna

    Opus Magna17 hari yang lalu

    David's response to gun violence around the world. I didn't realise it at the time the video came out, but I was transfixed to the screen every time this came on. You can see, from the beginning of the video, it was all this-is-a-music-video. Then it seriously turned sinister, shadows started giving shape to what he was really doing with the guitar. At a few points, the guitar doesn't even look like a guitar. Even in the shadows. David's face slowly also starts to take on lunacy as well, a satirical take on what them shooters are viewed as. That's as best as I could describe it.

  19. Yoongo Bongo

    Yoongo Bongo17 hari yang lalu

    Happy birthday David Bowie, i love u!❤

  20. Vero Tracaman

    Vero Tracaman17 hari yang lalu

    Valentín futuro nombre .

  21. Magic Dance

    Magic Dance19 hari yang lalu

    This is why I love David Bowie so much, he could always get a message across in subtle and unique ways

  22. wagwan //

    wagwan //20 hari yang lalu

    rip bowie, true legend

  23. Lina Olofsson

    Lina Olofsson20 hari yang lalu


  24. Flash HarelKrash

    Flash HarelKrash21 hari yang lalu

    First heard this song in 2016, a few months after his passing. It's stuck with me ever since. When I think of Bowie, first song I think of is this song. I love his older work. He was always brilliant but this is the song that sticks with me the most.

  25. P.R. S.

    P.R. S.22 hari yang lalu

    After watching this clip a lot of times, just now I realize he used that kind of guitar because it looks like a gun. LOL

  26. коно Кира даб

    коно Кира даб22 hari yang lalu

    Смотря этот клип, чувство, будто он до сих пор живой... А почему глаза в слезах?

  27. Comp Alley

    Comp Alley25 hari yang lalu

    What is type of guitar is DB using in the vid..

  28. Renaud Renard

    Renaud Renard25 hari yang lalu

    That guitar solo...

  29. policemanandrew

    policemanandrew25 hari yang lalu

    It is amazing how your teeth get better with age. Like fine wine. See ya soon Dave. x

  30. Marcela Garcia Amezquita

    Marcela Garcia Amezquita26 hari yang lalu

    Lo amo tanto🖤

  31. old lady bird

    old lady bird28 hari yang lalu

    When first heard David Bowie I felt I had fallen in love with an alien.so sad he's gone.

  32. Ragnvald

    Ragnvald29 hari yang lalu

    what record is this song on?

  33. Ben Rubel

    Ben Rubel26 hari yang lalu

    The Next Day

  34. T Gev

    T Gev29 hari yang lalu

    I saw Lazarus a few days ago. This song is still in my head. Amazing.

  35. joe a

    joe aBulan Yang lalu

    one of his late career highlights. this album was sorely overlooked, and it was what helped me get into him back when I was in high school!

  36. Chuk Blak

    Chuk BlakBulan Yang lalu

    🎄 Merry Christmas

  37. J Jones

    J JonesBulan Yang lalu

    He is so hot here! He ages like fine wine.

  38. Ginette Lavoie

    Ginette LavoieBulan Yang lalu

    Il est magnifique, j’aime cet homme, artistiquement il est sublime et à travers les années il a bien vieilli. Bisous David !

  39. Ginette Lavoie

    Ginette LavoieBulan Yang lalu

    Oh mon commentaire était pour David Bowie .... cela c’est ajouté à .... Pink Floyd ... pas grave j’apprécie énormément !

  40. Insomniac Dreams

    Insomniac DreamsBulan Yang lalu

    I miss him so much , several years of catching up to do with his music!💞

  41. Games Go

    Games GoBulan Yang lalu

    Your eyes....😍

  42. Jessica Smith

    Jessica SmithBulan Yang lalu

    No one else, only you could sing this way. 💌 #cupidsnotstupid 💌 #trueblue 💌

  43. Lexie DaMoose

    Lexie DaMooseBulan Yang lalu

    God, what a legend.

  44. samyoung2000paris

    samyoung2000parisBulan Yang lalu

    It is the right and the duty of the citizen to be armed to the teeth. Do not trust the State. Long live to the American individual. And to hell with Bowie and their pussified European counterparts.

  45. Dyls Wife

    Dyls WifeBulan Yang lalu

    Released in 2013.. and the parkland shooting happened valentines day 2018. Weird...

  46. Isabelleta Diaz

    Isabelleta DiazBulan Yang lalu

    Te extrañamos Bowie!!

  47. Hannah Brown

    Hannah BrownBulan Yang lalu

    Am I the only one to notice he has tears in his eyes. :(

  48. folk

    folkBulan Yang lalu

    Simplement genial

  49. smiley satanson

    smiley satansonBulan Yang lalu

    im honestly sure if he was to make an intro to an animated serie he would do it like this

  50. Krusty The Clown

    Krusty The ClownBulan Yang lalu

    Not good. Sorry Bowie... Too Beatles-ish or John Lennon-ish for me....

  51. Krusty The Clown

    Krusty The ClownBulan Yang lalu

    @Trinity Maybe bad opinion according to you. Just remember music taste Are subjective. Or personal if you Will. So it really makes No sense to call My taste, or opinion bad. Its just My taste. You have your taste. And thats fine. Anyway. We Are both Bowie fans. That's something we can agree on. Peace. Regards Krusty in Denmark.

  52. Trinity

    TrinityBulan Yang lalu

    Krusty The Clown bad opinion

  53. Márton Magyar

    Márton MagyarBulan Yang lalu

    I like it. *o*

  54. Natabee Pluche

    Natabee PlucheBulan Yang lalu



    EMPERORS RETURNBulan Yang lalu

    Gottmensch David.Du warst nicht von dieser Welt.

  56. Ingrid Mueller

    Ingrid MuellerBulan Yang lalu

    Wish he would be stil alive

  57. Ingrid Mueller

    Ingrid MuellerBulan Yang lalu

    @samyoung2000paris thank you för correcture.i learned english 45 years ago and i am Not so fit in it today

  58. samyoung2000paris

    samyoung2000parisBulan Yang lalu

    Wish he were (subjunctive tense) still alive. Learn English, you cretin.

  59. Wingo's Meme Abyss

    Wingo's Meme AbyssBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t y’all love how we’ve had TWO mass shootings on a day which, conceptually, is a celebration of love?

  60. Ray Wood

    Ray WoodBulan Yang lalu

    Outside of the daily dead, dollars bent an twisted metals

  61. SuperChrisgaffney

    SuperChrisgaffney2 bulan yang lalu

    Bowie wrote valentines day to be his version of waterloo sunset by the kinks. which he also did a great cover of....notice the backing vocals and a mention of teddy and Judy.,.

  62. carmella gesser

    carmella gesser2 bulan yang lalu

    RIP David. U r truly missed😢😞

  63. Robyn Barr

    Robyn Barr2 bulan yang lalu

    Just recently became a fan of Bowie and I now listen to his music, specifically this song, everyday.

  64. Steve Saxon

    Steve SaxonBulan Yang lalu

    You’re very lucky Robyn

  65. Jacob Menard

    Jacob Menard2 bulan yang lalu


  66. Dr. Potato

    Dr. Potato2 bulan yang lalu

    Strange guitar

  67. Wiley Coyote

    Wiley Coyote2 bulan yang lalu

    Our nation has a "defense" budget greater than that of the next nine nations combined, and yet is still incapable of protecting its own citizens.

  68. Scott Ferguson

    Scott Ferguson2 bulan yang lalu

    Creepy and beautiful, the essential Bowie. Love it