Cute BABY ANIMAL Moments Video Compilation


  1. Kaylee Cat

    Kaylee CatJam Yang lalu

    I did awesome I didn’t say awwwwwwwwww

  2. Davione smith

    Davione smith2 jam yang lalu

    You had one more life I saw

  3. Avigail Levy

    Avigail Levy2 jam yang lalu

    I literally lost all of my life on everything I just failed I only have one life left it's so much fun looking at

  4. Fidel Tuayon

    Fidel Tuayon3 jam yang lalu

    you have one life left but its just to cute

  5. Eva Kotlarevska

    Eva Kotlarevska3 jam yang lalu


  6. Yono Suhardi

    Yono Suhardi3 jam yang lalu

    Azzy you still have a chance you have one ☝️ mor heart 💓 lolololololol

  7. Faith Sangowicz

    Faith Sangowicz4 jam yang lalu

    You ad 1 more left

  8. brittany westmoreland

    brittany westmoreland5 jam yang lalu

    You have one life left

  9. M Margraf

    M Margraf5 jam yang lalu

    IT is. a Hamster

  10. homeygal

    homeygal6 jam yang lalu

    Azzy if your heart exploded you would die

  11. Robert Avila

    Robert Avila6 jam yang lalu


  12. Kaleb Brown

    Kaleb Brown6 jam yang lalu

    I love dear’s and I’ve seen a dear and I won’t to be a dear

  13. Yeet hunny itz Mika

    Yeet hunny itz Mika7 jam yang lalu

    I spell awe a different way (a-w-e)

  14. John Le

    John Le7 jam yang lalu

    I have 101 lives and never say A word

  15. keith holmqvist

    keith holmqvist11 jam yang lalu

    The little fluff ball was a hamster baby hamster💓💓 i have to hamster and having a hamster is Hard work listen her Hard workshops

  16. keith holmqvist

    keith holmqvist11 jam yang lalu

    The dog with The turtles nd pigs was not a dog it was a horse The mini horse aww

  17. delilah munoz

    delilah munoz14 jam yang lalu


  18. delilah munoz

    delilah munoz14 jam yang lalu


  19. delilah munoz

    delilah munoz14 jam yang lalu


  20. delilah munoz

    delilah munoz14 jam yang lalu


  21. Suga Bear

    Suga Bear14 jam yang lalu

    Azzy those are sugar gliders so cute and I said awwwwww

  22. Jeanne Tamagny

    Jeanne Tamagny16 jam yang lalu

    I got to hold a baby duck its a hamsters

  23. Pam Ross

    Pam Ross16 jam yang lalu


  24. David Lynch

    David Lynch17 jam yang lalu

    One word adorable🥰🥰

  25. Novalee Madore

    Novalee Madore18 jam yang lalu

    I don't think she's ok. she's too excited. but I am too though.

  26. house wong

    house wong18 jam yang lalu


  27. Pusheenie Queen

    Pusheenie Queen18 jam yang lalu


  28. Daniel Gilbert

    Daniel Gilbert18 jam yang lalu

    You had 1 more

  29. Alyssa Gauntt

    Alyssa Gauntt18 jam yang lalu

    The white parrots pistol we actually took that video my grandpa's house cuz he has a whole bunch of pets he is the most adorable parrot ever

  30. Alexandra Beattie

    Alexandra Beattie18 jam yang lalu


  31. ram vinesh

    ram vinesh18 jam yang lalu

    I love Azzy!!!!!!!!!😍❤️💗💖💕💞

  32. ram vinesh

    ram vinesh18 jam yang lalu

    I love Ryan too!!!!!!

  33. Alexandra Beattie

    Alexandra Beattie18 jam yang lalu


  34. Lindsey Sykes

    Lindsey Sykes23 jam yang lalu

    had one more life left so you didn't lose

  35. Jenny Hine

    Jenny Hine23 jam yang lalu

    10 I can't laugh

  36. dannthe mann

    dannthe mann23 jam yang lalu

    That is my bird

  37. rgovatos

    rgovatos23 jam yang lalu

    There baby snapping turtle

  38. Padma Patidar

    Padma PatidarHari Yang lalu

    Awwwww omg to cute

  39. Phoebe Phillips

    Phoebe PhillipsHari Yang lalu

    how do you send in videos azzy

  40. Phoebe Phillips

    Phoebe PhillipsHari Yang lalu

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  41. Belle Barr

    Belle BarrHari Yang lalu


  42. Fritz Alcaraz

    Fritz AlcarazHari Yang lalu

    I didn't say off for the whole video

  43. Noe Alas

    Noe AlasHari Yang lalu

    I have a cute little boy bunny and one old cat and one fish that died 2 fish died and one rat

  44. Liz Carmona

    Liz CarmonaHari Yang lalu

    I see you have to life

  45. Diana Hubbard

    Diana HubbardHari Yang lalu

    I 💕🥰🥰😍😍 llama 🦙

  46. Mr.bobby smith

    Mr.bobby smithHari Yang lalu

    My lives at the start ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ At the end __________________________

  47. Ella Sawtell

    Ella SawtellHari Yang lalu

    I survived at I think about 4 or 5

  48. ade restyka

    ade restykaHari Yang lalu


  49. Sarah Robinson

    Sarah RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    5:56 I WANNA be this baby pig rn!!😶 (Btw I knew it was a hamster but the next animal is the pig x)

  50. Winters Royal Gacha Land

    Winters Royal Gacha LandHari Yang lalu

    If I do this challenge I would just stay quiet

  51. Rares Susu

    Rares SusuHari Yang lalu

    Azzi you havet 1 more life

  52. Annabelle Higbee

    Annabelle HigbeeHari Yang lalu

    You know you want me to animal but you know you wouldn't be here with us 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  53. Jo Tru

    Jo TruHari Yang lalu

    I had one heart the sugar glider and kitten were adorable

  54. Jayla gonzalez

    Jayla gonzalezHari Yang lalu

    It's a hamster you can buy it at the pet store

  55. Lizards Boy

    Lizards BoyHari Yang lalu

    You won though

  56. Shanelle Daniels

    Shanelle DanielsHari Yang lalu

    I have nine lives left 😆😆😆😆😆😀👍👍👍👏

  57. Joshua Cano

    Joshua CanoHari Yang lalu

    I had ten lives and laughed 10 times

  58. John Schaefer

    John SchaeferHari Yang lalu


  59. Tiffany Cotton

    Tiffany CottonHari Yang lalu

    it's a robohamster

  60. Micaella Tampsis

    Micaella TampsisHari Yang lalu

    Ok azzy you suck sry because i have oly 1 life and nothing happened it's ezzzzzzzzzzz

  61. Melly Hammon

    Melly HammonHari Yang lalu

    Guys I found a loop hole! Say dawww instead of aww