Dahlias as Cut flowers


  1. Zamindar Nursery Farms

    Zamindar Nursery Farms13 hari yang lalu

    Hello. Do you have your whatsapp number.? Plz send me

  2. Gulzar

    Gulzar25 hari yang lalu

    F or C for the temperature?

  3. gsvmom

    gsvmom6 bulan yang lalu

    After these have been treated with hot water and cooled, do you recommend dahlias in an arangement using oasis? Wanting to use some in an arch arrangement for a wedding, wondering if it will last with a water source like oasis or water tube?

  4. Connie Gozzarino

    Connie GozzarinoTahun Yang lalu

    Very helpful! I was putting mine in a glass bowl, didn’t realize it should be plastic or metal! Thanks so much for the great advice!