Cristiano Ronaldo 2019 - Complete Attacker - Skills & Goals - HD


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    Ronaldo is a true legend never Insult him he is humble and superb!!👍

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    انا قناتي عن رونالدوا عليها فيديوهات بتجنن عن رونالدوا شوفوها وعملوا لايك بليز

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    Ronaldo is taking advantage of the style of football Italy play.. slow paced possession football!


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    THE BEST Ronaldo 😍😍😍👍

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    He's everything that a GOAT should be. The most complete player ever. Pace, strength, ability in the air, both legged, hard working and determined. Simply the recipie for greatness.

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    No. 7 Msd 😍 Cristian ronaldo😍

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