Daily Challenge #34 / Easy Art / Power lines at sunset painting


  1. Wow Art

    Wow ArtBulan Yang lalu

    Quick & Easy Art for beginners ►List of colours : lemon yellow, medium yellow, orange, permanent red for sky / white for sun Black for underpaint distant trees, Electric Columns, birds ►Acrylic Brand : Mont Marte amzn.to/33kTp88 ►Synthetic Fan brush : amzn.to/2P0sqJZ ►Pre-Primed canvas : amzn.to/2QVzmuu ►Canvas size : 8 x 8 inch ►Music by Aakash Gandhi Thank you for watching ! hope you enjoy it !

  2. master stroker

    master stroker2 jam yang lalu

    how it's look when he make it🌇 how it's look when you make it ☀️ 📁 ┻━┻

  3. Yasmin Masoud

    Yasmin Masoud15 jam yang lalu

    You are amasig

  4. Shiva Sivanandh

    Shiva Sivanandh16 jam yang lalu

    Which company colours

  5. Aditya Ugale

    Aditya UgaleHari Yang lalu

    What things are required for this paintings ?

  6. Ric Sanches

    Ric SanchesHari Yang lalu

    I really liked it from the start you are your channel name but the electric poles could have been avoided, could have kept it just about nature

  7. A Rod

    A Rod6 menit yang lalu

    3:41 play it at 2x, you’re welcome

  8. Sara Elizabeth

    Sara Elizabeth7 menit yang lalu

    I’m triggered that on the last pillar he did put the second connecting line... just me?

  9. silverfox

    silverfox17 menit yang lalu

    i just noticed this was posted on my birthday

  10. Dougie Owen

    Dougie Owen41 menit yang lalu

    8:15 Him: taking off the tape Me: Aaahhh, so satisfying 😌

  11. Bob Charlie

    Bob Charlie48 menit yang lalu

    Wow, cool art. I see interesting sky's all the time. I always wished I could paint it.

  12. Aoife Brady

    Aoife Brady52 menit yang lalu

    I liked it before the power lines i think they ruined the look

  13. chloe Robinson

    chloe Robinson54 menit yang lalu

    When it was all done it looked amazing If you agree hit that thumbs up ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  14. Luna1992

    Luna1992Jam Yang lalu

    My LOVE

  15. Monarch Moments

    Monarch MomentsJam Yang lalu

    WOW! 😮You made it look so easy! My daughter will love these videos 👍🏼

  16. Maya Abbott

    Maya AbbottJam Yang lalu

    The faces I made when he put the big black Lines in could make someone sick 🤮 and then I gave the biggest smile at the end ☺️

  17. Spongebob SquarePants

    Spongebob SquarePantsJam Yang lalu

    Hey guys I fell off the stairs today

  18. Therese Ellis

    Therese EllisJam Yang lalu

    I watched the video without seeing the channel name, said "WOW" after seeing the power lines, and then laughed upon noticing the channel's name. lol

  19. Alexis DoBuilds

    Alexis DoBuildsJam Yang lalu

    Is it just me or was this the only real “tutorial” that worked for me. I was chosen to be in a special art class and need to enhance my skills. OvO

  20. Mariam Mathias

    Mariam MathiasJam Yang lalu

    Lovely lovely beautiful, excellent work., beautiful art 🖼 I love ❤️ art very very much, I give you lots of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  21. FSL_ Mano

    FSL_ ManoJam Yang lalu


  22. Ximena Chavarria

    Ximena ChavarriaJam Yang lalu

    Casi lloro.

  23. VoX MrZip

    VoX MrZipJam Yang lalu

    There are actually 3,400 people who disliked this video. Probably antifa

  24. Nunya Business

    Nunya BusinessJam Yang lalu

    Should have just kept it with the yellow and red sunset

  25. Melon

    MelonJam Yang lalu

    I teared up cause the world could of looked like this but, it doesn’t.. 🥺😖😔

  26. Jasmine Roa

    Jasmine RoaJam Yang lalu

    Its nice i can feel sometimes the uncertainty that you have haha but it turns out good dont worry :) 💖💖💖

  27. deniz kılıç

    deniz kılıç2 jam yang lalu


  28. Iyonna Lewis

    Iyonna Lewis2 jam yang lalu

    Your painting is so pretty i wish i could paint like that

  29. Shiterrya Williams

    Shiterrya Williams2 jam yang lalu

    I'm scared of black 😥

  30. Lizzy Smyth

    Lizzy Smyth2 jam yang lalu

    Art puppy and and and and years and and and years time

  31. GachaGirl13 DIANA

    GachaGirl13 DIANA2 jam yang lalu


  32. saud alfaisal

    saud alfaisal2 jam yang lalu

    This short video it’s become may gate to enter world of art I will be good artist someday

  33. Xx neko neko xX

    Xx neko neko xX2 jam yang lalu

    Red and orange and yellow and yellow and WHITE learn yo colours 0:49 (oops I for got the colour sunset🤔)

  34. Dick Monolithik

    Dick Monolithik2 jam yang lalu

    *I am a lineman for the county*

  35. QueyRa Channel EnEstE

    QueyRa Channel EnEstE2 jam yang lalu

    Incredibly, this is the first time I saw a video of a painting falling in love and wanting to learn

  36. Peter Wishes

    Peter Wishes3 jam yang lalu


  37. Peter Wishes

    Peter Wishes3 jam yang lalu

    Thē tape. The inverse sun; til’. I gought it.

  38. Wijdjesnd Jdjskdmfj

    Wijdjesnd Jdjskdmfj3 jam yang lalu

    You should go to my school on the drawing exam lol!

  39. Unicorns are Forever

    Unicorns are Forever3 jam yang lalu

    Not to be rude but I think the red is WAY to dark

  40. Tomasz Kantoch

    Tomasz Kantoch3 jam yang lalu

    The sunset is really electrifying :D

  41. Awuku Kelvin

    Awuku Kelvin3 jam yang lalu


  42. Riley Green

    Riley Green3 jam yang lalu

    That's beautiful m8

  43. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn3 jam yang lalu

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  44. SHAH AD

    SHAH AD3 jam yang lalu


  45. Kiran raj kumar

    Kiran raj kumar4 jam yang lalu

    This is what happens when an artist create a world

  46. Nogs Galogs

    Nogs Galogs4 jam yang lalu

    The setting sun is not really white though. Otherwise awesome stuff!

  47. Sahil Dhere

    Sahil Dhere4 jam yang lalu

    I can watch that for the entire day

  48. Cuteアニメガール

    Cuteアニメガール4 jam yang lalu

    The peeling of tape was so satisfying!

  49. geronimojippie

    geronimojippie4 jam yang lalu

    I was so excited to see a 7.5 Million Click Picture. At 5:13 I thought: This is so corny! If he will paint some flying Birds I will burn the whole Painting down. But then I was like: Uuuuh... that was a close Call. And at 7:42 I was tilt XD

  50. lalit bhandari

    lalit bhandari4 jam yang lalu

    ✌️.........🤐 no words ✌great

  51. Simon Ngatia

    Simon Ngatia4 jam yang lalu

    The painting was okay until he added the black paint I thought it would get ruined

  52. Noah Railfanning

    Noah Railfanning4 jam yang lalu

    That music tho lol

  53. Jeetu Metha

    Jeetu Metha4 jam yang lalu

    OMG it's very nice..... I love the pent

  54. Ho ya

    Ho ya5 jam yang lalu

    الله الله حلوووو😍😍😍😍😍💚💚💚💚💚

  55. Nigel Shutt

    Nigel Shutt5 jam yang lalu

    Being honest here lol I really could do with the promotion here for my phone case shop www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DesignFactoryGB?ref=search_shop_redirect

  56. anshull maharajj

    anshull maharajj5 jam yang lalu

    this lovely art and music made me like all the comments i read....🤗😅

  57. Slim Whom

    Slim Whom5 jam yang lalu

    Bro the song is like im in heaven whats the title?

  58. Happy Hope

    Happy Hope5 jam yang lalu

    Looks like eazy🤭

  59. youreepic cool

    youreepic cool5 jam yang lalu

    i like cumming

  60. Abhi Kunchu

    Abhi Kunchu5 jam yang lalu

    Your art brings a new life which is refreshed.!!!The art is living!!👍👍❤️❤️

  61. Ranjana Dissanayaka

    Ranjana Dissanayaka6 jam yang lalu

    Amazing, true artist

  62. Shail

    Shail6 jam yang lalu

    Putting white on d sun, painting is incorrect.

  63. Aesthetic ᴋᴘᴏᴘ

    Aesthetic ᴋᴘᴏᴘ6 jam yang lalu

    I thought that its so hard but it actually isnt for beginner i did pretty good tbh But... I WAS SO SCARED TO PUT BLACK ON PAINT I CANT

  64. Jou Joue

    Jou Joue6 jam yang lalu

    #Superheroes - Mission Sauvetage #batman idreporter.net/v/video-gZTJk99wWGo.html

  65. SAKI 451

    SAKI 4516 jam yang lalu

    aahhh. the usual sight of camera footage that mocks my abilities in life. self esteem -420