Cristiano Ronaldo ►Legendary Skills For Manchester United


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    This video is re-uploaded because the other one was blocked!!! 😔😢 ►Songs: 🎶🎵 ►ÉWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire [NCS Release]: ►Song at the end: SADIK BEATZ - GIVE IT:

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    why are you putting any music, just leave original commentary, it's so much better then

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    Thème man

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    @ekaraduman198 ekaraduman198 9nll0

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    Te quedo brutal mae el video

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    0:50 MAGIC!!!

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    Because CR7 fanboys love numbers I have some for you: Prime CR7 Stats from Fifa 08 Age: 23 Ball Control 95 Dribbling 97 Acceleration 95 Sprint Speed 94 Finishing 85 Shot Power 90 Heading 84 Reactions 86 Composure 79 Stamina 91 Strength 84 R9 last healthy season stats Fifa 19 Age: 21 Ball Control 97 Dribbling 99 Acceleration 98 Sprint Speed 98 Finishing 99 Shot Power 95 Heading 86 Reactions 97 Composure 94 Stamina 88 Strength 90

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    Cristiano ronaldo pro pleyer

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    6:29 The Player cant see the ball

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    Hi Kailash⚽⚽⚽Baskey

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    One shot for every bicycle he did

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    Cr7 is my fave. Please check out my Chanel. I love this guy

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    1000 rashfood=1Cristiano

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    Who rashfood ?

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    Great dance skills!

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    quiero que vuelvan esos lujos de cr7

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    CR7 tem muita habilidade

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    CR7 é muito bom

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    CR7 é uma lenda

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    If anybody can tell me the name of the soccer ball used by ronaldo in the beginning please do that will help

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    Madre mia el bisho 😍👌

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    Share this to everyone who says Ronaldo can’t dribble

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    I LOVE CR7🤟

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    A eso es a lo que yo llamo baile y no mamadas

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    4:30 my favourite 🙌

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    This was my favorite era for CR7

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    Good work Man Nice vídeo CR7❤️🔥visit my Channel who love football

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    Ronaldo at UTD was a joy to watch, even though i am born in 2005 i didn't saw Ronaldo live, i saw him when he was playing at Real and now Juventus, but i like Ronaldo at UTD, of course at Real he was a beast, but at UTD was incredible with so much speed and skills, the best of all time in my oppinion, when he retires i will cry

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    ronaldo the best song vs skills

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    1:22 the player life is over

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    Me emociona ver a cristiano me trae recuerdos de la infancia cuando era un crack para el balon

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    Se canso de zapatear xD 2019 ajaj

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    0:58 what’s this skill or move called?

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    Ronaldo chop

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    Rinaldo should return to man u as player give them what they has gave him they made him popular n worldclass

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    Fenomenal juega muy increible pero veo ahi casi pura bicicleta👍👍👍

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    These footworks are just nuts

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    No one really skills like this no more all people do now is a fake shot

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    A super

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    0:51 I would’ve just sat down and start crying if that happened to me. Damm that was badass

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    Samuel Amador but he got pushed into touch so he want that embarrassed I’d be embarred is he Ashley Coled me

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    Bangga jadi generasi,,slah satunya bisa menyaksikan masah mudah cr7dan messi