Dating A Comedian. Andrew Rivers


  1. Shumete Sam

    Shumete SamBulan Yang lalu

    Woman - 'you better be nice to me my dad has a black belt.' Andrew is like "I don't care my dad has a Black friend and he has a purple suit"😂😂

  2. Brenna Hall

    Brenna Hall2 bulan yang lalu

    Definitely can relate to dating someone I am more manly than and stronger than. 99% of my exes. It is hilarious to watch them struggle with something and I wait until the go to get a dolly or something- I pick it up and wander off with it 🤣 Good luck with the bringing someone home bit. I don't have time to meet people either.

  3. kaylaglazz

    kaylaglazz4 bulan yang lalu

    i thought...this was Perez Hilton

  4. Dissonantia Cognitiva

    Dissonantia Cognitiva4 bulan yang lalu

    Someone needs to lay off the soy

  5. Lance Baker

    Lance Baker4 bulan yang lalu

    When he has nothing to say, he says "X-BOX".

  6. Lance Baker

    Lance Baker4 bulan yang lalu

    I don't understand half of what he says. The part I understand isn't funny.

  7. Angelina Christine Stewart

    Angelina Christine Stewart4 bulan yang lalu

    I can TOTALLY relate! My dating life is NON-EXISTENT!

  8. bubgum00

    bubgum004 bulan yang lalu

    He should have said, “My dad has a few black belts too and they’re hanging in his closet.”

  9. gemi dancer

    gemi dancer4 bulan yang lalu


  10. salwa Aj

    salwa Aj4 bulan yang lalu

    jim carrey-ish? no?

  11. salwa Aj

    salwa Aj4 bulan yang lalu

    @Andrew Rivers it's irrelevent, but it could cheer you up. I'm tunisian, from north Africa. You do realise how far your audience goes? Good luck!

  12. Andrew Rivers

    Andrew Rivers4 bulan yang lalu

    I get that once in a while lol

  13. Kat Loveslife

    Kat Loveslife4 bulan yang lalu

    I’m dating a comedian and he does talk about us lol. And I’m ok with that! 😍

  14. hockeycub19

    hockeycub194 bulan yang lalu

    Lol I have a black friend

  15. cutetimesinfinity

    cutetimesinfinity4 bulan yang lalu

    He's such a cutie pie. He's like a blonde Keebler elf.

  16. R N

    R N4 bulan yang lalu

    Can someone please explain the purple shirt reference? I don’t get it.

  17. Wisdom Tshembo

    Wisdom Tshembo4 bulan yang lalu

    Black friend 😂😂😂super good

  18. Dianna Simon

    Dianna Simon4 bulan yang lalu

    I love your sense of humor Andrew lol.. There's a war.. on my Xbox lol

  19. Mary M

    Mary M4 bulan yang lalu

    Fifty-four black people with purple suits disliked this video.

  20. _Suburban_

    _Suburban_4 bulan yang lalu

    "I have a lot of female friends, because they put me there." Haha. . . awww.

  21. Gabri'el Alexander

    Gabri'el Alexander4 bulan yang lalu

    This guy was really good. I like this channel because it exposes us to comedians that we would have never heard of

  22. Andrew Rivers

    Andrew Rivers4 bulan yang lalu

    Me too!

  23. Khabirat Abioye

    Khabirat Abioye4 bulan yang lalu

    He jokes about rape and scary black men. I don't see the humor in that. Aside from that, he's pretty decent.

  24. E rA

    E rA4 bulan yang lalu

    Funny except for black being scary....not cool.

  25. Dante 525

    Dante 5254 bulan yang lalu

    E rA Black comics tell jokes about whites all the time.

  26. E K Daufin

    E K Daufin4 bulan yang lalu

    You nailed it.

  27. E K Daufin

    E K Daufin4 bulan yang lalu

    Now we’re both victims!

  28. E K Daufin

    E K Daufin4 bulan yang lalu

    I buy girls drinks all the time!

  29. Robert Schwartz

    Robert Schwartz4 bulan yang lalu

    My dad has a reversible belt.

  30. Ole Sauffaus

    Ole Sauffaus2 bulan yang lalu

    My dad too. One side is brown, and the other side is, a whip.

  31. ChihiroOh

    ChihiroOh4 bulan yang lalu

    He funny

  32. marmar b

    marmar b4 bulan yang lalu

    idk why but he reminds me of vault boy from fallout 😂

  33. Gh Gh

    Gh Gh4 bulan yang lalu

    Exactly 😂😂

  34. Kim Lotter

    Kim Lotter4 bulan yang lalu

    Brilliant hey!

  35. Mark Gigiel

    Mark Gigiel4 bulan yang lalu

    Oh No, it's Blackman and Robin.

  36. chukwuemeka Benjamin OBIOHA

    chukwuemeka Benjamin OBIOHA4 bulan yang lalu

    My dad has a black belt,my dad has black friend and a purple shirt that dual insurance policy

  37. RedCaio

    RedCaio4 bulan yang lalu

    Not a fan of the racist jokes

  38. ChipArgyle

    ChipArgyle4 bulan yang lalu

    Doesn't matter which 'zone' she puts you in, she's using you for something.

  39. Lidija Cullen

    Lidija Cullen4 bulan yang lalu

    "buys girls drinks all the time....."

  40. Breanne Doria

    Breanne Doria4 bulan yang lalu

    32 and still looking good~ 😘🤣 Love a guy that can make me laugh. What a wisecracker!

  41. UberKrassMann

    UberKrassMann4 bulan yang lalu

    you must be 14 if you think that 32 is an age where most people already stop looking good....

  42. Lateef Lovejoy ENTERTAINMENT

    Lateef Lovejoy ENTERTAINMENT4 bulan yang lalu

    This is a great Channel! would love to appear in this!

  43. Megami lloyd

    Megami lloyd4 bulan yang lalu

    i think the part about a black friend being more dangerous in America is a joke...try telling this to the police

  44. iloveflowers !

    iloveflowers !4 bulan yang lalu

    He's so funny and nice looking...I don't understand why any girl would put him in the friend zone! . I'd date him in a heartbeat.

  45. iloveflowers !

    iloveflowers !4 bulan yang lalu

    @Andrew Rivers HĚĽĻÖ! ;) You are SOOOOOOO fine!! And I love your upbeat energy! Keep up the great work! XXXOOO

  46. Andrew Rivers

    Andrew Rivers4 bulan yang lalu

    Well. HELLO

  47. prokiller grape

    prokiller grape4 bulan yang lalu

    Try dating someone who thinks they are a comedian😂

  48. Paul Dunn

    Paul Dunn4 bulan yang lalu

    @Joel Murphy I'm going to say yes only to hold up my previous statement. Haha but I thought about that after I wrote it haha

  49. Joel Murphy

    Joel Murphy4 bulan yang lalu

    Does it count if the “someone” is yourself on a lonely Friday night?

  50. Julia Levelle

    Julia Levelle4 bulan yang lalu


  51. Paul Dunn

    Paul Dunn4 bulan yang lalu

    Hey I think I'm a comedian and I'm offended.... ah who am I kidding you're right

  52. qwertyqwery5511

    qwertyqwery55114 bulan yang lalu

    My fiance IS a black belt. She's never had to warn me to be nice to her...

  53. Maxid1

    Maxid14 bulan yang lalu

    I think that last joke was suitist.