CUSTOM BOAT UPGRADE FOR DOGS! - Super Cooper Sunday #205


  1. TmarTn2

    TmarTn24 bulan yang lalu

    Any ideas for Koda's 6th birthday next week?

  2. Xx Aubrey EditsxX

    Xx Aubrey EditsxX7 hari yang lalu

    A boat ride and a day at the lake

  3. Lacie Warwick

    Lacie Warwick26 hari yang lalu

    Power of Ghost and Godl..k

  4. Yadielys Katey Olmo

    Yadielys Katey OlmoBulan Yang lalu

    Put him on the unicorn float with Cooper and Bella and go to the island

  5. Luca Scott

    Luca ScottBulan Yang lalu

    Ross Baillie koda hates bounce houses

  6. livingxoutxloud

    livingxoutxloud9 hari yang lalu

    Where did you get that for your boat? My Golden Retriever needs one, although she can do the ladder with help.

  7. livingxoutxloud

    livingxoutxloud9 hari yang lalu

    You need a furminator for Coda and Cooper. It will help get their undercoat between groomings.

  8. Donut Playz

    Donut Playz16 hari yang lalu

    My cats go outside.

  9. Starchildfrom 90s

    Starchildfrom 90s17 hari yang lalu

    Omg when coop just sat on the ladder 😆😆😆😆

  10. Summer Southalll

    Summer Southalll20 hari yang lalu


  11. Joe and Ryleigh vids

    Joe and Ryleigh vids21 hari yang lalu

    Bath video

  12. sky sky

    sky sky22 hari yang lalu

    lmao i thought my dog was the only one who so I’m far away from us and bit at the water

  13. Joey Furtado

    Joey Furtado23 hari yang lalu

    u should try and bolt it to the front and let him jump off the side and get up on the front

  14. Angel Youart

    Angel Youart28 hari yang lalu


  15. Emma Smith

    Emma Smith28 hari yang lalu

    Koda and cooper is so cute! Also when are you going to do the episode of bella first time on the boat?

  16. leezabit

    leezabit29 hari yang lalu

    2:23 koda’s lil paws

  17. leezabit

    leezabit29 hari yang lalu

    1:51 “made for boat ladders and cats” i think u meant dogs and cats HAHA

  18. Gemma Mae Gerrish

    Gemma Mae GerrishBulan Yang lalu

    What’s up guys and welcome back to another episode of SUPER COOPER SUNDAY! ~ Trev 2019

  19. carlos alvarez

    carlos alvarezBulan Yang lalu

    I am #TeamKoda

  20. Peter L

    Peter LBulan Yang lalu

    What are you talking about, cats DO go outside!

  21. xXxLeah The WolfXxX

    xXxLeah The WolfXxXBulan Yang lalu

    I may have a theory on why Koda doesn't like swimming. I think he hates water touching him because his fur is so thick it weighs him down after he gets wet. I'm guessing this because it's the same for chinchillas , they bathe in dust as water clogs up their fur and weighs them down.

  22. afroz afroz

    afroz afrozBulan Yang lalu

    Try teaching Bella to swim

  23. khrisa mae Jose

    khrisa mae JoseBulan Yang lalu

    Koda is super duperr cute I would not miss suuuper cooper suuuunday!!!

  24. MFSmade

    MFSmadeBulan Yang lalu

    Any Crocodiles in the lake?👀

  25. Divyanshu Jha

    Divyanshu JhaBulan Yang lalu

    New video of the boat

  26. niekas niekas

    niekas niekasBulan Yang lalu

    I got bit by my dog is a hot dog a kind of looks like a hot dog but I just so sad and it hurts hurt hurt hurt my my hand I don't want to do happen that again in 2019🤕😭🤒

  27. Luca Scott

    Luca ScottBulan Yang lalu

    My grammas golden retriever just died but she’s getting a golden retriever PUPPY and there so cute

  28. Gavin Hamilton

    Gavin HamiltonBulan Yang lalu

    Take Bella on the boat. 🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🚣🏻

  29. Jennifer Stark

    Jennifer StarkBulan Yang lalu

    I live in Florida (shocking) I am in Miami

  30. Leah Lavigne

    Leah Lavigne2 bulan yang lalu

    I have a cat and I might be getting another one for my birthday

  31. Jaekyung Lee

    Jaekyung Lee2 bulan yang lalu

    01:51 Cats are so cute!!

  32. Victoria Cooper

    Victoria Cooper2 bulan yang lalu

    more Bella!!!♡

  33. Quincy Adam Ferraris

    Quincy Adam Ferraris2 bulan yang lalu

    Where is your location

  34. Patryk Pawlowski

    Patryk Pawlowski2 bulan yang lalu

    Happy birthday coda

  35. useUr Brain

    useUr Brain2 bulan yang lalu

    Koda dont be wit the "shits" 😂😏😣


    CHEETAH QUEEN2 bulan yang lalu

    They pay attention to... 1. COOPER 2. KODA 3. BELLA

  37. Hayley Blews

    Hayley Blews2 bulan yang lalu

    I love your vids

  38. Deeraj Vays

    Deeraj Vays2 bulan yang lalu

    These guys are super rich

  39. Debbie Mills

    Debbie Mills2 bulan yang lalu

    Great product!

  40. Nyamtaivan Nyamtaivan

    Nyamtaivan Nyamtaivan2 bulan yang lalu

    What is up guys welcom to lazy coda thuesday

  41. Brian Longscock

    Brian Longscock2 bulan yang lalu

    Next video: cooper destroyed by sharko

  42. KenzRage Gaming

    KenzRage Gaming2 bulan yang lalu

    “It’s made for boat ladders and cats”

  43. Yolonda M Browm

    Yolonda M Browm2 bulan yang lalu


  44. Yolonda M Browm

    Yolonda M Browm2 bulan yang lalu

    #SuperCooper inherited is hyper ness from his dad....LOL