Cristiano Ronaldo Skills That Made Crowd Go Wild


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    Which skill made you go nuts? 😁 Remember to leave a LIKE to help me out!

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    Yahya and saja❤️💕👑😘🇪🇬💋💰⚽️🍼👄🛬🇪🇬egpt🇪🇬

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    AshStudio7 hola

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    @Τιιι Τιιι yes

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    Cristiano is a beast

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    Ronaldo best dribbling video

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    A love Cristiano Ronaldo a like his skills

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    Dude just put your watermark @the top We have instagram pages

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    Dinho like

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    This guy is just repeating Ronaldo’s skills over and over

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    Ronalo such a legend player

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    cristiano ronaldo in skills 2009/2018 RM

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    I got same shos like you I love you

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    To watch more sports videos

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    When will he stop scoring Never

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    Bro you are uploading your video then please make it available in India also bro I can't see your video bcoz it's not available in our country so please make it available in India

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    Double kill

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    Every team gets better with the GOAT CR7. the MAGICAL FLOP on the other hand is nothing without Barcelona. FACT! FLOPESSI at coppa america 3 games 1 goal by PEN! against PANAMA... PANAMA!!! GOAT CR7 at the uefa nations league FINALS! 2 games 3 goals 1 hat trick in the SEMI FINAL! and they dare to compare them ROFTLOL! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

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    Cristiano is best in the world

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    only one lead to a goal

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    3:03 when you spam tricks on FIFA (game)

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    Ronaldo's last outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cristiano Ronaldo I love you.🇵🇹👍😂

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    Messi is the best

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    Hi my name is Marat I'm from Russia I'm your Subscriber

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    5xBallon D'or 5xChampions League 4xGolden Boot 1xEuro UCL all time Top Scorer Real Madrid all time Top Scorer Euro all time joint Top scorer League Champion in 3 different countries Best goalscorer in 21st century etc GOAT

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    I like The number seven

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    How do you get these clips 😠😠

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    I love ronaldo

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    Cami11 ⚽

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    Cristino Ronaldo good morning your very nice player always good nice game going luck champion

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    he is the best player in the world

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    Like if Lionel Messi is best player in the world

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    Wow what a skill my. God

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    0:43 Keylor Navas in the crowd.

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    Ilove all the skills he his😍😘💗

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    This video inspired me #prashanttripathifootball

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    Still messsi way better than him

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    Cr7 makes the other players look like they jus started.

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    T-HS Vlogs Nhật Bản5 bulan yang laluư fan brazil❤️

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    Que buen video 👏😊

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    Messi the best

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    The young generations don't know and never watched his games at man u... All they know is Madrid and Juventus

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    No wonder messi is no match against this guy.

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    i can do the twist and turns he can do and the flip flaps.

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    None of the tricks actually converted ! Lol ! Probably that’s why Real sold him

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    CR7 is football king 💪💪⚽⚽🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    Cccrrriiissstttiiiaaannnooo !!!🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹💪💪💪

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    2:40 the thumbnail skill. Cr7 last game. But dude stop posting same videos with just one clip whenever cr7 do something good.ugh. I love cr7 but dude stop milking him

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    Au layer ronaldo

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    CR7 GRANDE❤️

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    That elástico against Espanyol is one of the bests ever. You'll never see Messi do things like this.

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    Ronaldo ronaldo

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