CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford


  1. Julz135

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    OOOOOooo Iiii LOVEee THISSs!!!!... .. . This is exactly what I've been looking for!!!!!!!

  2. Kamil Lesniew

    Kamil Lesniew16 jam yang lalu

    6.5k ppl escaped from physics lessons...

  3. Jazmine Bell

    Jazmine Bell22 jam yang lalu

    Thank you so much for this. As a physics geek and ex sound engineer this got me re dreaming again, it has been a long time since I dreamed.

  4. Dimitri Mitropoulos

    Dimitri MitropoulosHari Yang lalu

    Has anyone else Astral Projected - Traveled through this song ?!

  5. Musanna Ahmed

    Musanna AhmedHari Yang lalu

    2:42 what is this instrument?

  6. Bob the chicken1124

    Bob the chicken1124Hari Yang lalu

    I watched this video at school

  7. Gregor Rice

    Gregor RiceHari Yang lalu

    SCREAMIN' Extreme! I wanna DO THAT! Way, man. Thanks for the update, Nigel. Linking to StarKamp! Broadway or any way to show The Kidz the kind of demonstration I have planned for the production. this and GDV/Kirlian, etc. I started with Dr. Peter Guy Manners way back in the day, but WAY... Your update is... EXTREME! You GO, boy! Chime in any time!

  8. Wood Man

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  9. Arvind Shrivastava

    Arvind ShrivastavaHari Yang lalu

    Beautiful, marvellous Science and Music and Art Hats off to you and your team..... The best part was Tesla Coil. 😍

  10. معاكم الجيجلي

    معاكم الجيجلي2 hari yang lalu

    é oui c la verité de la facon que les etoiles fonctiones

  11. Ilham Nurhamzah

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    when sand and water unite

  12. Djevalekov Video Production

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    I'm surprised

  13. Jacob Hall

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    its been 4 years since i first saw this. its still as beautiful as i remember.

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    Ай, кнрасавец! Убьют, скоро! Гениев, пости, всегда, убивают! Ah, the handsome man! They’ll kill you soon! Geniuses, fasting, always kill!

  15. Серёга Иванов

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    Very beautiful!

  16. Oana Bant

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    I LoVe the Light Shared in this Video. The best cymatics video online 💜✨🧬🌟👌

  17. TheIceblade711

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    Best video yet!! Love how your mind works.. Thank You!

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    Perfekto I m impressed from that .

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    Loved it!!!

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    Good video !

  21. juan gonzalez

    juan gonzalez4 hari yang lalu

    Is this real 1:28 ? can water be twisted with music??

  22. Soul Giah

    Soul Giah4 hari yang lalu

    juan gonzalez try it and find out! Let us know! 😊

  23. lkjyuiop

    lkjyuiop4 hari yang lalu

    If you think of this from A galaxy way that’s how the planets form Read a book for once lol

  24. Windlyyy Gaming

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    Oh, sod off.

  25. Bozhena Koleva

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    music and sienceare a safty kind of high would I say...

  26. Hemavathi Kumar

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    Nikola Tesla would have tapped his feet for the tune and enjoyed the video

  27. Peggy Franzen

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    No way.Tesla would have said " Hmm.I spilled. coffee upon receiving the newspaper upon my train leaving for The Island of the Long Shore, that theif Mr. Marconi had stolen,among other patents- with J.P.Morgan's help- my radio patents." Well, Mr. Tesla, where is my ' ship to shore' radio contacts; my yacht contacts?

  28. Alejandro Canaviri

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    fucking idiot, that was Insane, I liked it

  29. Shane Winstone

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    Research Eric dubay

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    I love it It so amazing

  31. Udaykiran Pulipati

    Udaykiran Pulipati7 hari yang lalu

    Hi John Sir, How Fire is stimulated in between time 3:33 to 3:53 based on Keyboard playing. I want to know it is very interesting!.

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    Our class watched this vid for mystery science

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    Beautiful and smart way

  35. Илья Ильин

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    А я все думал куда Дружко пропал?!!

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    0:33 Started

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    WOW love it

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  39. Head Vodon

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    How can I do that? If I play music in front of fire. What will happen? Or in another way.

  40. GrófAzUhl

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    From where are the vocals from?

  41. Jason Liang

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  42. RentVandH2O

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    Play it back at x1.25 or x1.5.. thank me later

  43. marcin godek

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    Beautiful! I've always felt the music and it's still (43). A wonderful message and work :)

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    In the mean times kids have music

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    I feel a great vibe about this.

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  47. Racefan 9327

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    When this released, I was a 4th grader. I loved this video. Now I’m a freshman in High school and this video still doesn’t disappoint. This is something I might show my science class.

  48. Sung Hyun Lim

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    These are pop sci demonstrations, not experiments.

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    Perfect video like is physically kwantom ande electronic

  50. Izzy Marley

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    Waves and particles have the potential to create sound and sounds have potential to transform into energy and that energy has the potential to move and manipulate things...

  51. Isaac Sapz • 21 years ago

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    I dunno whats it called 2:48 but I want it.

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    When music reaches on it's peak..

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    I was expecting the banned comercial of chew 5 gum

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    This is genius, everything except this unmodulated sawtooth wave 1:41 But that's just personal taste, not a fan a saw

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    science is scary

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  57. Shamar Younge

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    I hope you guys know this is all CGI, I can't believe this is real 😭😭, especially the shapes with the sand

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    Google search : Chladni figures

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    in 3019 it would be best music


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    who are you guys. I got goosebumps you guys are unimaginable

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    Perfect 🤫


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    Nice hoooooo😍😱

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    Vibrations /sound affect matter you are matter energy and vibrations