Cristiano Ronaldo - All 700 Career Goals


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    Genius production you are a legend amazing video

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    Unbelievable collection.

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    How can you look at the mirror? 1h35m vid the whole timer is yellow

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    When can you be able to release the track names

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    Aí, não está todos os gols de cristiano Ronaldo, faltou muitos gols da copa do mundo 2018, entre outros gols e eventos

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    Messi 600 goals Ronaldo 700 goals Ronaldo like Messi comment

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    Man imagine tough time that you went through to do this. CR700 is the best 5 time Ballond'or winner

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    Very Very good Job 👍🏼

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    Ronaldo is legend 700 goals

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    Ronaldo is the best of football👍

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    1:30:27 el golo demoniaco/the demonic goal

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    THANK YOU for this, but the music sucks - again appreciate this and good job, but you have to do a better with the music selection next time. Really hard to get through it with the music.

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    Any question? See it

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    Eu sempre disse que Zico foi melhor que Maradona e sempre que eu falava isso, diziam que Maradona tinha uma Copa vitoriosa na carreira. Então já que essa regra vale para o grandioso Zico, também deve valer para CR7 e Messi. Quando ganharem uma Copa, a gente conversa...

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    702 goals now

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    play this video at any's just so satisfying to watch !

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    CR7 at United is were he was at his best

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    11:02 song please?

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    the best in the world

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    Little Messi only did it in Barcelona. This man did everywhere. England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, messi only did it in one city.

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    Che fenomeno,ora purtroppo in fase calante

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    Greatest player all time,Living Legend CR700 😍😍😍

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    50:39 WTF?!!?!?

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    ? whats the problem?

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    el mejor del mundo y de la historia CR7--!!!!!!

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    What is the song?


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    1:14:27 name of this song pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    The best player in the world 😍😍⚽️⚽️🔥🔥

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    Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United - Premier League Real Madrid - La Liga Juventus - Serie A *Legend*


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    Можно плейлист пожалуйста

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    Great player, great video, (if only you could mix up som commentarys alongside goals), . but still reallty nice to watch, good job

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    goal #102 @16:00 is his best 🔥🔥🔥 perfect free kick

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    the best ever 🚀

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    1:28:28 - Top goal in the world

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    Hello, you're probably here for 1:28:28 , 1:29:24 or the old fashioned 8:02 while I also appreciate 1:30:27 ;)

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    Song on 1:25:50??

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    33 goals for juventus so far

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    from boy to man to legend

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    NOW 701 Goals

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    Ronaldo now have 701 goals