Cristiano Ronaldo 2017 - Portugal | Skills & Goals | 4K


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    Friend ! I'll post your video on my channel, okay? I'll leave your channel in description !!!

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    wich programm do you use for the effects?

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    Such a nice video :)

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    El mejor goleador del mundo!

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    AyJayVids i'm in love of your videos ❤👌

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    Ronaldo is just out of this world he's putting out a great effort for Portugal though hope he keeps it up

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    Was the first goal against Faroe Island a bicycle kick or scissors kick ?

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    Denmark Phenomen!Great Video Broo!Appricate you work!#HardWork!

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    Really love ur channel

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    Antoine Griezmann :)

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    This is sick!

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    Very sick .

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    nah need more subs tho, at least million XD

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    Should i pin this? Cuz a comment from u Dan.. That's pretty rare lol Thanks a lot though bro! I appreciate it.

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    Great work bro ;)

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    -Amazing work Andreas!👌🏻👌🏻 -what is the music please?😉 -Greetinqs from PERU!!!✌🏿✌🏿

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    Look in the description my man! And thanks for the support.

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    Awesome video!!🔥

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    Good vid dude 😎

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    Amazing video Andreas ;)

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    Hey AyJay!! Use the song 'superhero' for then next vid

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    Which editor do u use br0????

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    Is this song about periods?....Nvm Great video

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    Lovely work Andreas!

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    honestly an amazing video🔥❤️❤️❤️

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    nice video mate!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha believe me