Cristiano Ronaldo ►Legendary Skills For Manchester United


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    This video is re-uploaded because the other one was blocked!!! 😔😢 ►Songs: 🎶🎵 ►ÉWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire [NCS Release]: ►Song at the end: SADIK BEATZ - GIVE IT:

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    why are you putting any music, just leave original commentary, it's so much better then

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    Thème man

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    @ekaraduman198 ekaraduman198 9nll0

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    Te quedo brutal mae el video

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    How can forget the days of christiano in manchester❤️❤️

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    The besy

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    رنالدو كان فنان فنان في اليونايتد

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    Tyler Bussette will be the new Cristiano

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    Whos the best at showboating ? RONALDO or ROBINHO 🙄

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    damn he was fast

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    Is he human😲😲😲

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    Mamma mia


    CR7 FOOTBALL14 hari yang lalu


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    Hands down the best ronaldo compilation I’ve ever seen

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    Cách thi đấu của anh thật sự rất mạnh mẽ và luôn giữ được phong độ khá tốt

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    At Manchester United He was the real "Entertainer" of Football At Real Madrid He became the "Goal Scorer Monster", And finally in Juventus right now He becomes to be "Genius Player"

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    This is where I come to practice my footwork from this video learning every step

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    The best

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    Tu es le roi des dribbleur

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    0:53 ,that looks like the guy is dancing to the song. Savage.🤯 The Man U Ronaldo is the best player .👑

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    Neymar was better than him at dribbling

  24. José Ricardo Música ao vivo

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    Best Player ever in Premier League

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    quien mas viene de su ultima jugada con la juve vs atletico

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    He teach players how to dive

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    The day Manchester United sold him they were never the same again ..... fact!

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    You can say the same for Real Madrid.

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    Me gusta si lo ves en 2019

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    Amazing 👌😍

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    butterfly feets lul

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    Buenardo ahre

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    I like 2:10 to 2:30 because Ronaldo just skills all of the other people

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    1:27 embaresment

  37. Andres Velazquez B.

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    I hated him when he was in Man Utd but i loved his skills, that's why for me CR7 is the best football player in the world

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    Iove this song

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    I wish he was this explosive still.

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    I hate Ronny for what he did to us but i love him aswell

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    *For me that Joaõ Félix is ​​an overrated. Never passes to CR7.*

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    *2:14** me vs my teammates in football.*

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    0:51 My favorite. This is why i love Ronaldo, mate!

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    Like this post if think messi is better than Ronaldo

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    kol c R 7


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    Skill đỉnh vcl

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    klo gue jadi lawannya, gue diam aja. dari pada jatuh dimalu2 in ntah kmana arah bola yg dibawanya. bingung🙄kan.

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  49. claudio gutierrez

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    Useless stepovers, in the whole video Ronaldo passes 3 or 4 players, and i wonder, how Many of those actions were relevant in the Match? Only stupid people admire this animal

  50. Richmond Amah

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    Those “useless stepovers” got him more love, respect, and money than your entire generation filled with “animals” will ever get. You prick


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    This is why football is loved to see cr7 play

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    Ronaldo loves foot works

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    cristiano en ese tiempo tenia una malicia de jugar era imparable por dios madre mia

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    Amazing job man

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    RONALDO is skill GOD.

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    Watching ronaldo do those step overs at 0:50 with a playback speed of x2 is soo satisfying

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    Cristiano Ronaldo es mejor que Messi 😊😊😊

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    Que bestia...

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    0:51 OMG

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of all time!!!!!!!!

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    Messi vs Ronaldo 🤔🤔🤔 messi

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    An amazing player