Déjà vu? Dovizioso vs Marquez in last lap battles!


  1. MotoGP

    MotoGP4 hari yang lalu

    We still can’t believe how great the 2019 #AustrianGP was so we thought we would treat you all to some great last lap battles between Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez... but which is the greatest in your opinion? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  2. BAbemu-BAbeku #NGEBAS#

    BAbemu-BAbeku #NGEBAS#8 jam yang lalu

    Rossi is the best for Moto GP

  3. Ibat's Tecane

    Ibat's Tecane8 jam yang lalu

    Ende me si mejile the MotoGP ni Austria, malot ato tv ni ande me ngatose ....

  4. Pankaj Sharma

    Pankaj Sharma14 jam yang lalu

    MotoGP recent Austrian race

  5. Steven Harris

    Steven HarrisHari Yang lalu

    @salim shafie "seems". haha. number 93 is by far the best rider currently, but him and dovi from ducati make for a great pair of nemesis. (there is no english plural for nemsis)

  6. ICommandoI

    ICommandoI7 jam yang lalu

    That was awesome!

  7. Police Dog

    Police Dog7 jam yang lalu

    Dovi to Marquez:I told you homeboy u can't touch this Yeah that's how we're livin' and you know u can't touch this Look in my eyes man u can't touch this(by M.C. Hammer - from "Hammer Time"!)

  8. TaufanAKharisma

    TaufanAKharisma7 jam yang lalu

    Why kerb in redbull ring austria is different for motogp? (last corner)/ last lap

  9. fabian beltran

    fabian beltran7 jam yang lalu

    Quisiera saber cuantos mundiales le ha ganado a Márquez? Lo. Que importa siempre son el título. No una carrera que entre el uno y el dos la diferencia son sólo 5 puntos

  10. White Rascals

    White Rascals7 jam yang lalu

    Sto vs ross, dov vs mar

  11. gus arabel

    gus arabel8 jam yang lalu

    Marques es el mejor del mundo sin duda alguna. O no?

  12. danangaufklarung sunandar

    danangaufklarung sunandar8 jam yang lalu

    #Dovisioso 👏👏👏👏👍👍

  13. BAbemu-BAbeku #NGEBAS#

    BAbemu-BAbeku #NGEBAS#8 jam yang lalu

    Valentino Rossi is the best for Moto GP forever

  14. Gerard Wainwright

    Gerard Wainwright8 jam yang lalu

    What really matters is when you die you your soul will live forever either Heaven or Hell... We all must stand in the judgement seat of God and give an account for our lives... Regardless what you believe this will happen... l don't believe in parking fines but that fact doesn't get me out of paying one... Jeremiah 29:13 King James Version (KJV) 13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart... This is a promise from God ok, you go to him in total brokenness and with a remorseful heart... Please seek the Lord while he may be found... Only Jesus saves...

  15. Josu Barcones

    Josu Barcones8 jam yang lalu


  16. Dopi

    Dopi9 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, I win 😃

  17. Marten bako

    Marten bako9 jam yang lalu


  18. Azfardana Ramadhan

    Azfardana Ramadhan9 jam yang lalu

    5 1 series

  19. Guilherme Ferreira

    Guilherme Ferreira10 jam yang lalu

    Just look who has the most world titles and we'll know who is the best. It's no use having the fastest bike and not being able to win more than one race in a row. Marc Márquez is the best ever

  20. Cristito Alano

    Cristito Alano7 jam yang lalu

    Doctor is the best he holds the record champs crown.

  21. Tri Putra Nuur Fath

    Tri Putra Nuur Fath10 jam yang lalu

    absolutely madness from both

  22. Sugiarto Mochamad

    Sugiarto Mochamad10 jam yang lalu

    Congratulations for Andrea Dovizioso 😍😍😍🎖️🎖️🎖️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎁🎁🎁🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇


    PICA PICARO10 jam yang lalu

    I love you dov!!!

  24. sholeh gaming

    sholeh gaming11 jam yang lalu


  25. sholeh gaming

    sholeh gaming11 jam yang lalu


  26. Rifai vlog

    Rifai vlog12 jam yang lalu

    yang orang indonesia coba di absen dulu

  27. Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz

    Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz12 jam yang lalu

    Maybe now it is high time to compare no. of championchips? XD


    KUKUH.L STREAM12 jam yang lalu

    jagoan gua sejak 250 cc nih wakakkk

  29. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar12 jam yang lalu

    This same Fucker Vinales and even rossi were cribbing about these same bikes what FABIO and MORBIDELLI are using FABIO is ripping factory guys in older bike, just image how bad Vinales and Rossi were performing and blaming the bike last year Give FABIO latest YAMAHA, lets see what HONDA and DUCATI will do......

  30. Ali Nuri

    Ali Nuri13 jam yang lalu

    5 : 1 why not ?

  31. Freddy Granados

    Freddy Granados13 jam yang lalu

    Where’s Yamaha, and Kawasaki? Third place Rossi , aging is a bitch!

  32. Eddy Deloise

    Eddy Deloise13 jam yang lalu


  33. John Taylor

    John Taylor13 jam yang lalu

    Never seen this before. A rush and elevated heart rate watching. Ducati & Honda real rivalry. MORE PLEASE

  34. Marco Montagner

    Marco Montagner14 jam yang lalu

    Dovizioso have 4 balls ! Go Dovi!!!

  35. Peter Maguire

    Peter Maguire14 jam yang lalu

    I would like a camera on rossi battles.He is still so watchable.

  36. Iñigo Sesma

    Iñigo Sesma14 jam yang lalu

    Walt, who is the world champion?? Ahh okey okey. MARC MARQUEZ IS THE BEST OFF ALL TIME

  37. Cristito Alano

    Cristito Alano7 jam yang lalu

    Doctor is the best.

  38. steff serpent

    steff serpent14 jam yang lalu

    this is still the best motor racing u couldcwatch.m

  39. gsxrkz

    gsxrkz14 jam yang lalu

    I love watching Marquez lose and fall he's a cocky bastard I know he's great but I hate him, too bad yamaha's is a shit box with no power just like the street bike the R1 always left behind.

  40. stepian brahmantara

    stepian brahmantara14 jam yang lalu

    ducati for power , honda for stability

  41. Putu Cahya

    Putu Cahya15 jam yang lalu

    Dovi knows Marc very well

  42. Muchammad Fadlil

    Muchammad Fadlil15 jam yang lalu


  43. eman sulaeman

    eman sulaeman16 jam yang lalu

    34 trending.in indonesia

  44. Troll Profi

    Troll Profi16 jam yang lalu

    Marquez is clearly the best rider in the world but every close battle was won by Dovizioso

  45. Kapten Nemo

    Kapten Nemo16 jam yang lalu

    Marc & honda is fast, but no good in batle....

  46. Boni Arizona

    Boni Arizona17 jam yang lalu

    Waw trending

  47. txeo Ortiz

    txeo Ortiz17 jam yang lalu

    Mundiales dovi? Mundiales marc93? 😎🙈💪🏽

  48. jimjim suhardi

    jimjim suhardi17 jam yang lalu

    Where V.rossi? die?

  49. King Of Free

    King Of Free17 jam yang lalu

    Solo le falta lo mas importate el campeonato! algo que marquez tiene x5

  50. Dyrga Rizky Pratama

    Dyrga Rizky Pratama18 jam yang lalu

    Makin keren aja Honda & Ducati. Yamaha kok makin melempem. Malah Suzuki yg bisa bersaing didepan. Yamaha harus mengganti Rossi ganti Ama Lorenzo. Vinales ganti Ama Quartararo

  51. Luis Rosety bernal

    Luis Rosety bernal18 jam yang lalu

    the score on this video makes no sense.

  52. Serena Bluenos

    Serena Bluenos18 jam yang lalu

    Dovizioso 🇮🇹 😎💪👍👍

  53. Víctor Cumbrera

    Víctor Cumbrera18 jam yang lalu

    Where is Dovi the rest of the races???? ....??? ....??? Marquez is always on the top trying to win

  54. Casey 27

    Casey 2718 jam yang lalu

    Simply EPIC!!!!!!

  55. José Antonio Carrión Martínez

    José Antonio Carrión Martínez18 jam yang lalu

    Este vídeo es más falso que las monedas de 3 euros, solo ponéis la última vuelta de carreras que ha ganado Dovizioso con la mejor moto del paddok, las demás carreras en las que Márquez no espera a la última vuelta para ganar a Dovizioso o va rodando solo en la primera plaza desde la primera vuelta hasta la última no los ponéis, así no vale. Más que nada habéis puesto los mano a mano o cuerpo a cuerpo que ha ganado Dovizioso, por eso Márquez es y va a ser el mejor de la historia.

  56. wijaya Riwani Wijaya

    wijaya Riwani Wijaya19 jam yang lalu

    Marqes pecundang Forza dovis

  57. Mu Zadith

    Mu Zadith19 jam yang lalu

    Mistake dovi in 2017 phillip island

  58. yaikss

    yaikss20 jam yang lalu

    But in the end the motogp world champion goes to 93.. keep fight dovi

  59. Dimas Oby

    Dimas Oby20 jam yang lalu

    Mantap Ducati. Kalo selisih 1 ban. Pasti Honda gbsa ngejar. Coba kalo Yamaha pasti kemakan tuh

  60. fuchsewilli

    fuchsewilli20 jam yang lalu

    now 990 MM gayboys are very toxic

  61. Dedi Kuswandi

    Dedi Kuswandi20 jam yang lalu

    93 mm

  62. Roy Abni

    Roy Abni20 jam yang lalu

    Thanks dovi

  63. M Abraar

    M Abraar20 jam yang lalu

    IM so happy cause Dovisiozo is a winnerr😛😛

  64. M Abraar

    M Abraar20 jam yang lalu

    Marquez almost won

  65. Muhammad Farhan Rohani

    Muhammad Farhan Rohani20 jam yang lalu

    Yet, Marc won more premier class world championships than Dovi. 🥴

  66. Arif Rachman

    Arif Rachman20 jam yang lalu

    Saat dovi dan marques memperebutkan juara 1, rossi sering menjadi pelengkap balapan..

  67. Meister Fadj

    Meister Fadj20 jam yang lalu

    I really think if Vale didn't insist on tinkering his Ducati too much and put his faith to rely on the current garage Ducati already had at that time, he'd run as fast as Casey and Dovi. Looking at how Dovi run, can't deny myself anymore not to blame on Vale for his own downfall. From a diehard Vale46 fan

  68. Mila Jamilah

    Mila Jamilah21 jam yang lalu

    duel sengit

  69. Regitaanggun Wahyuni

    Regitaanggun Wahyuni21 jam yang lalu

    Dovi no one🤗

  70. Motor News

    Motor News21 jam yang lalu

    i love this game!

  71. Isaac Monuera

    Isaac Monuera22 jam yang lalu

    Se lleva más Dovi en la última curva pero el campeonato no tiene sólo 6 o 7 carreras y quien va primero y quien gana los mundiales y los tiempos lo dice todo, no por 6 o 7 carreras que ganes en el último momento porque van rodando en el mismo tiempo y pases porque vas un poco mejor pero Marquez se lo come por todos los lados, sin ánimo de ofender a nadie ni nada pero el niño Marquez va rompiendo récords asi que shhhhhhh 🤔


    TROUBLE22 jam yang lalu

    like real madrid, maybe lose in face to face but who the real champion? 😂

  73. Simex Man

    Simex Man22 jam yang lalu

    marquez is not great, the motorbike is great, try moving the KTM,SUZUKI or else it must be ugly, not good.

  74. Miquel Perez

    Miquel Perez11 jam yang lalu

    Simex Man suck it!!! You’re a fuckin’ shit if you think that motogp is like f1. Motogp its more than a maschine, if you have good ride you will win but not ever, sometimes(like dani pedrosa for example) its not only the inhuman ride, its lucky. Well, the best maschine in moto gp is Ducati!! More power, more grip(traction), like a train, always in a rail... not disrespect dovi, they are a ultra human riders ( dovi, marqez, rossi, pedrosa, lorenzo, crutchlow, miller, casey... all of these people are crazy to ride this maschine beast in a race... RESPECT FOR ALL OF THEM

  75. Oliver Pearce-Mariner

    Oliver Pearce-Mariner22 jam yang lalu


  76. noval solehhudin

    noval solehhudin22 jam yang lalu

    No rossi No party

  77. Wani Perih Gaming

    Wani Perih Gaming22 jam yang lalu

    idreporter.net/block-UCbgeBNAHM08HJuaX7sGw6Nw i want this motor for new brand

  78. Fajar Gintings

    Fajar Gintings23 jam yang lalu


  79. Ricko Aprilianto

    Ricko Aprilianto23 jam yang lalu

    Marquez ❤


    NETRAL FORCE23 jam yang lalu

    WOW......., AMAZING MM.93 AND AD.04

  81. Haerul Assegaf

    Haerul Assegaf23 jam yang lalu

    Amazing race

  82. Yogie Arienatha

    Yogie Arienatha23 jam yang lalu

    Nob bgt Marquez anjg

  83. mohammad al fateeh

    mohammad al fateehHari Yang lalu

    Gua ulang ni vidio di austria biar marq kalah berkali kali mampus

  84. Luciano Cardozo

    Luciano CardozoHari Yang lalu

    Como quien dice lo tiene de hijo

  85. velloz motor

    velloz motorHari Yang lalu

    Marquez is not a motogp hero.....you want tes yamaha bike marquez????? You lose

  86. Ushi Juni Taisen

    Ushi Juni TaisenHari Yang lalu

    Reaction staff ducati 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  87. Abil Milito

    Abil MilitoHari Yang lalu