Cristiano Ronaldo Bullying National Teams ► Belgium, Spain, Netherlands...



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    SLIZHENKOV l HD can you do a video on All of Ronaldo’s goals in friendly matches club and country 👍🏼

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    Cr7 is the best

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    My Idola❤👍👍

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    Only 15 goals more

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    3:40 nani really hate him 😂

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    c du génie c ga la

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    That's not bullying that's teasing.

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    Fan Ronaldo like 👍👍👍

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    Ronaldo 185cm, courtois 199cm, ibrahimovic 195cm, henry 187cm, huntelar 186cm

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    *There's only 1 CR7. Come back and save UTD Christiano!!*

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    *Lionel Messi❤️*

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    I believe that the title bullying national temas is not the right title for what is trying to been said in the video

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    Cr7 fan like here👇👇👇

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    Ronaldo vs spain

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    Idolaaa 😍

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    Biasa aja skillnya mending Messi kemana" gw yakin Messi dpt Ballon dorr Tahun 2019 yg ke 6

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    messi, can u do it. no bro. im just idiot need helps my friend of best friend to get ballon d OR. thats me, messi.

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    good job bro

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    indonesia mana?

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    Old clips tho

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    Maldito penaldo no ganaras el mundial. ... maldito Higuaín cómo te odio

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    Cristiano "thebest" Ronaldo


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    CR7 emang👍👍👍

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    As vzs eu me pergunto como seria ter um jogador como CR7 na seleção brasileira.

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    He plays like I'm playing..

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    the goat

  34. cristiano ronaldo

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    greatest of all time

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    No body compare with himmm

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    Young ronaldo is monster

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    Cr7 fantastic player fantastic man!

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    cr7 selalu yang terbaik..

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    If you love Cristiano Ronaldo Then make this number even 👇 👇

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    @Dariru what do you mean😏??

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    Aryan Sahay if no one likes it all g

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    Any messi fan watching??

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    The best player in the history

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    🙂😂😂😅 Cr7 is #1

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    he is really strong, he will be the best player of all time

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    This CR7 like yu see here. The best 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

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    Gracias el vidio estuvo con madre ups jajajajaja

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    La felicidad que nos ase sentir es muy muy cañona bravo El gran Cr7

  50. Alejandra MR

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    Si como olvidar esos dias de felicidad

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is The greatest player of all time and there is nothing you can do about it! 🔥g.o.a.t Remember to leave a LIKE to help out!



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    yg dislike mesi

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    El mejor 700

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    That last goal...

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    I know nothing about soccer

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    He drew vs Spain and lost 4-0 against them once, vs Belgium only 3 goals and Netherlands he did nothing in the finals, it’s sometimes exaggerating when you overhype stuff like these

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    Another annoying video ... music is absolute shit

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    I use to think Messi was better in his youth.... But nah... I was wrong. Cristiano Ronaldo was on another level

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    CR7 is the best player....

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    Remember hard work always wins over talent... No matter what

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    He even bully the camera

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    0:40 I dont like the way henry hugs Ronaldo... As if Ronaldo won the World cup! - whoever gets this might, just might give me a like...