Dan Hardy's Open Mat: UFC 237, Namajunas vs Andrade, Silva vs Cannonier, Aldo vs Volkanovski


  1. oldeeys

    oldeeys21 hari yang lalu

    best thanks dan and team!

  2. TheLearningPhase

    TheLearningPhase27 hari yang lalu

    Leon looks a bit hungry. Somebody order him a 3 piece. No soda this time please.

  3. Philip Chan

    Philip ChanBulan Yang lalu

    Rose has the skill to beat her in fact but she needs a right game plan to realise that.

  4. Fabi Alejo

    Fabi AlejoBulan Yang lalu

    Saying that Rose was winning until the slam is like saying the dinosaurs were thriving until a comet fell down from the sky... the result doesn´t change, and... they are not here anymore

  5. TheTaralovesmakeup

    TheTaralovesmakeupBulan Yang lalu

    Dan Hardy was a great fighter. Dan Hardy has transitioned beautifully from fighter to commentator. I hope he has a long career. As for the old fighters on the card, Father Time has a perfect record in all sports. The fighter needs his family and his team to tell him when to bow out gracefully.

  6. Franc Mittelo

    Franc MitteloBulan Yang lalu

    No, he wasn't. Just look at his UFC record. He has lost 4 in a row. LOL

  7. Chris Tifflin

    Chris TifflinBulan Yang lalu

    Can't hear what they're saying. Background noise is too much.

  8. Followme ปี๊ดสก๊าช Chanel

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  9. Ant Jonez 218

    Ant Jonez 218Bulan Yang lalu

    I had a feeling Anderson was gonna actually win this fight in classic silva mode yes he lost and blah but i dont take this as a defeat same wit the second weidman fight. But this one i had a feeling he was knock out dude but cannonier looked in the best shape he ever has

  10. Alpha-Q-Up

    Alpha-Q-UpBulan Yang lalu

    Andrade outclassed Rose in the clinch and wrestling.

  11. Dash

    DashBulan Yang lalu

    I wouldn’t say she outclassed her in either. Rose dropped her from Thai clinch. First takedown attempt rose stopped from the Kimura grip. Yes Andrade may be better in the clinch from sheer power and strength and is a better wrestler, but outclassed her. No

  12. Robert Saladino

    Robert SaladinoBulan Yang lalu

    @Alpha-Q-Up she Donkey Konged her... Just brute strength not skill... Like the fat in school who sits on people.

  13. Alpha-Q-Up

    Alpha-Q-UpBulan Yang lalu

    @Robert Saladino yea thats true, ranged striking technique that is. Andrade outclassed Rose in the clinch technique and wrestling technique, which is why she won.

  14. Robert Saladino

    Robert SaladinoBulan Yang lalu

    Rose outclassed her in the stand-up and in technique

  15. mei woo

    mei wooBulan Yang lalu

    Birmingham boy

  16. Keep it Real

    Keep it RealBulan Yang lalu

    LEON EDWARDS IS A GREAT FIGHT REVIEWER and funny entertaining

  17. Keep it Real

    Keep it RealBulan Yang lalu

    great reviews

  18. Edm C

    Edm CBulan Yang lalu

    Leon’s voice goes through me

  19. kmden Rt

    kmden RtBulan Yang lalu

    The thumbnail for this video confused me. I thought that was Post Malone but it turned out to be Dan Hardy, lol

  20. Raheem Edwards

    Raheem EdwardsBulan Yang lalu

    6:35 😂😂😂

  21. Hamid Ali

    Hamid AliBulan Yang lalu


  22. George Phillips

    George PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    No rematch. 1 defence. Do Suarez vs Jessica.

  23. Saqib Ali

    Saqib AliBulan Yang lalu

    Rury got fobbed

  24. Saqib Ali

    Saqib Ali29 hari yang lalu

    yankov86 u are definitely set 8

  25. Dan JC BMX

    Dan JC BMXBulan Yang lalu

    Ggr got gobbed

  26. yankov86

    yankov86Bulan Yang lalu

    Whos rury rag head

  27. Saqib Ali

    Saqib AliBulan Yang lalu

    Fury got robbed

  28. Blackhaze3000

    Blackhaze300029 hari yang lalu

    Fury got knocked out twice

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