Cristiano Ronaldo Unexpected Decisions That Shocked The World


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    ⚡ *Cristiano Ronaldo: skills and goals and others moments that no one expected* ✅STAY UPDATED!👇 👍Facebook: 📸Instagram:

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    Messi is better...but ronaldo could score in manyway then messi

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    CR7 Pura Grandeza, Respeto, Actitud, Nivel Mundial, Una Máquina, Una Leyenda Y Un Crack. El Mejor Jugador De Todos Los Tiempos. Y Como Siempre Brother Gran Video.👍⚽💪

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    Chris Ronaldo it’s best player

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    1:10 what's the song?

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    The king 🤴

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    He is the best player

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    Benzema back then 2:47 Benzema Now 🐐

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    You will never see Ronaldo fans on Messi’s videos coz there is nothing interesting about his tap in in la Liga he did that for 16 years & even Messi fans are a little bit bored that’s why you will always see them on Ronaldo’s videos they desperately need to fill this football void.

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    The Greatest player in Champions league The Greatest player of Portugal The Greatest player in the Premier League The Greatest player in La Liga The Greatest player to be soon in the Serie A The Greatest athlete & most professional football player the world has ever seen The Greatest player of all time. CR7 The King Goat 🔥

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    @k4r1us athlete means sportsman, including every sports.. Not only athletics Yes, he is the greatest athlete of all time, whose journey inspired most people in the world, even he is an idol for millions of non-sports professionals

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    What do you mean by greatest athlete?

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    CRISTIANO is the best of all time he is the greatest athlete that the world has known, the most professional football player, the most complete player, the most decisive player in club and selection with the most achieved football career. He is also a true leader with a mentality out of this world 🐐👽🏆 🙌

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    Ronaldo wins you trophy, Messi wins you trophy, no one is in their level, Ronaldo has qualities that Messi don't, Messi has qualities that Ronaldo don't, Both great players, Ronaldo is much better in my humble opinion

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    Gud one👍. Its gud to show to dos haters that the scared kid which dey feel as magician can't see the vision n assist of cr7...wen cr7 assists, it is almost 90% completed to convert into goal!

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    Video 10/10 Music selection 0/10 NEW MUSIC SHOULD APPLY TO NEW CONTENT

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    Legend Cristiano 👑👑🚀🚀🙏🙏💪💪

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    I have no dubt. He is one of the biggest football players in the world but I like Leo Messi so much more than him. Leo plays with the heart. Cristiano sometimes is angry with media interviewers, teammattes or himself. Sometimes score goals is good but is not enough, as well you have to seem good person, too. It's very difficult.

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    I'm getting likes so that Mou is Portugal's next manager and wins the 2022 World Cup

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    Most of these highlights are UNREAL!!

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    Are you a footballer

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    I like the title 👍

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    WOW!! ⚽💥⚽💥⚽💥 CR7 always a genius!!

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    1:09 one-time lobby on a ball from behind is so hard to do and he makes it look so easy.

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    People :Messi has more assis than Ronaldo Me :2:47

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    CR7 always makes the impossible possible

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    Cristiano №1

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    Love your work😎

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    Liked it very much...💕💞

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    Cristiano Ronaldo ea impresionante por eso es el mejor y el jugador más determinante de la historia del fútbol 👏

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    When you think of brilliance you think of CR7. That's the biggest complement I can say about him.

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    Ronaldo 🤩

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    The best player ever existed.

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    Well you have to accept that he isn't a good dribbler but he does know how to win matches. No offence to anyone.

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    Amazing player ❤🙂🙂


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    the king - the best : Ronaldo!!

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    RocketRonaldo29 hari yang lalu Thank you for the inspiration 🔥🙏

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    Who else is being the biggest fan of Cristiano ronaldo ?? Subscribe my channel true Ronaldo fans Or you die ....

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    That arsenal was legendary. All footballers are trying to pass from there to headers, especially from that angle. But ronaldo scored that... what a goal

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    His Decisions Makes Him The Greatest . WHO agree ✔️

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    Thats why u should make your decision yourself ... dont even think that what others gonna think


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    Nice stuff Second to like