Dating My Best Friends Brother | Hannah Stocking


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    Ahoj koukám na vás a ste ftipní,haha

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    You are the best❤

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    I wish I could get someone like you

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    Hannah: dad!

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    Pierson: i thought you were gonna tell you SISTER about us” Me:isn’t that Hannah’s best friend

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    😂😂😂😆😆😆ur dad was dating ur best friend and she didn't want u to date ur brother

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    Hi Hannah stocking

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    Omg it’s brooks from Jessie

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    I don't like his sister at all

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    You're dating your best friend brother but at the same time you never know if your best friend is dating your brother!!!!!ಠ︵ಠ

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    Bf sis:dating my brother is d despicable. Hannah: the heart wants what the heart wants. Car pulls up...... Hannah: who is that❓ Bff:that's my ride Car window winds down... Hannahs dad: hey hot stuff Hannah:DAD!!!!!!!!

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    Gooooooood dance

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    The last part was so funny but weird because if I saw an old man I wouldn't date him

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    My bestfriends brother is the one for me

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    Dear god .... this ppl are trash.

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    My fav part was when u screamed dad

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    End LOVE❤❤❤

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    My sister has that toy🤣

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    this is the best


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    Brooks? I thought that you were in Africa

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    Can you come to Barbados please 😢😢

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    Pls time stamp the part where it is actually funny tnks.

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    A similar thing happened to my friends. So my friend D who’s best friends with friend F was dating friend f’s brother. And friend f DOESNT like that. She was angry at her. But I’m the end, we found out that friend f was dating friend d’s sister.... so that was awkward...( btw they aren’t friends anymore)

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    The llama 😂😂😂

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    Who else lowkey ships Hannah and Pierson?

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    Ahhahahahhahahah It funny🤣🤣😂😂

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    Hannah did her.... edges.

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    Part of this was in a TikTok

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    2:54 😂😂

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    Hannah i love your youtube video

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    pirson is i the show jessie!!!

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    Is he Brooke’s from Jessie

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    Hannah. Stocking. Unfollow all of your friends on Tik Tok

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    I thought on 0:0 the tree trunk was long hair

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    And funny

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    I meant weird

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    This is wierd

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    Hannah: Dad! Hannah’s dad: hey hot stuff ready to go Hannah’s best friend: that’s my date

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    every ever funny

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    the end

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    My Bff has that lama

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    You should respect ur bff and ship them w ur bro.

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    literally, all her date videos end the same way. sis change it up

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    the sister's acting is so bad

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    0:45 oml I have a llama like that but it's white 😂

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    The part of the dog was very beautiful part

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    I hate the best friend not Hannah the other girl

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    my moms best friend got married to her brother and now she is my aunt. and i love her

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    3:38 Hannah broke character😂😂😂

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    I miss your old vdos :(