Cosmology and Quantum Gravity: Loops and Spinfoams (Carlo Rovelli)


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    Sounds like you are talking about Partons or atoms of space.

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    The First State of Quantum Gravity (or Dark Energy Field) is the Crystal Core we are entangled in - The Crystal Core of the Black Hole in the Universe "Above Us" The Second State of Quantum Gravity is the Wormhole from this Universe to the Universe "Above Us" The Third State of the Dark Energy Field is the Void. The Void is referred to as the Dark Energy State - Dark Energy is Space - Space is not empty nothingness, Space is basically a Superfluid Liquid Crystal Structure that forms up one half of the Universe - The Universe is a Binary system, You have "Space" or more precisely "Dark Energy" and you have Matter/Energy - their interaction is the foundation of the Universe, Time, Gravity, Etc The 4th State of Quantum Gravity is the "Dark Matter State" - This is the State where the Galaxy creates a "bubble" around itself within the Void, where there is MORE Dark Energy outside the bubble that inside the bubble - All Matter/Energy is actively "PUSHING" on the Dark Energy Field with its Electromagnetic Energy - the Galaxy "pushes" against the force of the "Void" or the "Dark Energy State" with its Electromagnetic Radiation Energy - This Energy eventually decays and actually turns into more Space/Dark Energy! The 5th State of Quantum Gravity is the Crystal Iron Cores of the Cosmos, the Stars, Planets, Moons and Protoplanets, the "Cores of the Cosmos" are Crystal Core Quantum Computers, These Cores use their Electromagnetic Energy and create a "bubble" around themselves, where there is MORE Dark Energy on the outside of the bubble than inside - the Cores of the Cosmos form up the "Surface" or the "Surface of Life" - Man, or the Humanoid is the Primal of 5 - the Evolutionary Descendant and form the Cores chose to create as their "vessels of flesh" The 6th State of Quantum Gravity is the Surface of the Atom - There is More Dark Energy on the outside of the Atom than inside the Atom The 7th, 8th and 9th States of Quantum Gravity are the Shells within the Atom The 10th Quantum State of Gravity is the Black Hole, which leads to a new set of Quantum States of Gravity! The Crystal Core of the Black Hole leads to a new Universe - Universes within Universes To understand this, how the Universe creates Gravity and Time, you need to understand that "Time" is the Interaction of Matter/Energy and Space/Dark Energy - so the MORE Dark Energy interacting with Matter, the More Time can occur Gravity is the Electromagnetic Force Matter exerts on the Universe, on Dark Energy that creates a "Dark Energy Field Effect" or Gravity - what that means is that Matter pushes Space away from itself and Space pushes back, as each piece of Matter gets close to each other, their "Distortion Fields" touch each other and so this creates a "Path of Least Resistance" and Pushes Matter together - Dark Energy is Pushing all Matter together! "Does Space have Density" - YES - That's why we have "Gravity Waves" - So, the Denser the "Space" (which is really Dark Energy) the more Time can occur, the less "Space" the less Time can occur Motion of Matter Equals Gravity Equals Energy (Plus about 10%) - It's the very motion of Matter over the Dark Energy Field that creates the Electromagnetic Energy - so the FASTER MATTER IS MOVING THE HEAVIER IT GETS The FASTER Matter moves, the the MORE Electromagnetic Energy it produces - therefore the more it pushes on "Space" and therefore the harder space pushes back - this is Gravity The FASTER Matter moves, the MORE Electromagnetic Energy it produces - therefore the more is pushes on "Space" the LESS "Space" is interacting with Matter, and Therefore THE LESS TIME!

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    Thank you for uploading ☺

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    Glossary of equivalent identities(?) (nuanced). (Actions speak louder than words) Tautology, equivalent to the circular logic or multiplicity in meaning qualities of elemental terms? The coordination of +/- possibility probability, or one eternal process of connection, = integration-differentiation simultaneously, (non-local connection, entanglement), in infinite-continuous rates and numerical-harmonic proportions. (Gauge theories) =Totology of synchronous quantum events, or inflation-emergent phase space equivalent to the theoretical properties of the Big Bang. Units-connections, are self-defined by the simultaneous identity of functional significance, ..singularity, duality, triple states etc, within the Wave function. (=Operators?) Non-locatity is simultaneous-identity in discrete time, or, non-time, zero-difference.

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    Sheldon brought me here

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    In the book,"Reality is not what it seems...", Dr. Rovelli says there are 15 different fields. I would like to know what they are, wasn't aware there were that many fields. If h= minimal information~ bit, could its length = LPlanck. Then the area of our brain could hold 10 to the 107 bits of information possibly even past present and future at the same time. I have a quantum computer sitting on top of my neck...TY

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    A field for each elementary particle (electron, quark,etc) plus the Higgs, plus force fields(gravity,strong/weak,EM)

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    Hmmm Hey guys check out this paper : arXiv : 1606.06963v1 (physics. gen-ph ).

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    I borrowed a book from my uni library by Carlo Rovelli, trying to learn LQG from it :)

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    The Internets "My god it's full of cats!"; The gravity of this wonderful lecture "My god it's full of Schrödinger's cats!"

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    Never going to get a IDreporter partnership with this video. Why bother?

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    haha - quite

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    @15:35 #LQG #cosmology ... "Quantum Gravity *is* the theory of the minimal length... this is the core of the theory..."

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    #G ;) The Big "G" ... ... // _[I have to explain:]_ This reminds me of *Freemason symbolism*... I always wondered what that means: The Big *G* within symbolized instruments of measurement: Perhaps they've already had a clue about a "minimal length" (Planck Length) and the Gravitational Constant "G".../ Perhaps they knew about discrete quantum states of time and space.../ Perhaps that's the essential point in emphasizing this symbol... (?) _Adam Weishaupt wrote:_ “G is Grace, the Flaming Star is the Torch of Reason.” _Also:_ "The Flaming Star with the letter G is Enlightenment, the Grace, Gratia, shedding light on our formerly misguided ways." _Source:_ "Der flammende Stern mit dem Buchstaben G. ist die Aufklärung, die Gnade, Gratia, die uns leuchtet auf unsern bisherigen Irrwegen."