Creating Subtitles and Closed Captions on Your Youtube Videos


  1. zeynep tu

    zeynep tu2 hari yang lalu

    Hi, I have a question, let's say ı have a video that has gone viral if I make captions, subtitles in another language after 5 months to this video will it affect and stop ıts speed? ı am so confused..., putting subtitles in english or some other language after a long period of time, I thing will change its algorithm and stop the video. What's your opinion about this?

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    I can't

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    Pls tell me what are captions

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    I love your positivity yeah !!!!!

  5. Just Smile

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    How can I creat my own subtitle in any video on IDreporter by using phone?

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    How to delete search history?

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    Useful video... Thank you for your detailed tutorial 👍😊

  8. Mina Vu

    Mina VuBulan Yang lalu

    Does this technique work if I wanna show the subtitles in another language than English (my speaking in the video is English tho). Thank you!

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    Thats superb video.... so cute expressions at the end ...

  10. The Sisters’ Journey

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    Thanks for this tip...i am goin to use it on my next videos.thanks for sharing..

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    Thank you Derral Eves for this video!

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    If we have no computer so we can write on mobile plz reply

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    Thanks for the information, my tubebuddy just added this on my checklist. Happy that it actually does involve time to write word for word because that mean everyone will not do it lol!!!!!!

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    Thank you!

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    Haha your awesome 😂😂😂


    SURESH RAJPOOT2 bulan yang lalu

    Also put Hindi caption.... To grave 10 million more viewers.

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    Hi!! I just wonder why my window is looks not like yours?? I do use macbook also, hope you answer me 😭

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    hey way to go man ... thanks

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    I wonder if i dont have to do anything and just type my texts , can it be also fit perfectly like that?

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    Thanks im trying to hit 100 subscribers in one week lol

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    I like your 'HOW ABOUT THUMBS UP' feature. Can you make a video of how to do that please. Thanks for this vid too.

  23. ››Mamy Mika‹‹

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    I cant find any of this on mobile....andriod

  24. Zoia Hargrove

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    After I verify my account it still want let me edit my own subtitle on IDreporter studios

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    What about on ipad

  26. Jake’s World

    Jake’s World3 bulan yang lalu

    Where are you at idk where to create captions Edit: nvm I just skipped

  27. Jenny W

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    Thank you very much, very helpful again!!

  28. Sonic The hedge!

    Sonic The hedge!3 bulan yang lalu

    how do you do this on mobile?

  29. Hong Kong Speech Festival HK Speech Festival

    Hong Kong Speech Festival HK Speech Festival3 bulan yang lalu

    How to add both English captions and subtitles in another language - both on video at same time?

  30. Zainaawb Roblox

    Zainaawb Roblox3 bulan yang lalu

    it didn't worked for! I can't understand some words!! I'm Spanish.

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    Awesome outro

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    Sino may bago IDreporter channel dyan subscribe nyo ko subscribe back ko kayo tulungan tayo please help each other thanks

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    I cant open video manager

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    Would make more sense if you added captions to this video


    PolskiBiznes.website5 bulan yang lalu

    I can see the captions on your video only as gray letters against the black background. I can't really read them. What now?

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    Can this still work this was 6 yrs ago

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    Does this caption thing work in mobile too or just computer? I couldn't find in mobile version

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    0:38 thank me later

  41. Bianca K. Linger

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    Thank you Derral!! Do you also know whether you can add a transcription through your IDreporter App? I could not find anything so far.

  42. Arriel Love

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    It's 2019 now, I don't think the caption button’s there anymore D:

  43. Simple Art Ideas

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    Thanks Derral, this is useful. My videos don't have voice, but I'm thinking of putting in upcoming videos. I may need this.

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    This did not help

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    _-HOW IT IS-_

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    great video thank you so much :)

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    Thanks!now I can troll people 😈

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    Oh my god, the "show" at the end was not only the most embarrassing thing I saw on youtubering but also reminded me how I was annoyed by the first part with history of captions like if I care when I want to spare as little time as possible to know HOW.

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    please slow down Im not remembering all you say thank you

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