1. Premium Auto Styling

    Premium Auto StylingTahun Yang lalu


  2. Stormtrooper Jetta

    Stormtrooper JettaTahun Yang lalu

    Subscribed and notification bell on

  3. Stormtrooper Jetta

    Stormtrooper JettaTahun Yang lalu

    Premium Auto Styling done

  4. SmallDickNibba69

    SmallDickNibba699 hari yang lalu

    Isn’t Scion,Toyota, And Subaru BRZ the same thing just different car brand

  5. Aaron Poisson

    Aaron PoissonBulan Yang lalu

    @Premium I would like a price quote to do a full Avery Dennison Rushing Rip[tide colorflow satin wrap on a 2010 w204 C-Class - thanks much!

  6. Emilio Gonzalez

    Emilio Gonzalez2 bulan yang lalu

    I wisshh i could change my stock red frs to that wrap so bad😞

  7. Many 760

    Many 7603 bulan yang lalu

    Where are you guys located?

  8. Тимофей Рясный

    Тимофей Рясный4 bulan yang lalu

    #premiumsheen #jonnysheen

  9. ronald mcdonald

    ronald mcdonald4 bulan yang lalu

    How long did it take

  10. Jon Ewen

    Jon Ewen4 bulan yang lalu


  11. THEBOOF93

    THEBOOF934 bulan yang lalu

    At the beginning that guy voice cracks


    ULSTERISBRITISH 16905 bulan yang lalu

    I love that fucking colour. wish we'd quality wrap companies here. I'd be all over that colour

  13. Nigel Brown

    Nigel Brown5 bulan yang lalu

    Y’all talk too much we came to see the car wrapped 🙄😐

  14. MEAN x WIRE

    MEAN x WIRE5 bulan yang lalu

    lmao 4:38 no effort on that handshake.

  15. Marck Linnemann-Silverberg

    Marck Linnemann-Silverberg5 bulan yang lalu

    What is the color

  16. Adrian Maulana

    Adrian Maulana5 bulan yang lalu

    Brz or 86 ?

  17. buttery_ galaxy

    buttery_ galaxy6 bulan yang lalu

    I saw your tik tok dude

  18. Premium Auto Styling

    Premium Auto Styling6 bulan yang lalu

    Nice! We just got started on TikToc

  19. clark quijano

    clark quijano6 bulan yang lalu

    What color the car? Pls anser me

  20. B Rogers

    B Rogers6 bulan yang lalu

    4:48 Diabetes just waiting to happen.

  21. Xtoor Gaming

    Xtoor Gaming6 bulan yang lalu

    The legend says he’s been eating ass ever since

  22. Chandler Smith

    Chandler Smith6 bulan yang lalu

    sheenium gottablasto styling

  23. My Life !

    My Life !7 bulan yang lalu

    I love 350z i love rocket bunny

  24. Daniel Harrell

    Daniel Harrell8 bulan yang lalu

    So how much would this cost on just a normal car like a g35 couple?

  25. Mustafa Aşkın

    Mustafa Aşkın8 bulan yang lalu

    Please free this color wrap my car citroen ds5 from turkey

  26. MrMaxpowers15

    MrMaxpowers158 bulan yang lalu

    How much does a full wrap cost? S15 Silvia

  27. Bleistift Stupser

    Bleistift Stupser8 bulan yang lalu

    What did it cost in total?

  28. philboytano

    philboytano9 bulan yang lalu

    where can you get the body kits installed? I live in southern cali, is there a reputable auto body shop in my area that installs aftermarket body kits? or you can just go to any autobody shops.

  29. Sarim's Channel

    Sarim's Channel9 bulan yang lalu

    watch 2:30

  30. Sarim's Channel

    Sarim's Channel9 bulan yang lalu

    watch 3:00

  31. Sarim's Channel

    Sarim's Channel9 bulan yang lalu

    watch 3:00!!!!!!

  32. T3AM_F3AR

    T3AM_F3AR9 bulan yang lalu

    2019? Anyone Yall UnderRated Post more Make my day

  33. Danish Ajanee

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  34. So High

    So High9 bulan yang lalu

    TOYOTA 86 RIGHT???????

  35. PoWer KickZ

    PoWer KickZ8 bulan yang lalu

    So High no it’s a frs

  36. Nôxîôûs -

    Nôxîôûs -9 bulan yang lalu

    Song @ 13:18 ?

  37. wahh Taoo

    wahh Taoo9 bulan yang lalu

    Where’s the Asian guys 86 after they unwrapped it in the prank? Anyone got a link?

  38. N Aldi

    N Aldi9 bulan yang lalu

    What color wrap is this? Thinking of wrapping my 02 ws6

  39. Park Hyeon

    Park Hyeon9 bulan yang lalu

    “promise me when you walk in dont look left” Customer: looks left before he even enters

  40. Wrong Send

    Wrong Send10 bulan yang lalu

    That’s sticker. Ruin everything. Lol

  41. Mat Pinato

    Mat Pinato9 bulan yang lalu

    I know .. he is very open.. and must be very proud to advertise he eats ass since he is putting a huge decal letting everyone know his sexual orientation and sexual preferences though.. Might work for him though he probably picks up lots of gay dudes ..

  42. A k

    A k10 bulan yang lalu

    very handsome

  43. Butch Wright

    Butch Wright10 bulan yang lalu

    Just get to the fucking point 😂

  44. Caedon Chetty

    Caedon Chetty10 bulan yang lalu

    Shan does look like sheen

  45. Author Morgan

    Author Morgan11 bulan yang lalu

    That thumb nail is amazing wow

  46. Andrey P

    Andrey P11 bulan yang lalu

    Sick wrap!!!

  47. 573v3 82

    573v3 82Tahun Yang lalu

    I eat ass. Does that mean your gay . Because I eat pussy

  48. JCL C

    JCL CTahun Yang lalu


  49. Babi Gurl Jenn

    Babi Gurl JennTahun Yang lalu

    There's another color just like that but without the copper in it, Can somebody please tell me what the name of it? Please!!

  50. Chu Eban

    Chu EbanTahun Yang lalu

    I want to wrap my 2018 sti in that color how much would it cost me??

  51. Adwaidh Kichu

    Adwaidh KichuTahun Yang lalu

    Pless add 30 secound vedio as watsapp satus

  52. REV Media

    REV MediaTahun Yang lalu

    Daaaaang thing is so nuts! Check out the gulf racing inspired one I just filmed!

  53. Arthur Polescuk

    Arthur PolescukTahun Yang lalu

    Everything is perfect apart from the wheels😭😭

  54. Jimin

    JiminTahun Yang lalu

    Sticker ruined it but cool

  55. Steel Phoenix

    Steel PhoenixTahun Yang lalu

    It looks alot like lowteks 350z

  56. henry diehard

    henry diehardTahun Yang lalu

    I love that color I wish you guys carry this color Cotten candy wrapp 370z from Tampa Florida’s auto Customization Specialist

  57. Master Chris 86

    Master Chris 86Tahun Yang lalu

    looks sick!! check out the v3 build im working on!

  58. HYDRA

    HYDRATahun Yang lalu

    Speaking of body shops ! Where can i find one? I am new to the car scene and I'm about to buy the kia stinger Gt 2 or a Scion Frs and I'd like to get a widebody kit and have it installed professionally to avoid horrific cut outs where should i go on the east coast ? If i have to ill go to the west coast for that but i want to wait to go east to have it wrapped by you all.

  59. Alejandro616

    Alejandro616Tahun Yang lalu

    How much does the wrap cost in a 2015 camaro?

  60. J4NK3S

    J4NK3STahun Yang lalu


  61. Kozumawill

    KozumawillTahun Yang lalu

    show the car when you talked please.

  62. John Creed

    John CreedTahun Yang lalu

    Love the colour shift flip

  63. Nardzz

    NardzzTahun Yang lalu

    First it was a brz then someone said frs then a 86 😂

  64. Falisha James

    Falisha JamesTahun Yang lalu

    They are all the same car 🙄

  65. Connor Rowe

    Connor RoweTahun Yang lalu

    he does look like sheen tho

  66. Steve

    SteveTahun Yang lalu

    Why on earth would anyone put the phrase "I eat ass" on their car? How fucking retarded can you be?